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Solange Knowles Talks About Divorcing at 21

10/2/2007 4:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce's little sister, Solange Knowles, has already been married, had a child and divorced -- all before she was 21 years old! So that's what she was doing when Beyonce was on tour!

The baby B beauty tells Essence magazine, "I am no longer married ... but I think it's very important not to dish details ... we were basically high school sweethearts." Well, school's out -- forever!

Knowles married college football player, Daniel Smith, in Feburary 2004 and had son Daniel Julez the following October. Timing is everything!

Not taking a backseat to her famous sister, the singer is currently working on a new album -- because who wants to be labeled "Beyonce's younger, less hot sister" for the rest of their life?! Solange also talks about not wanting to be as mainstream as her sister, because she wouldn't be able to go to the mall anymore. She must love her "Hot Dog on a Stick," -- to pick shopping over stardom!

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Gosh - maybe someone should have put their foot down when she wanted to get married @ 17!! You think?

2587 days ago


I think Solange is a little bit prettier than B... B is pretty too but Solange has the looks. There is nothing wrong with having a sucessful, rich, and famous sister. She should ask for her sister's help, If someone sells multi platinum albums and just happens to be your big sis, why wouldn't you get that person to help you with your album? Duh! Use your resouces girl. Don't be stupid.

2587 days ago


Hey ex husband is HOT for the GODS!! I wouldnt mind a little piece of that!! Does he swing both ways...ummmmmmmmmm?? Nice eye shadow Solange!!

2587 days ago

Baby Countdown    

Wait, she got married at 17 just because she was too stupid to pop a pill or wrap up her boyfriend's log, and it DIDN't WORK OUT?????

Well there is just no hope left for any of us!

2587 days ago

Ding Dang Y'all    

daddy the control freak made her get married since she had premarital sex.
what a joke. who even cares about this loser.
go spend some more of B's money and get some more botox with your mom

2587 days ago


High School whore is more like it. What kind of LOOOZER gets knocked up in high school and then marries the baby daddy?

2587 days ago

Baby Countdown    

Don't worry - their dad pimped Beyonce hard and furiously enough that she can (and likely always will) support this whole family.

Just because you call yourself your child's "manager" so that you can take a cut of what they earn doesn't change the real title for what you are: pimp.

He tried pimping Solar Eclipse or whatever the hell her name is too, but she just couldn't cut it so she decided to become a statistic instead.....FUN!

2587 days ago


Do you pronounce her name "So Long"?

Gotta give it to our Black Americans for making some of the most original names.

2587 days ago

Baby Countdown    

"Solar Eclipse"? LOL!!!!!!

2587 days ago


her daddy made her get married when she got knocked up!!

2587 days ago

#1 Colbie fan    

lol@ what kind of loser gets knocked up in high school and then marries the baby's daddy. Are you really that stupid? Wayyy too many girls do that!

2587 days ago


That dude is NOT an NFL player...he was passed up by the Panthers last season

and she just saying she doesn't want to be that big cause she knows she never will!

2587 days ago


I know someone who's got that beat, married less than 2 months after she graduated (18), divorced by 19, engaged again by 20 and expecting by 21 and getting married before very, very soon.

2587 days ago


So, she got knock up at 18, then got married because she got knocked up. Damn, now her kid is already three years old.

2587 days ago

death on a cracker    

He tried pimping Solar Eclipse or whatever the hell her name is too

best post today!

2587 days ago
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