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Court Commish to Brit -- I'm Layin' Down the Law

10/4/2007 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Commissioner in the Britney Spears custody case has written his order giving a blow-by-blow account of what went down in the case.
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Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled that Spears "was not in substantial compliance with material provisions of the Court's September 17, 2007 order." He then continues.

Gordon ruled "the minor children shall remain in the custody of [K-Fed] with the exception of those specific dates and times [visitation]." He also ruled all of Brit's visitation must be monitored.

He also ruled that her visitation rights will be terminated "if any conduct or action by (Britney) endangers the minor children." The monitor has the power to terminate her visitation rights.

Gordon said Britney "is ordered to undergo testing for the use of controlled substances and alcohol," something he required in a previous order. As we first reported, Spears did not submit to drug tests as required by the Court. Gordon now says "... refusal to submit to a test ... shall be deemed by the Court as a failed test."

She's also required to undergo "individual counseling" at least once a week as required by Gordon last month and must also meet with a parenting coach so they can "observe [her] interaction with the minor children and her parenting skills."

And as we first reported, both Britney and K-Fed are required to appear in court on October 26.



The Judge's Order

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Britney needs MADONNA. Madona could get through to her and make her
get help!!!

2573 days ago


Britney was, and always will be trash with cash. You can give her all the money in the world but, it's what's on the inside that defines who you really are. Character is made...not born. All the dance and singing lessons provided by her parents were good but where was the "life lessons"? What about self pride, responsibility, mannerism, panties? It's not all her parents fault but apparently they did not do the basics. Oh well.

2573 days ago


Contrary to what some think, the courts do not just arbitrarily take children away from a parent without substantiation of thos actions. Where there is smoke there is fire.

I'm glad the Commissioner is holding her accountable. And than you Commish, for taking care of those children before something horrible happens to them.

Britney has no one to blame but herself for these dealings. She needs to start looking herself in her mirror and realize she is the one who blame. She shouldnt have a problem looking in the mirror given how narcisstic she seems to be.

2573 days ago


#70 The only beats I will be dancing to with Britney is the sound of defeat.

2573 days ago

Team K-Fed    

Sandra29 - I'm all for K-Fed, but eewwww no to what you said....

2573 days ago


"Brit Doesn't Care" & "Izzy" - could not have said it better myself. I can't believe people are still supporting her, they want to lay the blame everywhere else besides with HER. Don't blame TMZ or the Paps, they just might have saved these two precious boys.

2573 days ago


I wish they would put K-Fed under the light you would probally see that he is still the same J/*** that he was before, not one time have I turned on this computer and saw that he was being followd. Hey Kevin, when your having a B-Day party for those handsome boys, please put some clothes on them, my Gosh I know that their Mom makes enough money so they don' have to be photographed in their diapers and T-shirts. Brit, hold your head up, stay strong, and get your boys back they deserve better than K-Fed.

2573 days ago

Not A Brandy Fan or Stan    

I'm So Glad that the provision for monitored sessions with her kids was included
The way this chick IS acting I'm scared of what might've happened to those kids being
left aone with her... This female is obviously VERY Mentally-distrurbed for Whatever reason(s) any Britney supporters want to use to jusity her actions/behavior

2573 days ago


Oh my gosh, she just might be bipolar. Those are pretty much her symptom's. Well, if she'll go to the counseling they should spot that and put her medication. That would explain alot. But you don't think they would have caught that much earlier. Like when she got diagnosed with ADHD?

2573 days ago


Drink a little booze, do a few drugs, get down tonight. Britney is just having a good time. She doesn't want to be bothered with those two bad little rascals.

2573 days ago


LETS TALK ABOUT LOSERS..............BOTTOM LINE.................K-FED HAS THE KIDS..................WHO IS A LOSER NOW ????????????????? BRIT DIDN'T FIGHT FOR HER KIDS........................WHO IS A LOSER NOW??????????? ALL BRITS FANS ARE LIKE 13.............ALL WILL GROW UP TO BE LOSERS TO...................DING DANG YALL

2573 days ago


Britney is surely suffering from depression. She never got over Justin and she used KFed hoping to cover up her true feelings. I feel bad for her kids but I can understand how she feels. Everyone has had their heart broken, but someone should tell her to get couseling and move on. Its been years now Britney!!!! I know it's sappy, but love is everywhere, you just has to love herself first and it will find you.

2573 days ago

Team K-Fed    

Yes Dr. Duck, but she likes cheetos

2573 days ago

Mrs. Harvey Levin    

Thank you Team K-Fed.

2573 days ago


I didn't know all caps mean's your yelling, I thought it was a way for everyone to see your comment. Hahahah You know get everyone's attention.

2573 days ago
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