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Solange Knowles Talks About Divorcing at 21

10/2/2007 4:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce's little sister, Solange Knowles, has already been married, had a child and divorced -- all before she was 21 years old! So that's what she was doing when Beyonce was on tour!

The baby B beauty tells Essence magazine, "I am no longer married ... but I think it's very important not to dish details ... we were basically high school sweethearts." Well, school's out -- forever!

Knowles married college football player, Daniel Smith, in Feburary 2004 and had son Daniel Julez the following October. Timing is everything!

Not taking a backseat to her famous sister, the singer is currently working on a new album -- because who wants to be labeled "Beyonce's younger, less hot sister" for the rest of their life?! Solange also talks about not wanting to be as mainstream as her sister, because she wouldn't be able to go to the mall anymore. She must love her "Hot Dog on a Stick," -- to pick shopping over stardom!

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2577 days ago


#25: duh, but come on. Maybe she did it so her parents would pay attention to her.

2577 days ago


That was so uncalled for. I so hope that you wrote that just to get a reaction out of the people that posted. On the serious tip, you need to get off this site and re-evaluate what you posted. If you african american, you need to learn how to respect your own race starting with your grandmother, mother and aunts. If you are of any other race, you need know're not even worth the ANGER THAT IS BUILDING IN MY BLOOD RIGHT NOW.

2577 days ago


WTF?! Just because one gets married & has a baby right out/during hi-school time...doesn't mean that it can't last. Fact proven: ME! Got pregnant going into my senior year...married by February, had baby by May & 12 years later...still married with the same guy (my hi-school sweetheart) & had 2 more kids...loving life to the fullest. So don't hate cause you really don't know....unless you've been through it before. Beyonce is the ugly one...not the sis. Jessica is the ugly one...not the sis. I perfer S. & A. than there sisters!!! You go girl!

2577 days ago



2577 days ago

tired of cry baby    

i do not think she is pretty. i am so glad i did not marry my high school sweetheart. it would have ended the same way

2577 days ago


BRANDON WOLNER, either back up what you're claiming, or please shut up!

2577 days ago

sandfa is cool    


2577 days ago


Does she think people are listening to her because she is Solange and not because of her famous sister? C'mon child get real.

2577 days ago


this is to #32....typical black woman?how racist is that?i am a black woman,correction married black woman who has been married to the same man for 20 years...the young lady and her husband were too young when they decided to get married and that is has nothing to do with her being black,at least she stayed married longer then brit and k-fed....and to number 33,the reason why you have more unwed young black unwed mother's,not mommas,is because young black women do not run out and get an abortion every month,or give birth and dump the baby somewhere like your beautiful young white women do......they have the baby keep it and do there best to take care of it....keep your head up solange, lol

2577 days ago


#42. I totally agree, they do dump their babies in dumpster's all the time Or they have serial abortions. And then their men commit serial killings all over the country. So whoever is making the racial comment's look in the mirror and stop stereotyping.

2577 days ago

Liz in Seattle    

You go girl, You don't need a man to make or brake you. Her son will be fine after all he's from the Knowles family

2577 days ago


She looks crazy in that picture...

But I do give props for doing things on her own...I went to this thing where she was speaking at and we learned that she was getting into buying real estate. Not a lot of us in our 20's would be close to buying homes at our age so she's not riding her sister's booty.

But especially since she's divorced, she will need to avoid looking at my man when she's seen making's getting on my nerves.

2577 days ago

Liz in Seattle    

A man can't make or brake you! Keep your head up and do your thing Solange. No worries her son will be okay after all he's from the Knowles family.

2577 days ago


I agree with everything that you said # 43 Cece. I prefer Solange and Ashlee over their sisters.

B has no talent. and constantly shows off her ugly body.

2577 days ago
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