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Fairplay Gets Tossed

The Video Evidence

10/3/2007 4:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a stitched-up lip and typically defeated demeanor, Jonny Fairplay exclusively told TMZ his side of the incident, giving a special "You're mean!" message to Danny Bonaduce.

Now TMZ has video of the altercation between reality stars Bonaduce and Fairplay that resulted in a bloodied Fairplay going home in an ambulance.

In the clip, Bonaduce interrupts the "Survivor" star as he's introducing an award at the FOX Reality Really Awards last night. Jonny does his signature monkey humping move (as seen in the "Survivor: Pearl Islands" opening) -- and things go downhill from there.


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All you people that say a guy that OBVIOUSLY has no intent to harm someone deserves to get thrown over someones head onto their face are RETARDS! Danny should have never walked out onto that stage, he had no business being there. I hope he gets jail time and big fat check handed over to jonny!

BTW, anyone thats says Jonny deserves that because he lied about his grandma dieing on a reality show are the biggest idiots of all. By far the best moment in reality show history! Your mad at him because hes way more clever than you are, obviously! Everyone on that Survivor thought it was funny when they found out so why should it bother you morons!

2546 days ago

Bib A    

I think he's lucky that's all danny did and i couldn't stop laughing. I would have pile drived him and pissed on him.

2546 days ago


Danny had every right to do what he did.....he was basically attacked by this kook! If anyone is charged with a crime, it should be Jonny. GO DANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2546 days ago


They're both a couple of tools! I don't care for Jonny, but it was definitely overkill on Danny's part. Danny's got short man's syndrome. That's why he bulks himself up (with steroids) so much that he can't even put his arms down by his side. That was not an attack!!! Give me a break. He didn't have to throw him over his head. Just push him off.

2546 days ago


They Both were wrong, but Danny didn"t nee to walk away like he was all that. That was mean.''

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2546 days ago


What a wierd scene! That guy Johnny was a absolute idiot.Any self respecting man would have done the same as Danny.Too bad Johnny didnt put his hands in front of his face.....

2546 days ago


Fairplay calls himself "The most hated man in reality TV". Bonaduce refers to that when he tells him the people are booing him because they hate him.

Fairplay is obviously a douche who is trying to expand his fifteen minutes of fame. I don't blame Danny for his actions. If any guy "monkey humped" me I'd do a lot worse to him than flip him over my shoulder. I don't see how this guy thinks he has a case, but then again I don't live in "la-la land".

2545 days ago


my friends dog dry humped my leg i kick tha ass half way around the rom good job danny yours truey slam th ass

2545 days ago


They are both stupid. When you put to @ssholes together, this is what you get. BUT!!! Fairyplay did do the actual assulting. He tried to humiliate D.B. because that's what he does, insults people.For some reason he thinks it's ok. He's just a idiot with no sense of reasoning or scruples. But Danny is a person who has a pretty unsavory past. But...he didn't hit the guy, he just untangled himself from the little jerk. Danny is not guilty of a crime just because he's stronger. Fairyplay attacked him. It's all STUPID!

2545 days ago

Dr. J.    

Danny you just went from HERO to a ZERO, next time use your thinking nugets, if you still have any.

2545 days ago



2545 days ago

J. Swift    

Once you hear Danny's side of the story on the Howard Stern show, this incident as well as the L..A. DA's refusal to prosecute Danny makes complete sense.

Johnny was lost on stage. He was looking to be rescued when Danny stepped up and threw him a rope. Johnny should have taken Danny's cue and addressed the "dead grandmother" business right then and there. This would have made a bit of improv TV history. Instead, the flatfooted Fairplay -- who has no sense of improv and rather relies upon contrivance -- reverts to his adolescent monkey-humping nonsense.

Danny 86's the boy-man from the Bonaduce body. Like all other witless and aggressively stupid morons in bars everywhere across America, Fairplay gets to eat some pavement with his face, in this case a stage floor.

A good night's work for DB as he steals the show and wins the match.

Hopefully JP will get that job as a tram driver/comedian at Universal Studios and fade into the semi-obscurity of a local has-been.

2544 days ago


Danny should counter file for sexual harassment!

Johnny’s excuse is that he is too small to attack someone which is complete BS... plus Johnny said that this is what he does to everyone and that Danny should have been ok with it...again Bull Sh_t!!!

Danny should also file charges against Johnny for wasting the courts time, tax payers’ money and for filing wrongful charges...

Bottom line, this is what happens when Hollywood creates a celebrity out someone with no talent what so ever... Johnny, please do everyone a favor and go hide some where!!!

2543 days ago

Red Headed Stepchild    

Johnny got lucky. If he pulled that monkey humping stunt on me the dentist would have been the last guy he saw, after they put on his casts and reattached his pathetic excuse for a manhood. Bonaduce was clearly in the right with what he did, he should have done more. I think he showed remarkable restraint in not going ape on that jackass.

2542 days ago

Amanda Webb (Lady Amazon    

This is for Danny. Fairplay has of recent been calling himself a wrestler. Well I wrestled for 18 years. So if he is one he should of known how to take that bump. In my opinion he finally opened his mouth to the wrong guy. I think Danny did what he had to.

2541 days ago
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