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Scores with PETA

10/2/2007 4:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1002_michael_vick_getty-1PETA announced today that Michael Vick, the embattled Atlanta Falcons quarterback who plead guilty to dog fighting charges, completed an eight-hour class in empathy and animal protection. A little late, no?

Vick took the course at PETA's Norfolk, Virginia headquarters on September 18, was given home study materials, and came back a third time to take a test. PETA is asking the NFL to make empathy training mandatory for all players.

If you would like to repair your public image following an embarrassing federal trial, you can find all the materials at


No Avatar


I wonder was this court ordered or did he voluntarily go?

2579 days ago

Ricky Ticky Tock    

You know I didn't like what Mike did, but I'm gonna give him props for trying to fix it.

2579 days ago


Some of you are just stupid. Jump on the bad black man. Nothing he did directly affected the NFL. Now cheating affects the outcome of games but who cares about that. Or that six white adults raped and tourchered a black woman in WV for six days, and that still has been kept quiet. Get over Vick, He made a mistake paying for it, and is trying to get past it. Mr
Charlie won't let it go.

2579 days ago


Wonder if Mike has a joint?


2579 days ago

big dog    

PETA: people eating tasty animals

2579 days ago


He is a lazy, joint toking, racist jerk - plus a C quarterback @ best - no arm, far too many INT's.

2579 days ago


Dadi, I think you are the stupid one. A mistake is leaving your keys in the car. A mistake is putting milk in your coffee instead of cream.

Running an illegal dog fighting operation for SIX years is NOT a mistake. That's a way of life.

2579 days ago


Aww c'mon he came back three times to take the test ,, how smart can he be? Oh he smoked dope while on probabtion. Guess that says it all.

His attempt to clear his "name" was ill thought out

2579 days ago


PETA makes it clear that they did this to educate a high-profile person and that they still want him to receive a long time in jail and never go near any animals. I'm glad they are proving themselves to be rationale instead of the overly-aggressive, crazy group they are often labeled as.

2579 days ago


Just so that we're clear dadi, there is a code of ethics in the NFL and Vick violated them. He also lied directly to the commissioner and the owner of the Falcons. He's sick, demented and stupid.

2579 days ago


Gee Dadi play the race card Whitey is pickin on poor lil Vick. Get over it. He lives in the USA. He broke the law of the USA. Should he get treated lightly. Or should he pay the price for his stupidity.? He represented the NFL He flouted the laws of the land. Vick 0 Legality 1 (or more)

2579 days ago


And he is still making money while we are talking about him. Oh yeah sean how much football have you played. didn't think so. but go ahead and make up something.

2579 days ago


Just goes to show your intelligence level Dadi. You've put the same message up 3 or 4 times now. Obviously you have nothing worthwhile to say, just keep repeating the same drivel over and over and over and over again.

2579 days ago


big deal
so what
who cares
he is still the world's biggest jerk

2579 days ago


Do the Vegans have an empathy test for abusing vegetables?????

2579 days ago
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