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Anna Nicole's Mama Takes Manhattan

10/4/2007 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Last night, TMZ cameras caught a shapely, primped-out platinum blonde in a snug black dress, flanked by tall men in dark suits and whisked away by a mega-SUV with tinted windows and big chrome rims.

Paris? No. Hayden? Nope. It's Gummi Bear Virgie!

C'mon, people, we're talking about none other than Virgie Arthur, Anna Nicole Smith's mother, who showed up to Rita Cosby's book party on the far west side of Manhattan looking like the aftershot in one of those cable makeover shows. Like her body?!

At her arrival, she managed to upstage author Cosby herself, distracting cams from catching Rita getting served with legal papers.

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Deb H    

IMO, Anna endured worse abuse from Virgie and other family members, if you believe Anna....and I do! Virgie is disgusting IMO and I do not blame ANNA for wanting nothing to do with her. Her actions have not been that of a loving and caring parent!

2579 days ago


You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear, Vergie is still a lowlife piece of trailer trash and will always be and nothing will change that. What kind of mother would promote a trashy lieing book like Rita's . The pig makes me sick.

2579 days ago

I'm Back Biatches    

XCEL PLEEEEEZ give it a rest you freakin' moron!!! You people yell that Stern should give the baby to Larry...he does. You complain. You people say Stern should not sell anything to get money. He sells nothing. You complain. You people say that he and Larry should behave amiacably for the sake of the baby. They do. You complain. He was her attorney, assistant and lover...of course her meds were in his name. Most celebrities put their meds in other's names but you, the average joe have no idea of that. No one forced Anna, she was an addict plain and simple. By the way, Virgie will be damned to hell for touting a book that puts her daughter in such shaded light. What a legacy for her grand daughter! Any loving grandmother would not want her grandchild subjected to such filth. She is a low class red neck no matter what she wears!

2579 days ago


Wonder what Howard wore to get these

LIST OF MEDICATIONS FOUND IN ANNA NICOLE SMITH’S HOTEL ROOM AT THE SEMINOLE HARD ROCK HOTEL IN HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA (Evidence – Public record under FS 119.07. Seminole Police acknowledges that those are public record and does not, therefore, object to their public release).

All Medications listed are prescribed by Dr. Kristine Eroshevich:

Under the name of Howard K. Stern:

Carisoprodol 350 mg. prescribed 1/2/07 Qty. 194 left out of 360 pills

Methocarbamol 750 mg. (Robaxin) 1/2/07 Qty. 87 left out of 120 pills.

Diazepam (Valium) 10 mg 1/26/07 Qty. 178 left out of 240 pills.

Furosemide (Lasix) 40 mg 1/8/07 Qty. 7 left out of ?

Topomax 50 mg 1/26/07 Qty. 82 left out of 120 pills.

Klonazepam (Klonopin) 2 mg. 1/26/07 Qty. 79 left out of 120 pills

Chloral Hydrate 500/ml 1/2/07 Qty. 177 ml left out of 480 ml.

Carisoprodol 350 mg. 1/26/07 Qty. 111 left out 360 pills

Under the name of Alex Katz

Cipro 500 mg. 2/6/07 Qty. 15 left out of 20 pills.

Tamiflu 75 mg. 2/5/07 Qty. 8 left out of 10 pills

Under the name Kristine Eroshevich

Klor-Con-M20 1/8/07 Qty. 20 left out of 30 pills.

2579 days ago


Christine Geraci.......................Do you mean a Cash Cow like Anna. The dress she wore was Balck and was very becoming. She dressed in very good taste for the event she was attending. She looked great. Was nice to see her. Why shouldn't she visit the graves of her family? Are you completely without feeling.

