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Why Britney Lost Custody

10/3/2007 11:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsWe now know exactly what went down in court Monday when L.A .County Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon stripped Britney Spears of physical custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James.

As we first reported, Britney didn't follow a number of conditions the Commish laid down. But sources tell us three factors were the last straws for Gordon.

Britney was supposed to sign a document that would have given the green light for a custody evaluator to conduct psychological evaluations. Commissioner Gordon ordered Spears to get the signed document to Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's lawyer, by Monday at 10:00 AM or appear in court. She did neither.

- The judge ordered both Kevin and Britney to submit proof they had valid California driver's licenses and insurance. He also ordered that neither party drive with the children if they didn't have the proper license. Over the weekend, TMZ posted video of Spears driving with the kids in Malibu. She did not have a California license at the time. The TMZ posting was discussed in court and the Commish was pissed off.

- The biggest reason for the change was Thursday night, Britney was at a Social Group event at Sutra nightclub in Costa Mesa. TMZ shot video inside the club. Various people say they saw her drinking alcohol after midnight. According to Gordon's order on September 17, neither Britney nor K-Fed were allowed to consume alcohol within 12 hours of the time they obtained physical custody of the kids. We know Britney picked the children up at 12 noon on Friday, which means she would have violated Gordon's order.

In short, Gordon was ticked off that Britney thumbed her nose at the court. Stay tuned.


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Get a clue, "Mama," Britney has REFUSED help for years, she doesn't want it, so don't lie about her begging for help. She has always refused rehab, even tossed people out of her life who suggested it. Get real, if Britney was begging for help, all she had to do was go to rehab and the parenting classes the judge ordered her to go to. Did she? No, even though she knew her kids would be taken away. And she even went to a public place to drink because she knew her photo would be taken and that would help get her kids taken from her because SHE DOESN'T WANT THEM!

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2576 days ago

Funny Answers    

I don't know if Brittany is a bad mother, she married a mother, money sucking jerk. And she lost her kids because you hounded her to death. Any one on the edge would go nuts with you and your staff, and the other blood sucker. Cameras up her butt, in her face, going to the bathroom, you'll get paid back one day, and I am going to be front row center cheering your downfall on. Everyone gets paid back for what they do and say, and Yes, i know I will get paid back for saying these things to you. And the thing is, I am not now nor have I ever been a Brittany fan. My heart goes out to her, she needs love, understanding and physical and mental help. Now I am sure this one reply will disapear like any that says unfriendly things about you. No one under a microscope looks good. Hope you get your soon.

2576 days ago


Suicide watch my ass. here is the deal Britney, I have been a fan forever good times and bad. I am the same age as you. I gave up on you last week when I was due to deliver my new daughter and at the same time my 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with leukimia. My husband, my new baby and my precious 2 year daughter (Sammy) are all staying in the oncology unit in Spokane, WA. Hey Brit do you have any idea what kind of pain a kid with cancer goes through? Blood transfusions, spinal taps, you name it. I nolonger am a fan. Obviously you only care for YOU.

2576 days ago

Cajun Princess    

WTG TMZ.....Now it sounds like you are nothing but a stalker. Can you tell me what color underwear she was wearing in her bedroom?

I am sure you have a camera with a night vision lens aimed at her.

2576 days ago


I'm still in shock that a Commissioner Gordon has time to be reading a GOSSIP site. Well commissioner I hope you come here for all your ILLEGAL doings CELEBRITIES are getting away with.
Watch all the Celebrities drinking and parting and driving . If they have KIDS. take them AWAY. I betting there's alot more BRITNEYS out there. You can start with K-FED shady doing's.!!

2576 days ago


Why would this imbecile make two children, what a mistake. They look like such cute kids, but they are doomed by having these two as parents.
I'm sure glad my mother was a little more responsible :)

2576 days ago


You retards who blame all of Britney's problems on K-Fed, TMZ, and the pap's are just way too screwed up for your own good. When are you going to blame Brit the trip? Did K-Fed make her get married for a few hours? Shave her head?

just for your info.....De Nile is a river.....not a place to live

2576 days ago


Great job tmz!! I drove without a license many times too bad you couldn't snap my pic to rat me out! Too much... cheese eaters!

2576 days ago


Wow-how proud you must be TMZ for helping in the demise of a mom. You have really shown a huge light on why famous and infamous people all deserve privacy. You have crossed the line of reporting on stars to putting up tag lines to make your quota and destroy lives. Bravo!

2576 days ago


i think shes really inlove with kevin and thats why shes losing it! its not kevins fault,leave kevin alone...they will work this out>they both should take their kids and go to a desert island and see who each other really is and who them selves are :)

2576 days ago

just wondering    

...................# 32!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...I'm praying for ur little girl and sending lots of wishes for u and ur family at this difficult time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....u put everything into perpective!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN TAMEEKA !!!!!....xoxoxoxoxooxox

2576 days ago

just wondering    

...SORRY I MEAN"T TAMMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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my heart does NOT go out to her. sorry, i don't feel for stupid whores. i'm not perfect, but if you put ME under a microscope i would NOT look like that. as a matter of fact, even though i don't have her money i'm way better off in my life than she will ever be. she does not need "understanding", how can you people even defend her at this point when she blatantly disregards EVERYTHING, even the LAW. are you people stupid or blind. is that how you would treat a family member? "oh he/she needs love and molly-coddling, NOT being held responsible for their actions oh no, never". if that's how you think then i would hate to be in your family. people need consequences for their actions and everything that has happened to her i'm glad for. and i'm glad people are abandoning her; obviously they are tired of hger making their lives miserable. she did this to herself!! no one forced her to be this way, she has refused help and now i PRAY she rots. anyone who is still supporting her is more delusional than she is. i feel sorry for you. and call me mean or whatever but at least i KNOW i will never raise my kids to be like her and i thank my father, a SINGLE PARENT everyday for raising me the way he did, never letting me get away with stupid crap. my father was single and did a damn fine job and this whore has an army of mannies to help her raise her kids and she can't even put on underwear or feed them.

2575 days ago
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