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Judge to O.J.: Gimme Dat Watch!

10/2/2007 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonA Los Angeles judge has ruled that the Juice must hand over a fancy Rolex to the Goldman family, after they saw him wearing it on TMZ. Time is up!

At a hearing today, the judge ruled Simpson must give the watch and other assets to satisfy a judgment that found him liable for the deaths of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman.

The judge also ruled that any future royalties from a sports video game that features #32, as well as any of the Las Vegas loot found to be legally his, be given to Fred Goldman, father of Ron.


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What can he do with a watch that doesn't work? LOL

2580 days ago

what a trip!!!    

Goooood!!! Take it and sale it on E-BAY!!! I wouldn't want to keep it if I were you Mr.Goldman.

2580 days ago

Dyna ™    

That is hilarious!!! HAHAHAHAHHA!!!! If only the Goldmans and Browns could get an "eye for an eye" and slice his throat open. It won't bring Ron and Nicole back, but it make them feel better. OJ is such trash!

2580 days ago


Goldman has turned money hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!Let it go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2580 days ago


can't wait til the Goldman's attorney finds the off shore hidden accounts

hope he does

the $$ will go to the Goldmans and to the estate of Nicole (for her kids) as awarded in the court judgment

cause then the IRS will be after Simpson too-

if the IRS brought down Al Capone all those years ago-they can take care of Simpson nicely I think!!

maybe then a bit of justice and federal time

2580 days ago


alicia--maybe you don't realize that the man's last two years income tax filings had him making $400,000 per year. i think he can live off that -- i know i certainly could!

2580 days ago


I totally agree with Alicia, Fred needs to get a job.

2580 days ago

Yeah, pay up sucka

2580 days ago

Caption Contest    

Get over it Goldman!

If the stuff belongs to The Juice... You must turn him loose!

2580 days ago

britts only supporter    

i guess its "time" to make ammends huh OJ? i think you should save alot of heartache and just off yourself already. i mean a "real man" would choose suicide .

2580 days ago


lol wow, i think O.J. did it too but im sayn the goldmans look like there just money hungrey, you never see the other family stressn to get watches or other things they didnt even want to release the book, then you got the goldmans with that b.s. story of why the book should come out, everyone knows the goldmans just want MONEY even nicoles family knows that.. i bet when the goldmans get the watch or whateva else they dont even split it with nicholes family, there taking everything for themselves

2580 days ago


the paps groupie--do you remember how much money he was supposed to pay the Goldmans? Is he anywhere close to reaching that limit? Just wondering because I don't remember the judgement. I was just wondering about the kids and their futures if something would happen to OJ since their mother was slaughtered by him.

2580 days ago


IIRC, OJ was found not guilty in the criminal trial and guilty in the civil trial. Fred's anger should be directed at the jury of the Criminal trial. Not at O.J. That jury was the one that found OJ not guilty.

I understand Fred's anger, but he is really coming off badly with what I believe to be his obsession with O.J.

2580 days ago


Sick of OJ, Sick of the Goldman's. I hope the Rolex is fake. That would be funny as hell. Glad the Brown family has just decided to press on with their lives and try to put this behind them.

2580 days ago


I do believe that if he killed my son, I would make his life miserable also. I hardly think it's about the money to the's about justice that was never given. Give me a break really are funny when you say they are greedy. You must not have children.

2580 days ago
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