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Judge to O.J.: Gimme Dat Watch!

10/2/2007 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonA Los Angeles judge has ruled that the Juice must hand over a fancy Rolex to the Goldman family, after they saw him wearing it on TMZ. Time is up!

At a hearing today, the judge ruled Simpson must give the watch and other assets to satisfy a judgment that found him liable for the deaths of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman.

The judge also ruled that any future royalties from a sports video game that features #32, as well as any of the Las Vegas loot found to be legally his, be given to Fred Goldman, father of Ron.


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Giving him ANY attention is a crime in itself.

2578 days ago


just a little problem with James. OJ was found Not Guilty but no one in their right mind thinks he's innocent. Use your brain.

lay off of the Goldman's. Your can't possibly know that kind of pain or what it does to you. and, yea, Goldman has a job, thank you very much.

2578 days ago


Goldman is a gold digger!!!! He's all about the camera and the money and his whiney as& daughter too. Guilty? Let's see I believe in the criminal case-- NOT GUILTY

2578 days ago

Not An OJ Fan    

OJ wil get his... in the end (rear end in prison), however... the Goldman's are money hungry. Go get a job Fred and make you own money. Your son is gone (don't wish that on anyone), but maybe you can adopt OJ and become his guardian while he is locked up! The, you can have everything.

2578 days ago


. Give him the watch, that will bring his son back!

Hey Fred! Let it go! Stop embarrassing yourself by showing the entire world that you only care about money! It's funny, I thought life was priceless, but obviously you and your daughter have determined that a life is worth something.

Fred is as much of a sleaze as O.J. is!

Don't you understand the reason why Fred Goldman is doing this is so he can stay under OJ's skin??? He wants to make sure that OJ never forgets the people he killed. Since OJ was slick enough to be found innocent in criminal court, this is the only kind of juustice OJ's victoms will get. Mr. Goldman wants to make sure OJ never forgets and that means being there to harrass OJ as much as possible.

2578 days ago


Some of the laws in this country need to be changed. If you are not charged with the crime as in "not Gulity" then you should not be allowed to be tried in a civil suit, as was OJ whether he was guilty or not our court system found him Not Guilty so it really makes no sence that you can then be tried in a civil case and found liable???

2578 days ago


To most people posting on this story, OJ Simpson was found not guilty by jury of his peers! He is put back on trial for damages and found guilty. Sounds like double jepordy. Does not matter whether he did do it or not, he was found not guilty. Sounds like the justice system in the US needs an overhaul along with many people's thought process. Weather I think he his guilty or not does not matter, the justice system made up of his peers say inocent.

2578 days ago


Very good

2578 days ago


Michelle, you are one ignorant-anus of a bitch.

2578 days ago


DJ-the laws of the land that aquitted OJ criminally are the SAME laws of the land that found him responsible in a civil court.You can't demand one be honored and the other ignored.So what are you saying,time has passed,so forget about the 32 million?Everyone in prison would like that if after a while we just forget about their sentence and let them walk out of prison.

2578 days ago


You must be the ignorant one #83 that is the truth does it bother u A HOLE

2578 days ago


For all of you misinformed people who think Fred Goldman is about the money, give it a little more thought.

Punishing O.J. in the pocketbook won't bring his son back. Don't you think he knows that? It's about getting the only JUSTICE O.J. will ever face for killing his son.

Given the choice, I'd have O.J. living on the street and eating out of garbage cans.

2578 days ago


Let the SOB get a $29.99 Timex

2578 days ago


#79 - Thank GOD you have no hand in changing the laws in this country. You are very obviously out of touch with reality and don't know a DAMN thing about the law!! How's that ride on the A Train to Zoron going?? Enjoy, moron!

2578 days ago


OJ is a real piece of work! He knows he can get away with murder, so why not try to steal back the remnants of your washed up has been career? Pay up you murderous creep! That stupid watch is no replacement for Ron Golman or Nicole.

2578 days ago
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