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Court Commish to Brit -- I'm Layin' Down the Law

10/4/2007 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Commissioner in the Britney Spears custody case has written his order giving a blow-by-blow account of what went down in the case.
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Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled that Spears "was not in substantial compliance with material provisions of the Court's September 17, 2007 order." He then continues.

Gordon ruled "the minor children shall remain in the custody of [K-Fed] with the exception of those specific dates and times [visitation]." He also ruled all of Brit's visitation must be monitored.

He also ruled that her visitation rights will be terminated "if any conduct or action by (Britney) endangers the minor children." The monitor has the power to terminate her visitation rights.

Gordon said Britney "is ordered to undergo testing for the use of controlled substances and alcohol," something he required in a previous order. As we first reported, Spears did not submit to drug tests as required by the Court. Gordon now says "... refusal to submit to a test ... shall be deemed by the Court as a failed test."

She's also required to undergo "individual counseling" at least once a week as required by Gordon last month and must also meet with a parenting coach so they can "observe [her] interaction with the minor children and her parenting skills."

And as we first reported, both Britney and K-Fed are required to appear in court on October 26.



The Judge's Order

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It was mentioned on the Larry King show "Britney" may want to loss custody of her kids on purpose. They were saying she is basically setting things up for an "Anna Nicole " type event. As I observe Britney's lackadaisical behavior about her kids over the past week, I can see she is definitely heading in the "Anna Nicole " direction.......

2573 days ago


Ding Dang y'all. Britney just wants to have fun. She's probably happy to be rid of those two snotty little brats.

2573 days ago


Haaaaaaaaa.....If it wasn't for britt and her M.O.N.E.Y........Mr k-fed wouldn't be able to hire that top lawyer !!!! If it wasn't for britt that LOOSER would have nothing...Nobody knew who this losser was before he got with britt and her DOLLA...DOLLAS...People are praising him like he is father of the year!!! OK maybey he does love his kids BUT we all know what he is about!!! TMZ now it;s time to turn the camara on this LOOSER and show everyone what he is doing!!!! YA britt has some problems at this time but I hope and pray that she will see the light and fight for her children even harder NOW !!!

2573 days ago


Usually when people want to go in the Anna Nicole" directions ,they cut tides with things and people they are extremely close to to avoid guilt . Britney is making that clear to us.

2573 days ago


I think if the paps just left her alone, and with her losing the kids, no camera flashing, people would ignore her, she might realize she is a mess! But with the spotlight on her, I really think she is taking the cameras and stories about her as a compliment. Like people actually care about her!

MAYBE all the paps should leave her alone and make her realize America doesn't care anymore.

2573 days ago


Once you get the county involved in your life it's a lot of hoop jumping to get them back out, As it should be when children are involved.
I am surprised they are doing this to a celeb but impressed all the same, Something had to be done.
TMZ is excited about that Oct 26 court date! Play the circus music!

I agree with the post who is tired of reading the use of the kids first and middle names all the time, just call them by their first names like a grown up would

2573 days ago


I have thought that Brit was bi-polar for a long time. I saw it in my Mother in Law & her actions are almost identical. Why o Why is K Fed not being drug tested? He has bragged about doing drugs & loving drugs, etc. Also,k why can't these people personally take care of their children instead of hiring nannies. It is not like they have 8-5 jobs or something!

2573 days ago

Kitty has no hair    

Kevin's other children and baby momma are around all the time. She says he is a good dad. He left the mom, not the kids. Like most relationships that end with children involved, "mommy and daddy still love you, we just can't stand eachother anymore". Just because he doesn't love her doesn't mean he doesn't love his kids (both Shar and Britney's)

I beleive Kevin had a job when he met Brit. He was a dancer and making a living at it. I also beleive he tried a singing/rap career, it didn't pan out. He has also been persuing acting gigs. So he does work. He does seem to have some misguided ambition, but at least he is trying to do something for himself. btw, I am not a fan of his or a supporter in any way, but the facts are the facts.

If Kevin was a women, not working and asking for child support and alimony, would we really be having a conversation about her living off of his money? I think not (well, maybe we would call her a gold digger, but I doubt it). If he is the costodial parent, she should pay. and the fact that it is based on a persons income and ability is just that, she makes a hell of a lot of money each month, the children get a percentage based on that. It's pretty simple.

Kevin is also not the parent that is out constantly looking drugged and drunk with his private bits hanging out for the world to be repulsed by. Kevin also has not brought the children into the world of crazy like she did with the paps. No one has come forward and claimed he is unfit. The grandparents support him having the kids. THE COURT has deemed him the best parent for the boys to be with.

Let's hope he has not only stepped up to the plate, but that he hits a home run and is a great parent, for the sake of the boys.

2573 days ago


K-fed needs to be gettin drug tested too its only fair and plus im pretty sure he's a crack head too!

2573 days ago


#29 well said!!!!

2573 days ago


Great! Now can the courts go after the other half a million parents in CA who neglect/abuse their kids?!?!

2573 days ago


"Holy trainwreck, Batman! Commissioner Gordon to the rescue!"

Ha ha...props to you.

2573 days ago


damn brittney you better watch out, if you give your kids some candy after there bed time TMZ is gonna get YOU there gonna run to the judge with all that video evidence and have your kids taken away forever.... forever...FOREVER lol tmz is starting to get corny, there gonna have all those stars in hollywood arrested watch out for TMZPD they got more things on you to put you away for a while then real cops lol YA DIGG

2573 days ago


K-Fed isnt getting drug tested b/c there wasn't evidence to have him tested. There was just- cause for Britney to be tested (ummm, shaved head, umbrella attack, Witnesses, etc)... Nothing on Kevin. End of story

2573 days ago


KFed never supported his other kids so why does he care about these? $$$$$$$$$. that is the ONLY reason!

2573 days ago
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