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K-Fed Fights for Kids, Brit Does Photo Op

10/3/2007 9:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Kevin Federline went to court to fight for his kids, Britney Spears took her dog for a ride to get coffee.

Britney left her Malibu home this afternoon and drove down the 101 Freeway, through Coldwater Canyon, and then went to Starbucks. After photogs snapped several pics in her car, she then went to a nearby Shell gas station ... where she posed for more pics. Then she went back to her other home at the top of Mulholland Drive.

Drive through town posing for paps -- or go to court and fight for your kids?


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She's got a fat ass from the fast food and the sugared coffee!
She is the future Anna Nicole Smith. Maybe she can X herself earlier! Ya!

2584 days ago


How much you wanna bet she's partying somehwere tonight. Double the bet that all the whacked-out Brtiney fans start posting, "She's just trying to distract herself from the fact the mean judge took her babies from her. What do you expect her to do?"

uggghhhh!!!! my guess is global warming is due to the enormous amount of spewing from all the supid idiots in the world!

2584 days ago


I'm concerned with the puppy. Who's going to take care of the puppy? What if she doesn't feed the puppy? What if she goes to rehab and forgets about the puppy?

If they try to tell you to go to rehab Britney say NO NO NO THE PUPPY

2584 days ago


Is it a coincidence that the moron who can't spell "coincidence" is on Britney's side? I think not!

2584 days ago


She wouldn't take care of her kids. She won't go to court to fight for them.


She will go to fast food, starbucks, gas stations, public bathrooms, clubs, hotels,
to her drug dealer all before calling the paps.

And people wonder why she is a piece of crap! She is so ignorant she doesn't even realize it herself.

2584 days ago

The Marian Movement    

Lightening strikes again, defying odds in the "never the same place" analogy. You can feel the difference between the coldness of a deathstar and the warmth of a living star. The latter radiates warmth but is chilled. Shaken not stirred.

2584 days ago


People go read Kevin Federline's comment on the sex tape blog. He's disgusting, and he's in charge of raising the kid's. Those poor kid's don't have much chance when both of their parent's are walking ass holes. And to think I thought he would be the mature one. I hope the judge see's everything and along with CPS and take their parental right's away. They need to save those boy's and give them to someone who will care, teach, and love them. Not be raised by IDIOT'S.

2584 days ago


o K first of all didnt the courts just get finished saying she doesnt have a drivers license?
secondly life is one big party when your still young but whos gonna have yourback when its all done?

2584 days ago


#82 Paula: Where is the story on the sex tape thing? On TMZ or a different site?

2584 days ago


No maternal instincts. Hope she never has anymore kids.

2584 days ago


Should be able to go out in own hair. Hair grows an average of 1/2 inches a month. Short hair is not that bad. Of course, putting those long hairs in hers will break it of so she will be bald forever. Seems like she does not want her kids but Kevin is a poor example of a father. He just wants mo money to support all those kids he has.

2584 days ago


# 4 ???
ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!!!!! Sometimes things are what they are. How do you think those boys would feel if thay were old enough to know that they're mother didnt come to court to fight for them today. SHE WAS OUT GETTING COFFEE !!! And when they get older they will know. Whether "required" or not ,you show up for something sooooo important. Not to look good for the public or any other reason, just so your kids would feel worth it to her. Kids grow up very fast and soon will understand what went on.
Nobody has to make Britney look bad ,she's doing that all on her own. Everyday it's another jaw dropper. Men love they're kids too you know. He showed up. If he is such a bad person what does that make her? He always had the kids 50% of the time, you never see them out in dangerous or unhealthy situations then. Just with her. It amazes me how some of you people still cant see the light.....just like her. Are you her? Could be the only excuse.

2584 days ago


I can't even put into words how completely and utterly stupid her defenders are being at this point (#4, that means YOU). They're almost like Bush supporters-- full of excuses that fall flat when doused with the cold, hard light of rationality and facts. At this point, the Lord Almighty himself could say, "Look, folks, maybe Britney really isn't mother material," and her defenders would bleat yet another dozen or so "reasons" why none of this is her fault. There's just no talking to people who refuse to see the truth, which is simple: Britney is her own worst enemy, and even if all the things that people are saying about K-Fed are true, she STILL is the one who's giving him cannon fodder. He doesn't have to lift a finger. Stick that in your crack pipes and smoke it!

2584 days ago


I guess it's interesting to see how stupid she is, that's why I read about her. However, we all need to stop. I think the best lesson we can teach her is to quit looking at her pictures. She obviously needs needs the photographers more than she needs her kids.

2584 days ago


if she wanted the kids she would have done whatever she needed to do to keep them...maybe it was just her way of getting out of dealing with the responsibilities of child rearing

2584 days ago
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