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Dan Rather Video

10/4/2007 7:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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What is wrong with Rather's mouth?! He constantly keeps messing with his lips or his tongue, pushing it inside his jaw, moving his jaw and lips this guy nuts? What is it a nervous tic or something? Never had seen him being "normal", always just in front of the camera like an ice man, so never noticed his strange mouth movements before, only ever watched him once or twice on the news. Couldn't stand his haircut the last many years. Ugliest haircut I'd ever seen on a guy, hair was too short for his age, I couldn't stand to look at the guy because of it; that's why I never watched him, his hair was gross.

2545 days ago


stop defending him everyone! yes, i agree, he did not come off as mean, but he definately came off as a self important douchebag. gibson, rather, williams and even couric would not have gone on and on and on and on about the coat.

2545 days ago


Give me a break you uneducated morons, that's how TV works. Sorry to destroy the "magic" for you in the trailer park. Do you know how much primping, waxing, plucking and styling effin HARVEY LEVIN goes through before he salivates all over Larry King!?????

2545 days ago


Um. Is it just me,, or is this not a big deal. Is this the best that's going on in the world. i guess its either this or a story on if Britany Spears is driving with both hands on the wheel. God, dont know about anyone else, but with 1000's of troops dieing, the economy in the crapper, and global warming, I think I would have to rank this video 4th on the "how this affects me life" meter. Maybe 5th if the Nintendo Wii is in short production for Xmas (that's right, I said Xmas, and not HOLIDAY. Its a FREE country usually, and I should be able to say Christmas without worrying about being sent to the HR department).

2545 days ago


no one is saying what is really up with this clearly 20 year old clip being released.... Rather is being victimized by CBS for the lawsuit he filed. They went to the vaults tried to find something that made him look (in their opinion) not-so-bright. The truth is Rather is beloved. People under 20 probably don't get it... but Rather is beloved. So make fun of him if you want the truth is he was great at what he did and he is a perfect gentlemen in this clip. Wish today's anchors were half as good as he was.

2545 days ago

Brittlicker, NOT!    

this guy is like a frickin' rainman

2545 days ago


Dan Rather is a ridiculous person.


2545 days ago


He was stressing me out about the coat! His mouth was freezing up.......but for an older man I would do him-lmao

2545 days ago


And, Danny definitely looks hot in Levi's!

2545 days ago

He's Boring now    

Just like the "news" he pushed and was managing editor over on us----canned, primped, styled and messed around with. He and his ways over the years (unchecked) got himself and his staff in trouble all by himself. He became the Icon he wanted to be. But never at the levels of true Icons before him; Cronkite, Murrow, Trout, Mudd.

Those were true News reporters, and never stepped into the realm of trying to become News "makers". Dan lost sight of it when he thought he was now in the Film Industry as both a Performer and Script Writer.

He is to blame for all his own present day issues and trying to keep his name in the real News.

Very Sad. Too bad that cub reporter in Dallas that Day when JFK got shot wasnt someone else who wouldnt have lost sight of the Values of their Profession as they rose through the Ranks.

2545 days ago


Making a big deal outta nothign AGAIN !

2545 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Good old Dan is the perfect representative of the typical democrat. Not interested in the actual news that he's going to broadcast, but obsessed with how he's going to look to others on TV. The news is secondary and always something that can me manipulated to their point if view anyway. It's always about image, not the truth, right Dano?

2545 days ago


I think the ugly old fart with the thinning gray hair who introduces this video must not have very much going on if the best he can do is try to bash Dan Rather (and he's obviously pandering to even lamer right-wingers who don't like Rather for exposing some of the truths about Bush's shameful and cowardly military record).

As many people have commented, this kind of behavior is normal for setting up a TV shot. There's nothing wrong with trying to get all the details right, and they talked about a LOT of other things during the course of 20 minutes. By trying to make it out that Dan Rather did nothing else but talk about his coat for 20 minutes, they're propagating a LIE, shame on you ugly old man with the thinning gray hair, you are in the wrong profession.

TMZ is really hitting rock bottom with this video. Their stupid late-night TV show is an insult to intelligence, their web site is equally stupid and irrelevant to anything, and now it's obvious that they're trying to be part of the right-wing noise machine that's working to destroy this country by undermining the Constitution, spying on Americans, ignoring the Geneva Conventions (preemptive war, torture, renditions, who know what else we haven't discovered yet) and generally acting like Fascists.

From here on out I am actively boycotting every advertiser on TMZ and urging all my friends and family to do the same. If we let Neanderthals like these creeps keep on dragging good people down and pushing their Fascist agenda, we will soon be in a locked-down police state and/or experiencing WWIII, global nuclear war.


2545 days ago

Steve W    

I'm fine with the coat decision time but I'm a little irked by all that smacking he does with his mouth. It's like he has his dentures out or something.

2545 days ago


It's a very harmless funny piece
I also found with all the technical no how on the board no mentioned of it being just a back drop of Seattle after all not live! So why be on the roof in the cold at all! lol.

2545 days ago
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