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Scores with PETA

10/2/2007 4:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1002_michael_vick_getty-1PETA announced today that Michael Vick, the embattled Atlanta Falcons quarterback who plead guilty to dog fighting charges, completed an eight-hour class in empathy and animal protection. A little late, no?

Vick took the course at PETA's Norfolk, Virginia headquarters on September 18, was given home study materials, and came back a third time to take a test. PETA is asking the NFL to make empathy training mandatory for all players.

If you would like to repair your public image following an embarrassing federal trial, you can find all the materials at


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supportbrit are you smoking something? You don't know who's worse O.J. or Vick? Therein lies the problem- you animal rights psychos don't understand that human life is way more precious than that of an animal. I am a dog lover/owner and don't understand or condone Vick's actions but you people need to stop piling on and go get outraged about something else now.

And why is it that when someone has a supportive word for Vick you all tear them down as stupid or ignorant. All you do is talk about how you love these poor sweet animals (pit bulls) and hate hate hate Mike Vick. You all need to stop trying to judge this man- it's not your place. And to whoever said "we are not as forgiving as God" wow- you are pathetic! You will have to answer for placing your opinions, convictions, and hate above God's word. Luckily He is more merciful than you are with Vick.

2574 days ago

Jeremy Bosco    

So, he went through some 8-hour class, and THAT'S supposed to make everything all better? Yeah, right. That's a GOOD one right there.

And, PeTA is STILL a bunch of worthless assbags.

2574 days ago


I value humans as well as animals so your arguments to me are moot. I don’t’ hate Vick because I do not know him. I hate what he did to those poor animals in the name of “sports” entertainment. Sorry but that’s was just wrong. OK and if we must get religion into this, think about this. All animals are God’s creatures and Vick has sided with the devil. God can be merciful but he can also smite and punish Vick, as well. According to your Bible.

2574 days ago


If the NFL did decide to give it's players a "empathy for animals" course, I would rather it be from a LEGITIMATE organization such as the Humane Society or the ASPCA.

2574 days ago

Jeremy Bosco    

Oh, and by the way, JOHN DENVER SUCKS, and it's spelled "LIBERAL." I guess you work for PeTA, don't you? You're "intelligence" shows.

2574 days ago


As if an 8 hour course is going to cure years and years and years of dysfunctional and sociopathic behavior. What a joke.

This so-called "man" needs years of therapy before being allowed back out in the general population.

I truly hope that he decides to get a vasectomy so that he can't propagate the stupid gene.

2574 days ago


PETA is giving empathy training? This is a terrorist organization run by a bunch of whack jobs. Vick would be better off going to a animal shelter and working for a month or two.

2574 days ago


Excuse me I missed something......WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT THIS DOG KILLER.......I hope he rots in hell. Seems he is already there. No now gone. Sits around and smokes pot al;l day....Yeah, he is one great human being... I will lay odds his dog fightimg days goes way back. They just didn't start when he got a job in the NFL......Did anyone check into his college days ? Food for thought. Sorry. but this guy got what he deserves. Plain and simple truth. My god, he even lied to his mother. What a class act...Classless is more like it. He needs to just give the falcons back their money and GO AWAY ! Learn how to sell cars..........

2574 days ago

5 cent    

What's the big deal?

Vic killed dogs
Peta KILLS dogs.

Both make money off it.

the only difference is that one was honest about it and the other is PETA

2574 days ago

Jon Bodack    

That was nearly the same comment used in Matilda by Rhea Perlman, but it was said differently!

2574 days ago


To poster #41, it is not PETA's message most of us object to it is their methods. People don't like being shouted at, lectured, harrangued and harrassed by domestic terrorists. Do you understand that people who tresspass, vandalize and threaten in order to get their point across are nothing more than terrorists? These people try to force their opinions on others through violence, eg. throwing red paint on anyone wearing fur. That's criminal behaviour, pure and simple. And I am especially sick of people who claim that those of us who love animals don't care about humans, oh really that is the height of ignorance! It is a proven fact that anyone who abuses animals is capable of harming humans. They obviously have no compassion for living creatures. The kind of person who would make that comment is the same type of person who tells us to only care about people on our own contintent and never mind the starving folk overseas, a very narrowminded view on life.

2574 days ago


People that are saying empathy cannot be learned are incorrect. It is learned, it is not inherent.

2574 days ago


******************** ONE FOR THE CAUSE ***********************

I wonder how much he donated to PETA to help them fight their everyday, up-hill battle in the protection of all animals ??? Probably ZERO .....selfish, self-absorbed people like Vick are not known for their charitable work..................

2574 days ago


i can't stand Peta .. I HATE MICHAEL VICK for all he did .. so it's not a winning situation. I think Peta is ruthless and aggressive and hurt people. .. he will hurt anyone when he is a dog killer. If not a man in sports, he could have been a seriel killer. That's the direction dog abuser,/killers take and he is one of them. I'll never forgive him, he just got caught. He'd have continued killing and torturing dogs had he not been exposed. I hope his life is hell

2574 days ago



This man, not only broke the law, but also committed crimes against nature. I don't care if he was black, white or whatever. I would hate his guts just the same! There is no excuse for what he did, none. He knew what he did was wrong and in my opinion, there is no forgiveness for this prick.

2574 days ago
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