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Why Britney Lost Custody of Her Kids

10/3/2007 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsWe now know exactly what went down in court Monday when L.A .County Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon stripped Britney Spears of physical custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James.

As we first reported, Britney didn't follow a number of conditions the Commish laid down. But sources tell us three factors were the last straws for Gordon.

Britney was supposed to sign a document that would have given the green light for a custody evaluator to conduct psychological evaluations. Commissioner Gordon ordered Spears to get the signed document to Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's lawyer, by Monday at 10:00 AM or appear in court. She did neither.

- The judge ordered both Kevin and Britney to submit proof they had valid California driver's licenses and insurance. He also ordered that neither party drive with the children if they didn't have the proper license. Over the weekend, TMZ posted video of Spears driving with the kids in Malibu. She did not have a California license at the time. The TMZ posting was discussed in court and the Commish was pissed off.

- The biggest reason for the change was Thursday night, Britney was at Sutra nightclub in Newport Beach. TMZ shot video inside the club. Various people say they saw her drinking alcohol after midnight. According to Gordon's order on Sept. 17, neither Britney nor K-Fed were allowed to consume alcohol within 12 hours of the time they obtained physical custody of the kids. We know Britney picked the children up at 12 noon on Friday, which means she would have violated Gordon's order.

In short, Gordon was ticked off that Britney thumbed her nose at the court. Stay tuned.

Clooney to Fan -- Hello, the Lens Cap!

Note to fans: When you ask your favorite star to take a picture with you, make sure your camera's working. And take off the lens cap. And check the battery.

TMZ spotted Clooney outside of his New York hotel, where a fan from Berlin (who said he'd been waiting five days to snag a snap with George) finally got his chance for a pic. Except, uh, dude, "It's not open," said George, pointing to the lens. Panicking, the kid tried in vain to get the cam to work -- gevalt! -- but a kindly paparazzo saved the day.

Apparently, German time also moves slower -- the kid is grateful that Clooney waited "like, 10 minutes" for him, when it was really about 10 seconds. One thing moving faster was George's injured galpal, Sarah Larson, who was spotted off crutches for the first time since injuring her ankle in the couple's motorcycle accident last week.

Bonaduce Bloodies "Survivor" Star

Danny Bonaduce: Click to watchDanny Bonaduce is a felony suspect.

Last night, at the FOX Reality Channel Really Awards, Bonaduce jumped on stage, picked up "Survivor" star Jonny Fairplay and slammed him on his face, causing him to lose a few teeth and break a toe.

Fairplay was taken to a nearby hospital, where police were called. TMZ cameras were rolling as the bloodied reality star was loaded into an ambulance. Some jerk can be heard taunting the injured Fairplay, yelling the phrase "Team Bonaduce" as he got into the ride.

Bonaduce is named as the suspect in a felony battery report.

On The Adam Carolla radio show today, Bonaduce said he's had a thing against Fairplay ever since he pulled the famous "grandmother stunt" on "Survivor," lying that she had died in order to get sympathy on the show.
Bonaduce on the Adam Corrola show
Danny said he thought the show was over and he was leaving, and Fairplay was on the stage, asking the audience why they were booing him. Danny says that as he walked by, he said, "They're booing him because they hate him."

Someone then asked Danny to go on stage and tell him that, which he says he did. Danny says he was off the first step of the stage when Fairplay suddenly ran at him, jumped on him and wrapped his legs around him.

Danny Bonaduce: Click to watchDanny says he didn't know if Fairplay was joking. He then says he grabbed the butt of Fairplay's jeans and threw him over his head, not realizing how light he was. Danny says Fairplay face planted into one of the seats behind him.

Bonaduce told TMZ his side of the story outside "The Adam Carolla Show" this morning -- check out the interview to hear how he says the fight went down. Danny says that he didn't start the dustup, and also reveals why he isn't worried about the cops.


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i bet her beaver is filthier than a hooker's

2554 days ago


Another Brit story? Enough already!!!

2554 days ago


I have seen alot of people on this comment blog blaming her parents for this and that is so lame. She is a grown women and knows what she is doing no one is to blame but HER!!!!
She need to grow up and realize she has two beautiful boys that need a mom not a drug addict or alcoholic. I am so glad they took them away from her before she hurt one of them. She showed all of us by being defyant with the courts that the kids were not the most important thing in her life and that all she cared about was drinking and partying .That is so Sad!!!!!
Brittney, I wonder if you can distroy you life anymore, Oh I bet you can!!! Lets all watch and see.........Well, then again....Who cares? I don't she can blow herself up and I would still sleep at night...............

