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Fairplay Attacked Me!

10/3/2007 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jonny Fairplay left the FOX Reality Channel Really Awards party last night in an ambulance, after being thrown by Danny Bonaduce -- but the Partridge says Jonny started it!

Bonaduce told TMZ his side of the story outside "The Adam Carolla Show" this morning -- check out the interview to hear how he says the fight went down -- and why he isn't worried about the cops.


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Ron S    

Just go to:
==>Type "reality star" in the video search bar at the top of the page and then click on the video that comes up. It should be the first video and it is named "Reality stars get into figh... NBC News"

You can see the whole thing. It looked like this kid was trying to dry hump Danny after he jumped on him. All Danny did was get him off.

Also, the way TMZ tried to spin it is bad. They make it sound like Danny threw him for no reason - take a look at the video, you decide. My vote is 100% that the LAPD will NOT press charges.

2545 days ago


Putting these two guys together is an accident waiting to happen. They are both friggin crazy. It looks like Fairplay was just messin around, I don't think it was called for that Bonaduce flipped Fairplay over his head like that. The incident was likely a misunderstanding, Fairplay might have a case if he filed a complaint with the cops. Bonaduce should offer to pay for Fairplay's dental repairs and leave it go at that. He's lucky he didn't break the poor guys neck.

2545 days ago


It looks like Bonaduce won't be facing any charges from this incident. I sort of disagree with that, Fairplay was wrong for jumping on Danny but the video shows Fairplay was just messin around with no harm intended to Danny. I think Bonaduce could easily have handled it differently and got Fairplay off of him without throwing him over his head and behind the shoulders like he did. Both were wrong, but Bonaduce's act caused Fairplay's injury. As I see it, in this case justice was not properly served.

2544 days ago


Danny didn't start this?? He's the one who took it upon himself to get up onstage and flap his mouth over matters that didnt concern him. Was he scripted to do this? No..he just wanted to be an ass and if he had any class, he'd have played along with Johnny or stayed backstage and minded his own business!! I hope this old hillbilly gets what he deserves..which is a big fat lawsuit and some good old jailtime!

2544 days ago


Thanks Danny,

It's good to know there are real men in Hollyweird. What man goes around humping, jumping and straddling men? He's a lucky boy. Here is some advice Fairplay: don't go around humping on straight men in public. Your going to get your feelings hurt.

P.S. Keep your legs closed

There's hope for us men.

2542 days ago

Rational Thought    

I think it all boils down to the question, what was Danny Bonaduce doing at this award show. If he was an invited guest and he was unknowingly assaulted by Mr. Fairplay then Mr. Bonaduce used reasonable force to repel an embarrassing assault; but if Mr. Bonaduce came unsolicited and Mr. Fairplay was overcome with his dubious emotional antics which might have been demonstrated in prior encounters with others in a public setting. Then Mr. Bonaduce executed unreasonable force. So Danny, the question is what were you doing there?

2540 days ago


to see the video go here
y do people do stupid things .... ? then blame everyone else!

2524 days ago

Where is the video of this all going down? Only thing I see on TMZ is Fairplay getting a ride to the hospital

2516 days ago


I would like to see the video of the whole fight before I make up my mind as to who started that, is it available? Bonaduce is a bit of a nut-bar but if he acted in self-defence, I have to side with him. If Danny took a run at Jonny, how did Fairplay end up wrapped around Bonaduce as the still photos show? He was grappling and holding on with both arms and legs, Fairplay appears to be the attacker and he got his ass kicked, simple....he messed with the wrong Partridge.

2508 days ago


I just saw the video, (somebody posted the link). looks like Fairplay was being a jerk, but it wasn't an attack, Bonaduce tossed him off and he got hurt, it was an accident. Danny did not use undue force, Fairplay jumped up on him and Bonaduce let him know that what he did was inappropriate. If somebody layed a full-body dry-hump on me like that, I would pitch him off too, if he is too dopey to use his hands to break his fall and he uses his melon for landing gear, he doesn't know his limitations and shouldn't play with the big a man Jonny, suck it up and don't whine to the cops, ya wimp.

2508 days ago
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