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Fairplay Gets Tossed

The Video Evidence

10/3/2007 4:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a stitched-up lip and typically defeated demeanor, Jonny Fairplay exclusively told TMZ his side of the incident, giving a special "You're mean!" message to Danny Bonaduce.

Now TMZ has video of the altercation between reality stars Bonaduce and Fairplay that resulted in a bloodied Fairplay going home in an ambulance.

In the clip, Bonaduce interrupts the "Survivor" star as he's introducing an award at the FOX Reality Really Awards last night. Jonny does his signature monkey humping move (as seen in the "Survivor: Pearl Islands" opening) -- and things go downhill from there.


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I don't know why everyone keeps saying "oh he could have just pushed him off on his butt." That little monkey had his legs on the outside of Danny's arms, so I don't see how else he was going to get him off. I'm a woman and I wouldn't jump on a grown man like that and expect nothing to happen. Go Danny and I hope he sues that little freak.

2542 days ago


Totally with Danny. Who jumps on someone like that unless their best buds. Danny simply moved Jonny off of himself . No foul here.

2542 days ago

Angie O. Plastie    

I am really sorry about all of this - SORRY that Danny didn't KILL the weasel.

Fairplay is "street crap" and should be working at Jack in the Box.

2542 days ago


Danny is so so inocent on this one. Watch the video who would want some loser idot jump on your face and start humping you! WHATEVER! Good for danny I would have flipped him off me too. He did not intentionally hit him or puch out his teeth it was a accident that the idot caused him self.

2542 days ago


I am 100% on Danny's side. Everyone knows Danny is a drunken two-fisted rumbler, so what would possess Jonny to jump on him and hump his chest? Finally that bitch-ass Jonny got what was coming to him.

2542 days ago

The Matador    

Let's see, Bonaduce is a black belt and shoots steroids. Although 48, he can still throw down. Fairplay is lucky he didn't get hurt more seriously. The clip is hilarious.

2542 days ago

Fat Fudge    

Way to go Danny! No man wants some poodle haired punk dry humping them on stage! He should have given him a swift kick in the butt after he dropped him!

2542 days ago


Fairplay got OWNED.

2542 days ago

The Truth    

OK John -- What U said in the interview isnt exactly what happened, first danny didnt say "they F'in hate you" he said "they hate you". Next you didnt just jump on him and "hug him with your arms and legs" you were doing a humping motion as well. Could this be sexual assualt on your part? Look - You lied on Survivor and you are lying now, I guess you can't tell the truth can you?

Im not a Danny fan, but John was clearly in the wrong here!!!!

2542 days ago


Oh. my. god.
Danny Bonaduce is my new hero.

2542 days ago


So Fairplay's signature move is to jump on people and hump them?? I'd throw his ass off me too. And I'd be in the right. From the film footage we can see that Bonaduce lifted him and dropped him. There was no malice involved. He got Fairplay's legs and body off of him. You don't get in anybody's face like that. It's just stupid.

2542 days ago

Davis Graham    

They both need to go to jail....Johnny the Fairy and Danny the Doper....both are a meance to mankind.

2542 days ago


Very few people like to be dry humped at award ceremonies. Guess the guy should have watched Danny's reality show to gain some insight.

2542 days ago


What gives that little s*&t the right to jump on someone and start dry humping them. Danny you should of "shock the foundation in that place." Good for you Danny

2542 days ago


So I hear that Fairplay knocked up his girlfriend who is also a reality star gone bad.. An Ex American Top model. I hope his child doesn't inherit Fairplay’s alcoholism and stupidity. Three Cheers to Danny who finally didn’t have to get drunk to throw someone over his head.

2542 days ago
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