2554 days ago


I truely believe we shouldn't judge Britney, It's her life,its hard to tell someone to stop doing what they love to do, however I wish the youngings were alittle bit older because they are two young to be taken away from their mother. I wish this case the best! people leave her alone and think of your lives before judging hers.

2554 days ago


Obviously if she was 100% serious about keeping her kids she would hold off drinking for the 12 hours before court and get herself to the DMV. Its not like she couldn't pay for a cab. But to be fair. We all need to back off of the girl. What about feder-ho? Weren't we all wondering why on earth she went with him in the first place? Quite frankly, his career is over ,backup dancing and "rapping", and spousal support just ended. He has to support his fleet of other children somehow.

2554 days ago


You want to play, you have to pay. Exposure comes with celebrity. There are tons of celebrities, many with children. They aren't all like Britney, that's for damned sure.

She is an unfit mother. She never had any real talent, other then catching men's eye with her trashy look. And she always danced like a stripper at a chep strip club.

She was given an order by the court, and chose to thumb her nose at it....she deserves to be treated legally, as she was treated.

As far as privacy...well, if you didn't purposely go out and do stupid things that you know are being filmed, there would be no problem. If you are a celebrity, and you know you are going to be recognized in public, act like any other normal human being. Which is, act like a normal human being, not a disgusting, drugged out hooker.

2554 days ago


Hey Ginger, you dumb, b***, maybe you should go live in another country where bashing your PRESIDENT gets you decapitated. Funny, how it's okay to bash your president, but God forbid you same something negative about Gays or some other minority and it's a hate crime. How about we pull our troops not only from Iraq, but from all the other countries we have peace troops, and then also from USA, and then you go get on a plane and take a trip......if you ever make it there. Just another dumb, uneducated, bimbo blasting her mouth off about "grown-up" people stuff. Stick to your highlights and nails and your Coach bags.

2554 days ago


You people that keep defending her are all brain dead! Especially with your limited ability to actually assess reality!
"We all acted like that in our twenties!" Well speak for your sorry assed selves! There are plenty of people in their twenties who do a fine job of parenting and conducting their lives, but certainly not Britney..Plain and simple, she is a trainwreck and anyone who would say different needs to take a hard look at their own pathetic lives!

2554 days ago


TMZ SHOULD REALLY MIND THEIR F****** BUSINESS and stop prying and reporting
on stars. Get a friggen life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2554 days ago


Frankly I think TMZ is out to get Brittney. Why dont you go after the hundreds of moms that are out there with no drivers license. And the reason K-fed is never seen in public with the kids is no one really cares about him. im sure he goes out with them all the time but the media just doesnt find him interesting enough to follow all the time like Brit

2554 days ago


WHO CARES!! BRITNEY is an unfit mother, she does NOT deserve all that she has she should GROW UP and think about her kids for a change!!

2554 days ago


We'll see if it is a personal character flaw, or, something to be blamed on her upbringing. Her little sister, as of yet, has not acted like a two bit hooker, and doesn't seem to be seen drinking and drugging it up. Yes, she is young, but, look at Drew Barrymore, she was 9 and an alcoholic already.

Actually, yes, look at Drew Barrymore. She had her problems, she went through all the media crap, and did some wild, and nasty things. Look at her now, she is doing great for herself, and looks better than ever. Maybe Britney should take some mentoring from Drew. Although, at least Drew always had talent, and was actually always good looking.

2554 days ago

doggy dog    

Isn't Brit around 25 years old? I believe she is an adult and should be able to raise her children, but obviously her priorities are her boozing , drugs and clubbing. She is really capable of raising these kids she just chooses not to! She should have thought twice before concieving. Keep your Panties on Brit, and stop spreading things around hmm like youre legs!

2554 days ago


police26spd - Here is some reality for you... Britney positions herself in front of the paparazzi. If she really wanted to get away from the spotlight, it would NOT be impossible. There are plenty of genuinely talented people (Drew Barrymore, for example) in Hollywood who manage to avoid the paps. Apparently her kids are not her only hope, or she would have followed the judge's order. People who are unfit to care for their children become clients of the state. Money doesn't make a person a good mother.

2554 days ago


Britney Spears. She's a boozed-up, drugged-out, irresponsible, careless exhibitionist...... Anybody still have any questions as to why the remarkably right-on judge took the kids away?

2554 days ago
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