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Judge to O.J.: Gimme Dat Watch!

10/2/2007 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonA Los Angeles judge has ruled that the Juice must hand over a fancy Rolex to the Goldman family, after they saw him wearing it on TMZ. Time is up!

At a hearing today, the judge ruled Simpson must give the watch and other assets to satisfy a judgment that found him liable for the deaths of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman.

The judge also ruled that any future royalties from a sports video game that features #32, as well as any of the Las Vegas loot found to be legally his, be given to Fred Goldman, father of Ron.


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Brittlicker, NOT!    

" The watch ain't the point, i'm gonna be a wife in the joint"

2517 days ago


Rob him blind, Fred!!! Here's to the judgement!!! "Clink"!!!

2517 days ago


So much for forgiveness in practicing the Jewish faith. Goldman needs a psychiatrist as he has become a man obsessed with revenge. Nothing will bring Ron back just like nothing will bring my son back.

2517 days ago


Tell us Fred, will the $125 you get for that watch bring your son back, I am sure he is not very proud of the behavior of you and his sister. You both have become money hungry individuals. Its all about the "CASH" its not about your son anymore. God will take care of the punishment of OJ but you will wallow a bunch of OJ memorbilia that will bring you nothing but misery, as no decent human will buy any of it . Would you son be proud of your behavior, I don't think so. Why don't you do something productive with you life and let it go. Embrace the loving memories of you son and make him proud.

2517 days ago


You don't have a clue!

2517 days ago


"Let it go?" Would you let it go if your child was stabbed and sliced to death by an arrogant piece of human trash and just let him continue to live the good life? Goldman may be sacrificing his life in continuing to pursue the butcher but it's nothing compared to what his son went through. You're just pissy because your boy OJ is going to end up with nothing by the time Goldman is through with him. And yes, Ron would be proud that his father is seeking the only justice he can since 12 moronic jurists deliberated a whole 4 hours in act of jury nullification. Well he's not getting off so easy, now is he. Hopefully he'll soon be in prison where he can be someone's bitch for the next 20 years. Let it go? Not bloody likely you stupid twit.

2517 days ago

show me the $$    

#182 -- I don't think Fred Goldman cares if anyone buys it or not. He just doesn't want OJ to have it!! I hope Goldman dogs him until he's down to his underwear.

2517 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Fred Goldman is a pig and there is no doubt about it. He has no shame and he is as greedy as they come. Shame on you and may you rot in hell but before that you should burn here on earth. You sold your son's soul and you might as well have been the one who 'killed your son'. I hope OJ takes a hammer to that watch before he gives it you!

The more I think about it the more convinced I am that he DID not kill your son and Nicole that is why he was ACQUITED! God I you have enough money to make it to China and than go to "The Great Wall" and just dive off it. I am usually the most sensitive person you would ever know and saying this is shocking to me. It is just so low that
you would go after someones watch.

I think Fred Goldman works at Walmart or used to at the time os hs son's death. I hope Ron Goldman is resting in peace, in spite of his father selling his soul.

2517 days ago

Jesus Patron    

Isn't OJ jewish?

2517 days ago

plain truth    

why doesn't someone GIVE him some sodium penathol (truth serum) and ask him some questions, in front of the camera. what questions would you ask him ??????

2516 days ago


The Goldman's and the Brown's are getting as sick and twisted as OJ. They should contribute to thier children resting in peace by moving on as human beings instead of obsessing about chasing down every penny OJ has.

2516 days ago



My Dads Dads Dads Dad was shot from a cowboy on a horse with a gun and
to this day I hope cowboys with guns fall off the horse. I can never foget this. It has ruined my life

2516 days ago


Vin-the court order would mean that "It didn't" so all that was taken during OJ's sting operation hahaha, sorry, that's funny, did not belong to your juice 'in the first place'
My guess judge knows OJ conducted another sting operation hahaha, sorry, that's funny, BEFORE THE VERDICT IN THE CIVIL TRIAL-Just another admission of guilt, with all of that evidence pointing to him. He knew the bell would not ring twice in his favor.

2516 days ago


How exactly did OJ BUY an aquittal? I remember him being aquitted after a trial by jury. Not a backroom deal cut in the judges office where he got probation and community service.

2516 days ago



2516 days ago
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