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K-Fed Fights for Kids, Brit Does Photo Op

10/3/2007 9:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Kevin Federline went to court to fight for his kids, Britney Spears took her dog for a ride to get coffee.

Britney left her Malibu home this afternoon and drove down the 101 Freeway, through Coldwater Canyon, and then went to Starbucks. After photogs snapped several pics in her car, she then went to a nearby Shell gas station ... where she posed for more pics. Then she went back to her other home at the top of Mulholland Drive.

Drive through town posing for paps -- or go to court and fight for your kids?


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She is doing what she planned to show off to the world. The Judge has placed her children in the care of a man who abandoned his first set of children. Then, the Judge over seeing this issue, he ruled that despite the father of this second batch of children had abandoned his first set of children is a better parent. Talk about male bonding and not using common sense because the very fiirst pic of her chidlren out stroling in a park were not with their father but a nanny. Oh, Judgy Poo...Where was the was K-Fed when his chidlren were taken to the park...Out looking for his next meal ticket to destroy another batch of his offsprings. Neither one should have gotten custody. A third party should have had them in their care that did not focus on their monetary value and the testrone level of the presiding male Judge who could not use common sense in protecting these children of theirs.

2574 days ago


Um, although I think Britney is coming undone and was not a good mom, and I'm glad Kev has the kids based on what we know so far, the anger in these posts at one or the other is - really weird. Personally I just hope Kev really does come through for the kids (Shar said he was a good dad - that might be something), and Brit gets away and gets some help. She's not fit to be a mom at all, but I really hope something bad doesn't happen to her. It almost seems like the press - and us, because we eat up all this stuff and make the press write more - are stampeding her into a tragedy.

2574 days ago


Horray for Hollywood!! To hell with the kids,for now. I'm gonna pose and parade for a few more years, then go back and get them. Until then, PAAAAARTEEEEEEE!!!!! Look at ME, everybody!!!! I'm Brittany!! :)

2574 days ago


The pictures of her at Fast Food are from as long ago as 2 years big deal she goes to places ALOT of people go too Stupid to even have that on here but,,,,, I think Britney lost her marbles

2574 days ago


i bet that pic was taken on someother day!! the stupid camera hounds are constantly taking pics of her so hmmmmmmm!!!!!!! i love that people keep talking crap about her parenting skills. my mother always said that people who talk down on others are really the people who have serious issues themselves.i honestly feel really horrible for her and those belong with there mothers !! k fed just wants her money and as much of it as he can get. so what if she wants to have fun!! we all do. shes young and beautiful and has worked hard. i also think that the rag mags, in an effort to make money ( this is no shock) make up lies and exaggerate the truth to hurtful extents.I'll admitt that she needs some counseling or AA but taking her kids is going to for her body guards............they want there 15 minutes of fame. anyone telling a story about brittany to a rag mag is probably getting paid for it. all you people and the papparazzi are doing is causing more problems for this troubled young mother. so maybe take a a big fat look at yourself and ask.......why am i any better then her? where did i get the right to publicly humiliate a national pop star? i'm sure we all have had people say something about us that we didn't like or maybe was did you like it?? this is her personal buisness and we all have made this our problem. i hope and pray that she gets her life straightened out for her and for those kids so that she can say F$%K Y&U to all of you haterers including and most definetly kevin wannabe federline

2574 days ago

christina olson    

I don't get it! There are two sides to every story, but how could she just blow-off judge's orders??????? It's like it's a game to her- it's like she feeds off it.

2574 days ago


So she wasnt "REQUIRED TO GO" Wouldnt a mom do anything for HER KIDS and not for HERSELF??? Coffee with your dog instead of Court??? Really Britney??? Crazy Bitch

2574 days ago


Maybe she can parent the dog better than she did her kids .

2574 days ago

John Doe    

Theres more info on The rehab rumors" at the entertainment links.. enjoy!

2574 days ago


I can't believe the comment that blames TMZ for all of Britney's problems. Did Britney write that one herself??? What a waste ... in a few short years, she has gone from a beautiful young lady that had it all (or seemed to) to looking like crap and acting worse. From one Mom to another Britney ... GROW UP! GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER! GET YOUR PRIORITIES IN ORDER!

2574 days ago


HEY TIRED.......She calls the papps herself to meet her places if she wanted help she would get it. She doesnt care about her kids thats why people on here are so mad at her. You really think she has good parenting skills If you are a parent I Hope your not like Britney and if you arent I wouldnt be for a while if you dont see issues here

2574 days ago


She needs to get a new personal life out of the spotlight. Get straight and work on getting those boys back . They will grow up to hate her if she doesn't. I pray she will go back to La, be a part of the small town she came from and learn what values, priorities , self respect is again. She really needs everyone to pray for her to find the strength , give it all to God and get back to life again .

2574 days ago


I have a daughter the same age as Brittney. Would someone close to her please step up and explain reality to her. She is a mess. Lindsay Lohan gets it. She will succeed. Brittney is headed for a Marlyn Monroe future.

2574 days ago


As a Mom of 2 kids and a former pedi nurse . I've seen all sides of her spectrum. Very sad for her kids . I also went thru a huge custody battle for my daughter, I did everything the Judge and everything my Atty ordered me to do, and I never had to fear loosing her because I was doing what I needed to for my daughter not for me . I have worked with cps on several cases, it really takes alot for a Judge to take young kids from their Mom. If I would have witnessed some of the things Brit has done I would have recommended the kids be removed from her care and she attend alot of parenting classes to work toward getting her kids back.
Prayers are with the boys, Brit's family and friends , and of course for Brit herself

2574 days ago


Britney GROW UPand act like a MOTHER! If you didnt want to be on in the first pace then you shouldnt f have kids!

2574 days ago
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