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From Curry's Lips

To Bonaduce's Fists

10/3/2007 12:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"America's Next Top Model" winner/"My Fair Brady" wife Adrienne Curry weighed in on last night's brawl between reality TV has-beens Danny Bonaduce and Jonny Fairplay -- and she says she started the fight!

Curry claims that she's the one who goaded Bonaduce into busting Fairplay's face. On her blog, she explains that Danny asked her if he should "'go up there and tell him what a douche he is?' " while Fairplay was announcing an award.

"Naturally, I say YES! Then he tells me 'Do you want me to tackle him?' Silly me, I said 'DO IT DANNY!!!' I then proceeded to cheer Danny's name till [sic] he got up to walk on stage."

Curry says Bonaduce went up to Fairplay and taunted him, telling him, "'None of these f**king people like you, man.' It seemed like he was just having fun, so I cheered him on." But when the fight turned physical, Curry reconsidered.

"I feel TERRIBLE! I know it wasn't my fault that Jonny was STUPID enough to try to piss off Danny, but I know Danny might not have gone up there if I hadn't cheered him on," said Curry. She then added that she secretly thought it was "a little awesome ... I'm going to hell in a f**king hand basket!" And she's taking Danny Bonaduce with her!


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How old is this chick? How childish can you be? And why does she have a website? Is she somebody special? I find her revolting.

2514 days ago


What a tangled web we weave.... Dumbazzes all! it's a frigin' barnyard free-for-all. They should've faked it like we do. That way nobody woulda' got hurt.

2514 days ago


She reminds me of Duck Face from 4 Weddings And A Funeral

2514 days ago

Coco Arquette    

why couldn't the terrorists blow the building up that these losers were at. they're all d list losers

2514 days ago


So she's saying here:

""Naturally, I say YES! Then he tells me 'Do you want me to tackle him?' Silly me, I said 'DO IT DANNY!!!' I then proceeded to cheer Danny's name till [sic] he got up to walk on stage.""

to go kick his A$$.. (clearing throat) does she not know that this could be considered as conspiracy to 'harm/causing harm to another' someone?

She's stupid, and could be in BIG trouble!!!!

2514 days ago


Adrienne you make me sooo proud.

2514 days ago

Susan B    

Bonaduce is a thug on drugs.

2514 days ago


This is what simple people do for fun in America because we don't have more esoteric entertainment here, such a s bullfighting. These cretins are minnows in the shallow end of the pond.

2514 days ago

Good Grief    

Adrianne Curry will do anything to keep herself in the spotlight.
Yo Adrianne, you're a HAS BEEN!

2514 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Birds of a feather douche together. What can you expect from this lot? Child actors reality ho and some unknown fool.

2514 days ago


Only in Hollywood, would you find people like these... a washed up gold digging wannabe model, a muscle bound steroid freak alcoholic sex addict, and finally a pathetic girly man weasely whimp who is just taking up space on earth!! I think they should all beat the crap out of each other and thin the herd, so to speak!!

2514 days ago


She is an attention WHORE, plain and simple. I wish she would just shut the F up and go away.

2514 days ago

grow up    

she brow beat chris knight into marrying her wonder why the marriage is in trouble???

2514 days ago



it just keeps getting better...

2514 days ago


Question: If three nobodies get in a fight in LA, why do we hear about it? (Kind of like if a tree falls in the woods....)

2514 days ago
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