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Brit Better Be There!

10/3/2007 8:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Spears-Federline court hearing has just concluded, and it looks like things are looking good for Fed-Ex. The judge has ordered that both parties -- Britney that means YOU -- must appear at the next hearing on October 26.

Kevin was whisked out of the courtroom by bodyguards, but not before flashing a smile to reporters outside. What exactly happened inside we don't know, but his attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is scheduled to give a quick statement any minute.

Stay tuned ...


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2576 days ago


15. Just forget Britney few seconds, It is pretty cute-Shiloh DOES look like Tweety
Too cute and very well done video

2576 days ago

madeleine mauve    

thank you so much i really wanted to know now i can sleep tonite tmz rulz..............................................................................................

2576 days ago


i am glad that k-fed got custody of those boys. hopefully britney will get the help she needs to not only reclaim her boys but her whole life.

2576 days ago



Come on...I am entertained. That's all that counts.

2576 days ago


Did Brit even want those two babies? Most women with the threat of having their children taken away would of did whatever the courts ask to keep them from getting taken away. This is rock bottom for many female drug addicts- I guess even as bad as this is losing custody is not her bottom.=- I hate to see what her bottom is.

2576 days ago


So much for all the "Spears' Cheers squad. Will they EVER get out of their denial?

2576 days ago


i hope she goes off the deep end

2576 days ago


Britney shouldn't get her kids back until she completes at least one month of SERIOUS rehab. Her drug-addled brain is not functioning, hasn't been for a long time, and I hope the judge looks out for those children. The mental disorders Britney has, added to her dangerous substance abuse problem, makes her a dangerous person to be left alone with children. Plus, she doesn't seem to have any natural maternal insticts going for her, so those poor babies need to be protected from her uncaring attitude. She doesn't want them anyway, or she wouldn't have so blatantly ignored all the judge's orders, even going out all night and drinking before her visitation time with the kids, which was strictly forbidden by the judge.

Protecting those children is the most important aspect of this mess.

2576 days ago


She won't show ---

2576 days ago


Britney! YOUR CHILDREN ARE AT STAKE. Why the hell didn't you go to court?

Are you really that stupid?

2576 days ago

think about this *******    

To all......Enough already....... I would like to see any of you in
that papas frenzy every time you guys poke your nose out to see the
weather. Yes, she is a celebrity and needs to understand paps come
with that fame, but every second??? Even when trying to go
potty???There has been lots of people doing terrible things......
Hilton, Anderson, Jolie, Lohan, Richie, but TMZ is determined to
strike on Britney cause she is single, young and with no one on her
side to defend her!! please TMZ back off. I have NEVER seen you
print one thing nice about her, and the posts keep getting dirtier,
and more cynical than ever..You are proud to be the ones cracking the
case???So she has shown her crotch! Granted, VERY VERY BAD, but does
that mean that porn stars shouldn't have their kids? She is in the
entertainment business.... word often used by people who have posed
for playboy (Bad Bad). Her problem is that she has never had a real
mother to show her the way. If I were her, the first thing I would
do is contract a lawyer to sue your pants TMZ, for picking on a young
girl and kicking her when she is at her lowest.I am sure she gave the
babies up early cause she needed to get a lot of things done before
her next hearing, and having to run away from paps with 2 kids in tow
is very inconvenient and horrifying to her and the KIDS!!!! Those
kids should be taken away from you TMZ!!!!! If you really cared
about them, you should give her some breathing space.I do not follow
her music, etc., but I do her "life," and I wish I was there to guide
her and yes, comfort her. All the girl needs is a good Mom, not one
that while she was growing up, only wanted to milk her.... Poor
Britney....... Tmz, whoever is putting all these horrendous posts,
with these horrendous innuendoes, will have to pay someday.......I am
a Christian, but still, I hope it will be soon. You guys need an

2576 days ago

just saying...    

The court takes away your kids and you can't even bother to show up for a hearing about custody?????????????????????????????

Way to show the court that you are trying!!!

How stupid can one girl be?

2576 days ago


i love that blue shirt brit is wearing. it's by paul and joe sister at lisa kline!!!

2576 days ago


What's with you moron's and your damn "first" comments , and nothing else ?

Great , you were the first loser who kept visiting this site waiting for new news to arrive so that you can say first? lmao .

First ? and nothing else? Geez, expose urself much as the loser we all know you are?

2576 days ago
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