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Brit Hits Bev Hills -- They'll Never Find Me Here!

10/3/2007 10:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another night without the kids, another hotel for Britney Spears.

TMZ cameras caught Brit and cousin Alli Sims going into the extravagant Reg. Bev. Wil. Hotel around 6:15 PM PDT. An army of photogs trailed behind Britney, who drove her dinged up white Mercedes from her Hollywood Hills mansion following a day filled with gas stations, coffee shops and photo ops.

After the spectacle, Brit decided she finally wanted her privacy, and asked one of the hotel employees to get her to a "private room."

She's Cinder-effing-rella!


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wasted days and wasted nights    

Purdy creative, Etta, good show. I may be the optimist, but I don't think Britney is up to no good by staying in a nice hotel. It is fun to check in and then, figuratively speaking, check out. I do it a few times a year myself.

2576 days ago

sicko Lambert    

WE LOVE BRITNEY!!! NOBODY KNOWS YOU BUT YOUR LOVED ONES THAT KNOW YOU FROM THE HEART LIKE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE "What I do know about her is she has a huge heart, and she is a great person"! BLESS YOU OUR GIRL!!!

2576 days ago

name withheld    

I was having so much fun defending Britney. Now it's just boring being that it's been determined that she's a total moron. What is she gonna do now? It's gonna have to be big. When the kids get back in her possession she's gonna pull a whirlwind of a stunt. I'll be waiting.......she will have to hit up Las Vegas with the boo boos to remind them how mama likes to do

2576 days ago


and dont forget she dropped off her kids 2 whole days earlier to kfed before the court asked her too. She is flying high big time. Major drug binge coming up. In a bout a month she will decide to rid the drugs and follow the judges orders on drug testing and it will be too late.

2576 days ago


#77 Very interesting. If that's true, she's even sicker than I thought! Ding, dang, y'all!!

2576 days ago


Ok CAP enablers whatever you CAP Enablers say.

Wow I am so emotionalized from CAP enablers NOT!

2576 days ago

Kitty has no hair    

RE #93 Posted at 11:11PM on Oct 3rd 2007 by Melissa

You are delusional. Get help. You can not save Brit, you may be able to save yourself. Find a new person/celebrity to idolize, this one will only break your heart in the end and you being the weak minded soul you are may not be able to handle the hard truth that Britney is a piece of $hit.

2576 days ago


YOU MEAN Step LEECH who comes by to ride k-feds money stick.?
Thats all she good for. she sucks at rapping she sucks as a partner damn she got 4 kids from like 3 different daddys. talk about baby daddy drama. and if she need take care of BRITNEYS kids. then good. Britney is paying her child support. IT'S THE LEAST THAT UGLY B-IT-CH CAN DO.

2576 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Does anyone know how much Britney will have to pay "Penis with Ears" for taking care of her kids? He is such a loser with an eye patch.

2576 days ago


Depressed? Might take her own life? Oh, let's get real! She doesn't seem depressed to me. And why would she take her own life? If she did that, she would be out of the limelight. She craves this attention, for some odd and unknown reason. It is not normal to act the way she does. Someone mentioned mental problems, and I agree. She has serious mental issues to act this way. She is 26 but acts like she is 6! To be 26 and not realize the severity of this whole situation (your children being taken away) is incomprehensible. But I agree with what others are saying. She doesn't want these boys. I am a mother. If this had happened to me (which it has never and never will) I would have been crying and pleading with the judge to give me another chance. But no, what does she do? She doesn't even show up in court! And no, it is not because she was depressed over the situation. If she had been depressed, she would have been home crying. But to go out and get coffee and gas (when you are supposed to be in court deciding the custody of your children) is just plain irresponsible and stupid. She is a very stupid person. Stupid.

2576 days ago


Hmmm........seems if she wanted a private room she would have called first...they made quiet I am a big Brit fan and will prob buy her next cd....but WTF??? need to chil.

2576 days ago


47k a month in child support based on her 737k a month royalties income from fans who still buy her old cd's and perfumes. If fans make her hit#1, her income will rise and kfeds child support will be in accordance with her NEW CD income. Bitch should have stayed home to avoid paying but she she is too LOOPED to even comprehend the financial consequences of earning more money these last 6 months.

2576 days ago


What in the world is up with these Britney fans? She looks great? Her song is #? Who is to blame K fed or paris? Get a grip people...the only person responsible for this mess is Britney. She's the one so out of control...she's the one who doesn't seem to care that she lost the most precious things in life. She barely missed a step when it happened. She is the only one who can fix this and she doesn't show any signs of even understanding anything's wrong. Can she be that stupid/ delusional? Now I also want to know what's wrong with Kevin getting child support? I see nothing wrong with him getting it...and I'm a woman. How many women live off child support? No one seems to care about that but now a man does and he's a loser. Sounds like a double standard to me. Now he has the responsibility of their care all the time so he should get more. Lastly at this time I don't think he should be working if he doesn't need to...those boys need all the love and attention they can get right now. Work can wait.

2576 days ago


To #94: Dr. Phil would be like putting a bandaid on a broken leg. Britney needs an entire TEAM comprised of psychiatrists, addiction specialists, a nutritionist, doctors, relationship and family counselors, AA counselors, a child development team, a dermatologist, a make-up artist, a personal trainer or two, and a stylist, ALL to work with her for a couple of YEARS!!!

2576 days ago


It seems apparent that Britney has lost control of or never had structural responsiblilty and discipline, therefore her behviour is highly volatile, erractic, and vastly spiraling. She is out of touch with her emotional self and something must immediately be done to prevent further destruction.

Who is out there to step up to the plate to knock her down to size and guide her to realistically learn to become a mature, moral woman and mother to be responsible for her actions and her life and the upbringing of her children? Anyone? Please.

It is disheartening to see the situation at hand worsening.

2576 days ago
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