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Calm Down! Fans Freak for Brangelina

10/4/2007 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another school day, another Brangelina sighting.

Though the daily affair is starting to get a tad boring, a few fans brought some much needed excitement to the ordeal yesterday -- by going ballistic when they saw the power couple.

Jumping up and down, screaming, "We love you!" -- the girls got a look of recognition from dad Brad before he hoisted Maddox into the SUV and took off.


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Team K-Fed    

Those kids shouldn't have to go through this everyday just to go to school. They need to find some other way to get their kids educated.

2573 days ago


Regarding the fans...Why?...Why do they act this way... baffles me to NOo end. .. And yes you would think they would go about getting the kids in/out of school a different way so that they are not subject to this .. but no ... Brad and His Wh..wh..... well Wife love love love the chaos and attention they get. They just can't get enough of it.

2573 days ago

Oh Please    

And.........?? Why are parents taking their kids to school a story. There a tons of celebrities that don't leave this task to their nanny, why don't you give this kid a break? Again, TMZ trying to stir up hatred and animosity for little children. Talk about nobody being off limits, how about kids??? You guys are always talking about class or people's lack thereof, how classy is it to trash kids????

2573 days ago


hate angelina
should of stayed with jen

2573 days ago


Oh man that fan needs to calm down. All those weirdos with cameras are cool though.

2573 days ago

can't stand the bitch    

OMG!!! STOP THE PRESSES, another stupid picture of pittface and skankalenia. TMZ calls Jen boring? BTW in this wk's star angie's 4th boyfriend/ lover comes out Tim Hutton. She was soo broken hearted when he split with her she turned to women and drugs. Yeah right.

2573 days ago


You stupid zero IQ idiots! Leave these poor children alone. Greedy people demanding attention from loving parents. This is sick. You think these celebs think nicely of you ruining their childrens daily routine with your psycho nonsense?

2573 days ago

mom of two    

I think all celebrity children should be off limits to the cameras. And fan should stick to watching their favortie celebrities on the big screen. If you really "love them" allow them to have a normal life.

2573 days ago

Oh Please    

Whatever: Does your mommy know you are using the computer. Pittface, skankalena? Are you serious. You might as well have called them doo doo heads.

2573 days ago


haha that was hilarious! they are just a boring family doing boring family things. IT'S TIME FOR THE PAPARAZZI AND TABLOIDS TO LEAVE THEM ALONE .

2573 days ago


This is sad !!! I guess they will need to find a school where there is a gate that needs to open only to parents and workers of the school on big land where after the gate opens you still need to drive a little ways to the school . This child should not have to stay home for home school but that will sadly happen if there baby has to go thru this every school day . They need to make laws to stop anyone from taking pictures of kids going to or from or while in school . The only ones that should be able to take pictures of the kids should be the school , parents , and during a school event if going to be in the local paper and all parents and scool agree with it . They need to make a law to stop this .

2573 days ago

Dawn Day    

Why on earth subject your adopted kids to that? Obviously their little lives were crazy enough to put up for adoption but then to be adopted by such a high profile couple. I really don't think they are doing those kids any good. With all the money they have, they can buy their own school and probably fit it into their own back yard. And it seems they dote much more on the adopted children than their very own child. Angelina tries to act like she's living a 'normal' life but she's not normal and as long as she keeps in the limelight, she never will be!

Just sayin'...

2573 days ago


oops sorry for the mis spell on my comment # 11 school not scool

2573 days ago

hes a geek!!!    

and while you're apologizing, you also spelled Their like There, #11.....

2573 days ago


TMZ...they weren't freaking out for Angie!! Listen to them...they were freaking out for Brad!! OMG!! And how much do you guys get paid?

2573 days ago
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