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Court Commish to Brit -- I'm Layin' Down the Law

10/4/2007 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Commissioner in the Britney Spears custody case has written his order giving a blow-by-blow account of what went down in the case.
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Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled that Spears "was not in substantial compliance with material provisions of the Court's September 17, 2007 order." He then continues.

Gordon ruled "the minor children shall remain in the custody of [K-Fed] with the exception of those specific dates and times [visitation]." He also ruled all of Brit's visitation must be monitored.

He also ruled that her visitation rights will be terminated "if any conduct or action by (Britney) endangers the minor children." The monitor has the power to terminate her visitation rights.

Gordon said Britney "is ordered to undergo testing for the use of controlled substances and alcohol," something he required in a previous order. As we first reported, Spears did not submit to drug tests as required by the Court. Gordon now says "... refusal to submit to a test ... shall be deemed by the Court as a failed test."

She's also required to undergo "individual counseling" at least once a week as required by Gordon last month and must also meet with a parenting coach so they can "observe [her] interaction with the minor children and her parenting skills."

And as we first reported, both Britney and K-Fed are required to appear in court on October 26.



The Judge's Order

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I really can't believe that people are defending her!! Do you honestly think that she even cares that her kids have been taken away. All signs point to NO!! She gave them up 2 days early and has been in and out of fancy hotels all week. What's up with these celebs? They pay mult-millions for these mansions and then go crash at swanky hotels!!?? WHY? Anyway, has she made a statement to the public or showed any signs of a grieving parent? NO! She's out drinking and whoopin' it up.

And I really agree that you can't blame KFed, the media and especially not the judge. He did his job! She didn't comply to ANY of the orders. NOT ONE! How is that anyone's fault but her own?

It seems to me that her fans need to grow up just as must as she does. Accepting responsibility is the only way for her to start correcting what has happened.

2578 days ago

Kitty has no hair    

RE RE Posted at 3:54PM on Oct 4th 2007 by OGreg

Sure she paid for/bankrolled his dreams of rapping to become a reality. That just isn't really unusual in the entertainment business. But why? It was most likely a way to controll him. Just like men have done forever with thier money. How many actors/actresses/singers/musicians/dancers have hooked up to further thier career. Too many to name and some made it big only to then dump the one they "loved" (MTM, Mariah). Who cares that he was a struggling "artist" when they got together. Did you know him then? Did you personally see he could not support himself? Was he homeless? You just don't know.

Yeah he left Shar pregnant, but you can't really say he never would have. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors, that relationship may have been on the way out when she got pregnant, you just don't know If they were having issues, Britney coming along and enticing him didn't help. Again, this happens all the time all over the world, Britney and Kevin are not the people who invented this - look at mary louise parker, bridget left them while pregnant.

I don't know very many people in the entertainment business on the performer side that have steady work the way a person in the corporate world may. It just doesn't work like that, that's why so many are waiters.

Only time will tell what Kevins motives for parenting are. He may love those kids more then anything, regardless of who the mother is. I hope so.

2578 days ago


Sandra D, honey, he was in popeater's last night talking about his fart's. Comment 67 in the article about the sex tape on Britney. Anyone can do better than that.

2578 days ago


How much do ya think Brit hates Kevin?

2578 days ago


she made her bed, now she needs to lay in it.

2578 days ago


Britney doesnt need to accept responsibility. She's a superstar and working hard for her big comeback.

2578 days ago

creative dreams    

That's funny. I just say pics of a 6 y/o boy holding his daddy's shotgun standing next to a bong plastered all over the net and not one thing is being done about this dude.

2578 days ago


And, BTW, for those fans who think that the paparazzi was stalking Britney and oh, poor Britney can't get away from the media THINK AGAIN! Her staffers tipped them off daily as to her whereabouts so that they WOULD follow her and take her picture daily. She wanted the attention.

2578 days ago


Hey #82 You call everyone 13....WOW are you??? Try taking caps lock off sometimes!!! Try to put spaces between your name!!!! You must be 13 to be thinking this jerk is cute!!! NOW go watch hannah Montana little one..

2578 days ago


Maybe Britney wants to relinguish all her parent rights
What would K-fed do then. NO MONEY NO MONEY NO MONEY.
get a JOB. and support your kids and SHAR KIDS. NO MONEY NO MONEY NO MONEY

2578 days ago


Would all of you would-be good-doers knock off the crap about Brit's priority being the return of her kids. Look at her behavior. Maybe she doesn't care as much as she should or everyone thinks she should. Maybe they were just a phase for her. Maybe she's too nuts to know either way. All biological mothers are not necessarily cut out for the job. I don't think Brit's going to have much of a come back on this gig either. Let K-Fed get the $$$and hire some nannies to take them off his hands; they'd have to be better off that way.

2578 days ago


Back in May, I was thinking that time would tell if it was Britney's Mother or Britney, that was the problem. As we can now see, Britney refuses to obey the Judge at this stage so why would she obey her parents? She is dumb, arrogant and ruthless.

You people who were blaming Britney's Mother by the shovel-loads, and also, bashing parents in general -- must be real proud of yourself. Britney reads this crap you people post on TMZ, went nuts, and now learns that living life in the fast lane is not the real deal. Kudos to the Judge for pinching Britney back to reality. Not for the Photographers -- but for her own healing, I support that Britney and her mother enter therapy to mend their parent-daughter relationship.

That judge is not an isolated penquin cooped up in his chambers in the courthouse. You are being watched Britney. Put on some damn clothes! Dress like you are going to a job interview in the day time. Wear conservative slacks, shirts, blouses, or mockneck tops under a Jacket or V-neck sweater. Scrap the weave! We aren't going to make fun of your short, or, lack of natural hair. Everybody has watched you destroy yourself. We so want you to come back and recover. Please, Britney.

2578 days ago


As long as she doesnt visit Kristine Erosivich Anna's Nicole shrink she will be fine

2578 days ago


So because Kevin Federline is a father that means he dosen't love his kids as much as thier Mother? If all he wanted was money wouldn't he write a tell all book or something along those lines? I think it is good that he is looking out for the well being of his boys. And his ex has always said that he is a great father to his daughters as well. Eventhough he left her when she was pregnant. It is kind of a double standard and if the situation was reversed we would be cheering for Britney to get those kids away from him and nobody would be feeling sorry for him.

2578 days ago

Team K-Fed    

I agree, just because most women would fight for their kids if they lost custody doesn't mean Brit is unfit. LOL!! She just doesn't want those "mistakes" around anymore. It's party time ya'll.

2578 days ago
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