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TMZ Tape Subpoenaed in Brit Custody Case

10/3/2007 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ video will become an exhibit in the Britney/K-Fed custody fight.

As we first reported, one of the reasons L.A. County Court Commissioner Scott Gordon stripped Brit of custody was because she was driving her kids this past weekend without a valid California license -- a direct violation of the judge's order.

Turns out, Gordon found out about Britney's Malibu drive after TMZ posted the video this past weekend.

Celebrity lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan subpoenaed our video yesterday. We complied with the subpoena today by depositing it with the court. There's a hearing today at 1:30 PM, where Brit's lawyers will argue Britney's non-compliance was all a big misunderstanding.

Spears got her California license yesterday, so she is now free to drive to the fast food restaurant of her choice and has the blessing of the state of California.

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mom to 4    

I have yet to see a picture of Britney actually wearing a seatbelt! She never does! Just another example of her belief that rules don't apply to her! Sheesh!

2574 days ago


another site as a different angle of this picture. The kids are not properly buckled in their car seats. their restraints are not fastened. you may even be able to notice it during the video. crazy.

2574 days ago

mid south wrestling fan    

If ;you are one of the idiots that actually feel sorry for this lack of what some people call a mother. WHAT ARE YOU THINKN? She needs to give those kids up until both of them can get their priorities straight. I say KUDO's to TMZ for turning over the video.If you are big enough to spread your legs and get pregnant, you better be big enough to take the responsibility that comes with it.Being someone with money does not make you exempt from being a descent human.Get a straw and suck it up Brit.Grow up and for God's sake get some birth control or learn to just say"NO."

2574 days ago

mom to 4    

I can't understand those who say "Poor Britney, give her privacy, yada, yada....." SHE IS MEDIA WHORE! She is just as addicted those those flashbulbs as she is to drugs! She thrives on it! Obviously, it inflats her sense of self-importance, which proves the only thing that matters to Britney is BRITNEY!

2574 days ago


Grow a brain people!!! Gees, you people act like it is TMZs fault for EVERYTHING wrong that Brit has done. Have they held a gun to her head and say: "please go out and party, go out and feed your children junk food or soda?" Has TMZ told her "Brit, go out and expose your children to the media?" No, she has been the complete idiot and done it to herself. She only has herself to blame for her problems. You people sound EXACTLY like Brit "it wasn't my fault(insert what ever lame excuse you want for what ever trouble you cause) it was the fault of my up bringing or the media." What happened to personal responsibility? Oh, that's right, no one has any anymore. It is easier to blame others for the problems we bring upon ourselves.
So, those people that feel sorry for Brit and anyone else who doesn't learn their lesson the first 50 million times that they screw up, don't read the paper. Certainly don't do anything, because it certainly isn't their fault for being complete screw ups.
I have a message for you Brit, GROW UP. You aren't a kid anymore and stop acting like it. You can have fun without: 1)doing drugs 2)drinking to an excess 3)showing your...4)being a complete B*&$ch. Children are a gift and you just lost the best things that ever happened to you. Perhaps K-Fed isn't the best parent at least he isn't a media hound and perhaps he can protect the children.

2574 days ago


You people kill me blaming TMZ for Britney getting her kids taken away. If she was in Florida, Britney would have gotten Sean Preston taken away a long time ago for driving around with him strapped backwards in a rear facing car seat as an infant, famous or not. You all wouldn't be defending her if she'd gotten into an accident with her kids in the car. You would all be outraged if she was driving and got into a fatal accident killing her sons (heaven forbid) or someone in your family and you would've been equally pissed finding out she was driving without a valid license. You feel sorry for her why? Because she sang the song you danced to at your wedding, prom, or middle school sweetheart dance? What is wrong with you people? She constantly makes a spectacle of herself, and so does Kevin Federline a.k.a. Bud Bundy as Grand Master B (Newsflash Kevin....YOU'RE NOT COOL, YOUR CD TANKED, YOU AND YOUR CD ARE TO BRITNEY'S CAREER WHAT J-LO AND GIGLI WERE TO BEN AFFLECK'S CAREER....Stick to what you do best, dancing and and man-whoring).

2574 days ago


Britney is so out of control, someone needs to step up and get this girl some help!! She has the means to hire someone to drive her on her wild nights, so why doesn't she, because she appears to like being the target of you Harvey and every other magazine and newspaper headlines. Good job Harvey!!!!!! You keep it up. I love your site!!! Also, I must agree with Kidsfree, when they write about the state of California giving Britney a license to drive while in the midst of a car accident that has also aired on every network that would play it, WAKE UP CALIFORNIA DMV. I know if that was any other plain American we would not be running to the DMV Office the week after an accident, we'd be running to a courtroom, trying to convince the judge as to why I shouldn't be thrown in jail. What is wrong with this picture???? God Bless You Harvey and your team, I think you are GREAT!!!!!!!!!KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2574 days ago


I just want to say that this is getting out of hand, this is just out of control.... I'm beginning to feel sorry for her, with all these photogs all around her, I just can't imagine myself within all these madness....... I mean everybody makes mistakes is just that they aren't taped like Britney's situation...... just stop, this is just insane!!!!!!!!

2574 days ago


So confused, why does she continue to drive dealing with the cameras on her children when she can afford a driver and limo.

2574 days ago

Media may have changed the course of these boys' lives    

This is out of control... can 'justice' be served with your life on display 24/7? There are far, far worse mothers out there who keep their children. Ones who abuse, abandon, torment and neglect.

TMZ, if Britney is the Anna Nicole of 2008, I sincerely hope the court subpoenas you once again. Your feathers may not be so full and shiny. These are real lives, and you've altered their natural course... for "entertainment" purposes, of course.

2574 days ago


Live and let live. Britney is struggling. She is sad in her soul. No one deserves to be judged. Who are any of you to make personal critques on someone that you REALLY don't know? She is lost and lonely. She is afraid and accussed. She is human. What do you all want? Do you want her to completely break so you can exploit her crumbling existence even more?
We are all to blame for Britney's sadness!! We created who she is; she never had a chance to find herself b/c the media and the fans dicatated who they thought she should be. She is a child- raising children. Help her- don't hurt her!
We as fellow flawed humans, should have compassion on someone who isn't doing well. We should offer her support and strength by sharing with her hope that there is a chance for her life back together.
Please allow her to have privacy and silence so that she can hear herself and start to heal herself.
Britney I am praying for you- many blessings be bestowed on you and your children.

2573 days ago


Why should the judge care if Brit has a drivers license? There are hundreds of thousands illegal immigrants driving without a drivers license. This judge is obviously looking for his 15 minutes of fame just as that fool putting Paris in jail. Those thousands of illegals driving without licenses are much more dangerous than Brit.

2573 days ago


Everybody who is talking trash, I am sure is perfect right? You all are messed up for the fact that you all are judging her and don't even know her. You can't tell me her children are better off with out her because she doesn't have a Calf.D.L. GET A LIFE!! And the PETA stuff is stupid and thing to get your name in the paper RIGHT???

2573 days ago
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