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Court Commish to Brit -- I'm Layin' Down the Law

10/4/2007 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Commissioner in the Britney Spears custody case has written his order giving a blow-by-blow account of what went down in the case.
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Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled that Spears "was not in substantial compliance with material provisions of the Court's September 17, 2007 order." He then continues.

Gordon ruled "the minor children shall remain in the custody of [K-Fed] with the exception of those specific dates and times [visitation]." He also ruled all of Brit's visitation must be monitored.

He also ruled that her visitation rights will be terminated "if any conduct or action by (Britney) endangers the minor children." The monitor has the power to terminate her visitation rights.

Gordon said Britney "is ordered to undergo testing for the use of controlled substances and alcohol," something he required in a previous order. As we first reported, Spears did not submit to drug tests as required by the Court. Gordon now says "... refusal to submit to a test ... shall be deemed by the Court as a failed test."

She's also required to undergo "individual counseling" at least once a week as required by Gordon last month and must also meet with a parenting coach so they can "observe [her] interaction with the minor children and her parenting skills."

And as we first reported, both Britney and K-Fed are required to appear in court on October 26.



The Judge's Order

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All the BRIT TWITS are out in force on this one defending their false idol.

Too funny!!!

2554 days ago


I am so sick of hearing about Britney damned Spears! She has desperately extended her 15 mins of fame to 15:02. She isn't that good looking, has marginal singing talent at best and is a trainwreck of a human being. Whether or not she complies with the judge's orders, I really wish she would just go home and stay there for at least a month. That would, hopefully, give the pap and all the other Brit-smitten losers a new focus. I really don't want to hear another Brit story. She's tired (literally and metaphorically) and I'm tired of her (literally).

To post #14:
Money is so not the root of all evil. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. It's the desire (read: greed) to have more than everyone else that leads people to do immoral things. That cliche is tantamount to the saying "guns kill people". Guns in and of themselves have no power to do anything but be an inanimate object. In the hands of the wrong person, though, it will wreak much havoc. Just like money. And Brit is my case in point.

2554 days ago


#37 Of course kevin left shars poor ass....She doesen't have it like britt baby !!!! And number #18 I so agree with you and how kevin should be drug tested to for the childrens safty!!!! BUT when you said kevin hired a good lawyer!!! WELL you mean britt..See if it wasn't for her MONEY....Mr.non working looser wouldn't be able to afford nothing but a legal aid representive!!!!! K-fed needs to sing becks song>>>>IM A LOOSER BABY!!!!

2554 days ago


AMEN to you # 25, I couldnt have said it better myself. It is easy for these people to sit back and defend Britney's every move. You cant blame the Pap's TMZ, KFed or the man on the moon for Britney's dumbass moves. Yes she didnt have to be in court , but if that was ME, my ass would have been in court, fighting for my kids, I would have complied with everything the judge ordered. I understand Britney has a serious problem, but till she admit she does .(and it not KFed, pap's or anyone else). she just might see her boys only with supervision. And that is sad, cause Britney should be doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, she can to get her boys back. That should come first, not her career, partying, drugging, drinking.

2554 days ago


#44 - Shar has always sais Kevin was great with the kids and supported the kids.. what slop magazine are you reading?

2554 days ago



2554 days ago

Team K-Fed    

She doesn't want the kids. Let her just die, who cares?

2554 days ago


NO. 11 ROFLMAO! I kept hoping someone would make the Commissioner Gordon reference! Great job!

2554 days ago



What do ya call a Britney Spears fan?


A....BRIT TWIT...!!!

2554 days ago


in sorry I meant poster # 23, not the idiot # 25, pls accept my apologies # 23

2554 days ago

show me the $$    

This is getting boring. How many ways can you say the same thing?

2554 days ago


Sounds like everybody on here is 13 years old.

2554 days ago


Britney has mental issues that have been ignored. Forced counseling will do no good as she will resist. She needs rehab with associated counseling and then committment to a mental health facility to determine appropriate treatment and follow up. She has to hit bottom before she can fight her demons. Unfortunately, I think she is surrounding herself with enablers.

2554 days ago


I think Britney might off herself. She has NO family she can Trust. Her kids are gone, and her career is hung on by a tread. The next step is sudicie. I hope for her-self and those kids she get it together.

2554 days ago

death on a cracker    

55. This is getting boring. How many ways can you say the same thing?


screw you guys... I'm going home!

2554 days ago
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