Knight's Spoonful of Suger -- It's Britney's Year

10/3/2007 10:10 AM PDT
The guy who supposedly hung Vanilla Ice by his feet from a 20-story balcony has offered his hand to crumbling Britney Spears, who's currently losing custody of her kids to that other white rapper, K-Fed.

Suge Knight, Death Row Records co-founder, proposed his life advice for the wreck saying, "Any time a woman lose they kids it's a sad, sad story." Suge added, "I think this is Britney's year ... when people count you out that's when you turn around and show them how successful you can be."

The 300-plus pound Knight then offered Spears help, saying, "If I need to do something for her, I definitely push with her." That would be one hefty push!