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Fairplay Gets Tossed

The Video Evidence

10/3/2007 4:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a stitched-up lip and typically defeated demeanor, Jonny Fairplay exclusively told TMZ his side of the incident, giving a special "You're mean!" message to Danny Bonaduce.

Now TMZ has video of the altercation between reality stars Bonaduce and Fairplay that resulted in a bloodied Fairplay going home in an ambulance.

In the clip, Bonaduce interrupts the "Survivor" star as he's introducing an award at the FOX Reality Really Awards last night. Jonny does his signature monkey humping move (as seen in the "Survivor: Pearl Islands" opening) -- and things go downhill from there.


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Um OK    

To : 'whatever' comment #102 : As for those CLASSY it their teeth you love so much or maybe the ladies hairy armpits? just curious...

2574 days ago


Jonny or whatever his dumb name is deserved it. He's the real douche and it's totally obvious. Danny totally didn't mean to hurt him, and he even said he didn't expect him to be so light.

Jonny Hairspray or whatever shouldn't have jumped on Danny if he didn't expect Danny to react in any way. If you were jumped on and humped in front of a huge auditorium of people, wouldn't you try and get the dumbass off ASAP? I'm sure Danny feels bad for injuring this dude, but he was trying to play through the situation and play it off as a bit, which it's obvious that was his intention, since he played it up for the crowd after Jonny was left on the floor. I honestly don't think Danny meant to hurt him. I bet you that Jonny's ego was hurt more than his face, and that just added to his anger... which has led to this whole aftermath of charges being filed and Jonny "speaking out".

By the way, I've never heard of this loser Fairplay, and he sounds like a dude wanting more attention added to his 15 minutes. Well, he got it. He should be thanking Danny for throwing him a bone.

2574 days ago


Danny has a violent past...that is why his wife filed for divorce. He is coward.

2574 days ago


If Danny had tossed him off frontwards instead of backwards this wouldn't be an issue. Jonny would have landed on his tailbone, gotten a little pissy but eventually laughed it off. But Danny throwing him basically face first over his head like that with no clue what was behind them was dangerous and stupid. He completely overreacted to a stupid joke. Jonny may be a moron but he didn't deserve to be seriously hurt for stupid on stage antics.

2574 days ago


Well, you can look at this 1 of 2 ways:

sexual assualt or pitch for new reality show with tag line "Reality Bites"

2574 days ago


That's right. Don't mess with Il Duce!

2574 days ago


Jonny was copping a feel on Danny. I would have dropped him on his head too.

2574 days ago


He wanted to "free his Willie" on Danny. *upchucks*

2574 days ago


Hey it is simple....
You have a room full of people+ famous for being in reality shows+
no education+ a certain amount of fame/notoriety+no direction+no clue= what happened.

2574 days ago


Fairplay should of known don't jump on Bona He Man. Bonaduce had every right to throw you can't just jump on someone and hump them its all fun and games until the jerk gets hurt. The most ridiculous Fairplay went to the police...thats like saying he lost a dime bag. Idiot

2574 days ago


How funny!!! He got what he deserved!!

2574 days ago


anyone else would have killed him, he is lucky
Danny is pretty much a jerk, but this slime ball crossed the line

2574 days ago


You dont mess with Bonaduce.
or hug him. or hump his midsection during a hug.
no dice.
you get tossed like a dwarf.

2574 days ago


best thing Bonaduce ever accomplished in his life,

2574 days ago


I actually know Fairplay, but can't side with him on this one. Fairplay's a reality star. It's not like he's not familiar with "Saving Bonaduce". The whole WORLD knows Danny has a quick temper. He should have known better and clearly wasn't thinking. He also needs to rethink trying to press charges and any kind of law suit. It may come back to bite him and Danny could press battery charges. HE'S actually the one who was assaulted. With a baby on the way, Jonny would be better just sitting back, letting it heal, KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT, and blow it off as another life lesson.

2574 days ago
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