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"Supernanny" Kid Sets Fire to Home

10/2/2007 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

News flash! Reality TV shows won't solve every crisis! One family found out the hard way, when their wacky kid set fire to the family home -- after appearing on the TV show "Supernanny." Burn!

Supernanny Jo Frost -- who appears on both British and American versions of the show -- visited Paul and Susan Young and their five children in 2005 in their UK home. Frost attempted to help the Youngs tame their rambunctious boys, all under age 11, but mom said that appearing on the show made the kids behave worse and play up to cameras.

The fire appears to have been started by 3-year-old Joel while he was home with mother Susan, and his siblings were in school. Damage to the home was so severe that the family was forced to move into a hotel. Is "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" casting?!

The fire started in the kitchen, said Essex police officer Terry Hutton. As Young attempted to put the fire out, "the little boy went through the dining room and set fire to the curtains," reports the Daily Mail.


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Typical dysfunctional parent...blame, excuses and denial. How about some personal accountability, Susan and Paul? How did a 3 year old get a hold of matches (or a lighter)? Jo Frost has sound, practical advice and techniques to help parents wrangle their wild ones. If they are incapable of following through and being consistent, they have nobody to blame but themselves. Back up the boo-hoo bus.

2578 days ago


One more reason to support child abuse and daily beatings!!! Those little bastards would behave a lot more if those whimpy parents actually busted there ass for bad behavior!!

2578 days ago

Bill Smoke    

Listen, What Supernanny should be telling every parent is this. "Your kid is the devil, and its YOUR fault. There are no bad kids, just bad parents" Where was Mom during this. Watching Oprah or eating Ho Hos I bet. If Jo Frost gets any of the blame, that would be criminal. Its all on the mom who let her kid run around with a candle, or lighter or matches....

2578 days ago


this child was what? 1 yr old then.... the nanny gave the parents guidelines, it was up to them afterward to put them into motion. BLAME THE PARENTS!! There's a reason a person has a whole house full of bad kids!! And I don't think it's genes!

2578 days ago

Mad as Hell    

Doesn't ANYONE take responsibility for their own behavior?!!!!

If these parents are too stupid to discipline their own children, they should be spayed and neutered.

2578 days ago


If she visited in 2005, then the kid would have been 0-1 and not even have been all that affected by Supernanny. Supernanny actually has some sound advice, but it is the parents job to ultimately be responsible for the kids...sounds like they didn't take anything Supernanny said to heart.

2578 days ago


This kid needs to get his ass whupped...maybe then will he behave...

2578 days ago

Amy in KY    

This family didn't need a nanny, they need an exorcist!

2578 days ago


It sounds like this child needs help from a specific agency.... setting fires at a young age could be indicative of a very serious disturbance in the child. I think that Child and Family Services needs to step in to ensure the child gets evaluated and that supervision is adequate in the home. Why does the child have access to a stove, lighter or fire of some kind???? Something doesn't seem right in this situation.

2578 days ago


I have one thing to say..... a foot up the azz. Meaning the parents and the kids.

2578 days ago


If the family was on the show in 2005, that means that this toddler, now three was probably less than one year old. Sounds like Mom didn't learn the lessons taught on the show. Super Nancy can only lead the horse to water, can't make it drink. Grow up Susan and parent those kids or find someone who will. Shame on you.

2578 days ago


Three very important things to know about 'budding sociopaths':
they set fires
they are bet-wetters
they are cruel to animals

2578 days ago


I Love Supernanny!!!! We need more '"mother's" just like her in our country.

This fire is the mothers fault, NOT Supernanny's (period)

2578 days ago


OMG! Sounds like the parents need some classes on how to parent correctly, how in the hell did a 3 year old get to the matches/lighter etc. to start a fire in the first place and where was the mother. Sounds like they kids need to be evaluated by social servies.

2578 days ago


This is a case for sterilization, seriously

2578 days ago
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