2579 days ago

chapter one from Rita's book    

This is heating up again
I would not want to be Howie at that Inquest-- not that it will go forward--
he will pull another delay tactic-- and I was wondering does Howard or any American citizen---do they have to participate in the inquest---
Howie is going to head back to the states i would think--

2579 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Vergie ;

I would like to apologize for some of the un-enlightened

people who post on this board. Just scroll through their

meanness. They have their reasons for being so hateful to

you; don't take it to heart honey , cos they don't have hearts to

feel or they would'nt use this board to spill their HATE FILLED

GUTS!! YOU have made a COMEBACK and they can't

stand it ; the GOOD SIDE LOVES IT !!!! You will see


2579 days ago


66. What did Anna do with her Life. She sold her body. She humiliated herself, She took advantage of an old man, She definitely could not act. She took drugs , She slept with a lot of different men, She advertised a Diet Product that didn't work, she lied to the public about how she lost all of her weight. Daniel witnessed Howie taking money from men when they left Anna's bedroom. I think Rita's book was complementary to Anna. Some day their will be a book that tells all the trash about this woman. and her sordid life. Her daughter has a cross to bear and it is her dead Mother. I guess you could say she prostituted herself through life

Posted at 6:46PM on Oct 4th 2007 by Anna sold her body


To me Anna had bad advisers. She did not watch out for people around her who were wanting money. She was too trusting and did not watch her drinks too carefully and it got out of her control! We probably have only heard half of what was done to Anna and Daniel. Anna seemed like a fun loving girl who people took advantage of. According to her diaries she hated sex and men!

2579 days ago

Howard loved her to death    

52...I agree with you and I don't care what side of the argument you are on. When you love somebody, you DON"T take gross photos of them showing them in their ABSOLUTE worst light! It's NOT funny, and to a woman who was so proud of her looks, I can't BELIEVE she wanted photos like this taken. I'm surprised we haven't seen one of her taking a dump. Or maybe we will!! How come we don't see any disgusting photos of him?

Nobody is going to spin these photos away. We've got eyes, we don't need an explanation, because there isn't any!! It makes me very sad; it's the legacy he's left that poor child, a remembrance of her mother.

2579 days ago


So tell me, how can you tell that Anna and Virgie had the same eyes? Virgie's are half closed, similar to how Anna's were in later years. Okay, I see it now.

Virgie is disgusting, I don't care how much weight she loses or how much plastic surgery she has, SHE FAILED HER CHILD!!!!!

Larry!, Keep that sweet baby close to you and give her a life she will love to live, not a life that she wonders where the hell she fits in.

2579 days ago

baby girl    

She needs a black tinted windows and bodyguards????? Maybe someone should tell her she's a NOBODY! Funny how we never heard of her before her money ticket died. Useless piece of trailer trash. It's pathetic how she now lays claim to her daughter now that she's dead.

2579 days ago


I read Rita's book and found it factual. I really enjoyed it. I have followed this sordid mess from the beginning and I am happy that Rita's book is a success. I a proud of her for donating the proceeds to DARE, very worth while organization.

2579 days ago


As always, Sternies can't get the FACTS right.

I never said Larry should be amicable to Stern. That is YOUR fantasy.
Pott's thought it ODD too. Because it is ODD. Unnatural deals $$$$
STERN SOLD: Daniel, Anna, and even Dannielynn! His speciality is funeral PIMP!
MOST celebraties aren't DEAD!
MOST celebraties children aren't DEAD!
Keep your sorry OLD arguments.

After Anna's SMUT films and Howie's help with her TV show nothing could be worse for Anna's reputation. Her daughter will see Howie's smut. Dry humping her drugged out mom! Cross dressing Howie! Drunken orgies so bad they had to turn the cameras off. Howie LYING on camera!

A book searching for the truth of Howie's KILLER PILLS is mild compared to Howie's Camera. No more than Eric Reddings shined the TRUTH on a sorry life of drugs. A life Howie's KILLER DRUGS took.

2579 days ago


36. THis ugly bitch can go out and spend money on new clothing and hair do and fly to see the other idiot Rita Cosby and yet she leaves 'PLASTIC' flowers at her grandson's grave yard? Well! She is gaining money from Bitchita's book and gaining nothing from Daniel.
See how well you can read her! I hope she and Fred Golman can go to hell soon.

Posted at 5:57PM on Oct 4th 2007 by Whatever!

Say unto others as you would have them say unto you!

2579 days ago


81. She needs a black tinted windows and bodyguards????? Maybe someone should tell her she's a NOBODY! Funny how we never heard of her before her money ticket died. Useless piece of trailer trash. It's pathetic how she now lays claim to her daughter now that she's dead.

Posted at 7:04PM on Oct 4th 2007 by money ticket

She laid claims to her daughter the day she was born.

2579 days ago
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