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Britney Checks Out

10/3/2007 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Peninsula Hotel staff can breathe a sigh of relief -- Britney has left the building -- for now.

After a visit from cousin/assistant Alli Sims during the day yesterday, it appears that Little Miss Brit has obtained a proper drivers license. She jumped into her white convertible Mercedes with an unknown sidekick and took off from the hotel. She's legal now, y'all! TMZ caught her pulling out of the hotel's parking lot last night -- then she picked up a male buddy in Woodland Hills and retreated to her Malibu home.

She sure has some mighty mysterious goings-on -- but beware, Brit's back in the 'bu!


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Leave her alone for chrissakes!!!

2547 days ago


first to say.......who cares about this skank

2547 days ago


That didn't even look like her.

2547 days ago


Hopefully the Judge leaves the order as is. Britney should not have custody of those children. Also, I find it suspect that she has her license so quick. It would seem that Britney wouldn't be so good at any test takin' y'all.

2547 days ago



2547 days ago


I think the press needs to back off of Britney! She has lost her children and she is obviously to the point of a breakdown. There is no need to continue pushing her closer and closer to the edge. Of course I do not know her personally...but it is plain to see that she is on the brink of a melt down. There have to be other musicians or actors that you can focus on and allow Britney time to focus on getting healthy again. Some one draw a line and stop pushing her toward a break down.
Thank you,

2547 days ago


You papparazzis are pathetic. You actually get paid for this crap ? How do I know that was really Britney Spears ? and not just some random White Mercedes

2547 days ago


#3 that was a disturbing pic of anna. Britney is definetly going down the same road. I cant imagine being 25 with 2 healthy babys, millions of dollars and a current 737k monthly income and all she cares about are partying, drugs and now word is she is buying meth on the streets. I woder if britney can give her money away to nice people before she kills herself.

2547 days ago


Ok, I just viewed the tape, it never showed Britney leaving, it was some guy driivng her car & asking the paps not to block the street then he rolled the window up. You couldn't even see if she left or not. The person in the afternoon getting into another car was NOT even Brit. Maybe TMZ you should actually show footage of her actually leaving because your video does not. JMO.

2547 days ago


I thought Britney has "checked out" months ago!

2547 days ago


WHO CARES!!!! WHY is this a story?!! It's the girls life... let her be!!! I mean really TMZ.... do you know how many times she hit the bathroom so far today too?? What she had for breakfast?? Cause as far as your other "articles" go... that would fit right in.

2547 days ago


I hope tmz is going to be happy when they finally drive this sick young woman over the edge and she commits suicide - leave her ALONE - and pray that she gets the help she needs

2547 days ago


congrats, what'e her next step---reality check???

2547 days ago


I now know the papparazzi will not stop until this girl is dead. You've already succeeded in playing a part of her losing custody of her children but I guess you won't be done with her until she either offs herself or dies in a tragic accident.

Why are you harrassing this girl so much? did she do something to you? are you jealous that no matter how much dirt you sling you will never be as rich or as popular as her?

2547 days ago


#8. #3 word is she is buying meth on the streets. Posted at 10:17AM on Oct 3rd 2007 by sean+jayden=Menendez brothers in the making

Where did you here that? On Perez's obnoxcious site? There is no proof she ever did that, just his stupid accusations. His word must be god even though he shouldn't cast stones when he is a know drug user (he stated that himself so many times).

Brit needs help, we all know that but I don;t think she is such a bad mom. Just because the papz take pics of her constantly out with ehr kids, we don't see here in her private time with her little ones. These tabloid sites such as TMZ, Perez, etc only post the negative things. Lets see the tables turn on Kevin now, lets see how he can handle the papz 24/7 in his face, now that he has the little ones. JMO

2547 days ago
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