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Britney Ordered to Court -- Or Else

10/3/2007 9:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon has ordered Britney and K-Fed to court at the next hearing, set for October 26.
We've learned on Monday, Commissioner Gordon said he would not order the parties to court, but made it clear that it would be a good idea for them to show. Sources say Britney's lawyer, Sorrell Trope, asked Britney to show but she wouldn't. Kevin showed up, along with his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan. It was the first appearance in court by either one. Britney spent some of her afternoon at a Shell gas station in the San Fernando Valley.

Britney's lawyer argued that the ruling on Monday was unfair and he asked to reinstate the 50/50 custody arrangement. The judge declined to do it.

The next hearings are set for October 26 and November 26. Britney and K-Fed must be there for the October 26 hearing.


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aside from today's latest from Twitney, once thing this all proves is that those people who STILL support Twitney, her BRIT TWITS, are absolute morons and have no clue what real life is all about.

Instead of admiting they support an abject loser they'll go to the mat to deny she's a piece of garbage and instead willl blame everyone else for Twitney's conscious acts of thumbing her nose at everyone including the law and most importnatly her own children.

What she's done the last few weeks is, ultimately, telling her kids to "f**k off, I never wanted you in the first place! You're mistakes!"

And she's been quoted by insiders telling her kids in her drunken hazes that they were mistakes, so Sarah Silverman got that one on the money.

Brit Twit's you AND your piece of garbage icon are truly wastes of this planet's resources.

Y'all an your self-centered, selfish basket-case icon should all do a Jonestown Koolaid fest. Do it because it would be the right thing to do.

2577 days ago


For those of you blaming the paps for her behavior, this is a MUST read:,CST-FTR-zp01.article

2577 days ago


I hope she ends up in jail soon so we dont have to hear about her anymore. Shes a mess and is boder line retarded...

2577 days ago


wow Id hate to be a part of RasputinsLivers life. get cancer, have a disease, and he drops you like a bad habit

2577 days ago


But i'm having extensions put in that day ya'll

2577 days ago

Marlb Man    

She does not want her kids, who cares? She and they may be a lot better off apart. She will be dead soon anyway. They might as well get used to life without her now.

2577 days ago

hang it up    

Some one needs an intervention quick! she has no one to blame but herself, now the public and her fans see it for themselves, no more defending this insane behavior. At least Kevin is making a serious effort to take care of the babies and keep them safe and pap free as he possibly can. The grandparents can at least rest at night knowing they are cared for and safe

2577 days ago


Why are you people so down on Kevin?? AT least he came to court. Look at Britney out for a drive to get coffee while court is going on to determine who gets custody. I think the boys are much safer with Kevin than with Britney. I felt a little sorry for her but I don't anymore - she just sucks.

2577 days ago


You are so right "boog". I was married to sociopath who was addicted to coke. He commited suicide last year. Very hard to treat this illness!!!

2577 days ago


It seems most of the nation is in agreement she doesn't want her kids...right? Most of her actions have spoken volumes about her regard for these little boys. Maybe she is now allowing the "court" to take away her children and doesn't have to admit she is overwhelmed and is not really capable of caring for them. Now she can blame the court when instead this is what she wanted all along but she doesn't have to admit it! Who doesn't love to hate a mother for admitting she doesn't want her kids? This is a great out for her.

2577 days ago


What a fat cow!! She should lose everything.

2577 days ago


I'm sorry to hear about your husband Leah. I too was involved with a sociopathic coke-head so I understand the pain you must have gone through.

2577 days ago


Well Britney just let Kfed become "Dad of the Year." So much for caring about her boys and attending court. Starbucks and drugs are the only thing on that skanky bit&^'s mind....SICK, SICK, SICK....Now will she even visit them now that she has monitored visitation starting tomorrow????? Doubtful, yeah she's so tough!!!! You go, Brit....dumbass....

2577 days ago


Wrong, 12oClock, #48. Britney is purposely, consciously thumbing her nose at all who are trying to help her. She's telling the judge to f**k off and in essence telling her kids the same thing.

She instead goes for a cup of coffee. You seem to think that's just peachy keen. Well, your condemnation of me for criticising your icon says more about you than it does about me and all those others here and elsewhere who're disgusted by your selfish, narcissistic idol.

What you listed makes no sense in regards to the actions of your icon.

2577 days ago


I don't think Britney is trying to lose her kids. She was probably advised not to go becasue it would create a media frenzy. Still no matter what she does, she loses. Everyone keeps saying she should leave LA. And go where???? Her kids are in LA and Kevin won't leave so she has to stay in LA to see her kids. Why doesn't anyone get that? She's stuck. If she stays she's a bad mom for staying around all the paps, and if she leaves, she's a bad mom for leaving her kids in LA. GIVE HER A BREAK!!!!!!

2577 days ago
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