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PETA Hounds K-Fed to Get Brit's Pups

10/4/2007 6:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsPETA wants Kevin Federline to take custody of Britney's dogs too. Say it with us, everyone, "Leave Britney alone!"

In a letter from PETA Prez Ingrid E. Newkirk, she writes to Fed-Ex: "For the sake of your children and the animals who are at risk while in Ms. Spears' custody, we hope that you will do the right and best thing for all involved and pursue a custody order for the animals so that your sons can continue to have the company of the animals they've grown to adore."

It is unclear whether Newkirk was referring only to canine species or other people surrounding Britney.


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as if kevin doesnt like the white powder

just give britney a break

what about pete dohertys cat??

poor things smokes crack..

i feel sorry for britney even though she isnt the best mother in the world

2473 days ago


I have felt sorry for the little dogs for a very long time.

It truly is sad how they get drug all over the place and flahsed by the lights. When I learned she was going to have a baby....I thought about those poor little bitty dogs she takes to inappropriate places.

It is sad really. I don't know what to think about he PETA letter....seems the same letter could have been written years ago. Most stars have sort of stopped dragging their pets around like that....she seems to be the only one left.

Dogs are great companions. She is just so sad.

2473 days ago

Get Rid of this Foul Idiot    

Leave Britney alone??????????? Ok normally I am on your side TMZ but not in this case. YOU guys never leave Britney alone so why should PETA????? I say get those dogs out of there, give them to the kids. You KNOW Brit isnt looking after those dogs.

2473 days ago




2473 days ago


This is soooo stupid!!!! I guess it's just easier to kick someone when their down. Putting the dogs with ass wipe just puts them in harms way... PETA do u know what little kids do to animals? I have 2 Pits that run and hide at the site of my joke...

2473 days ago


PETA is the most outrageous and ridiculous organization I can think of at this moment. I don't want animails hurt or abused, but their tactics and stances are so far out of line with what is really best for animals they should be stripped of their business, licenses, voice, etc.

I called my vegan daughter the other day to ask her about PETA's views on hunting. I explained that I was previously against hunting in any form, thought hunter's to be the most grotesque group of people to ever inhabit the earth. Then guess what? I started doing my own reading and program watching regarding hunting and found that the majority of hunting is very good for the herds to cull them out to prevent devastation from disease and starvation. Hunting actually helps the animals in many ways.

I still could not do it myself and yes, there are always going to be trophy hunters and they are and always will be gigantic jerks, but the vast majority are doing the herd animails, deer, pigs, birds, etc. a favor and PETA needs to get a grip or better yet, GET LOST!!

2473 days ago



2473 days ago


PETA folks are getting to be just your average a-hole pains in the ass.....

2473 days ago


PETA needs to realize children come way before animals. I know they dont like to think that but there is a pecking order and I am a strict vegetarian and LOVE animals and support animal rights but just because court gave KFed the kids doesnt mean he would be animal caregiver. It kind of makes me mad that PETA would just hand over her animals to him not knowing anything about him or his home life or if it would be safe, friendly environment for the dogs. Also he will have his hands full with 2 kids and doesnt need any more responsibility to shirk as he has in the past =( I think the dogs and the kids are better off not around each other as they all need so much time/attention & KFed needs to focus on his kids not Britneys animals.

2473 days ago


Oh...that is sad. The little Yorkie was stepped on and had a fractured leg?

She is already being investigated for not caring for her dogs?

This just gets worse.

2473 days ago


Ingrid Newkirk is a psycho and a fanatic and if she had her way - none of us would have animals including seeing eye and hearing ear dogs, search and rescue dogs, cadaver dogs that locate loved ones remains after disasters, drug and bomb sniffing dogs, therapy animals and on and on. SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS and encourage your friends and family to do so as well. Support the American Humane Society and your local animal shelter by donating or volunteering your time and don't give PETA any help with their anti-pet, vegetarian agenda. PETA KILLS! Google it and find out what PETA doesn't want you to know about them.

2473 days ago


I try to be a relatively open minded individual, but when it come to PETA, my mind snaps shut.

I would not harm an animal on purpose, but PETA people make me want to run out and slay every critter that I lay eyes on.

2473 days ago


the PETA president is really annoying. she likes to maneuver herself into high-profile, celebrity goings-on in order to get PETA press. this would make sense in the case of Michael Vick, for example...but not britney. with britney, the issue is the kids. yes, yes, she bought a bunch of little dogs at the mall pet store, and that sucks, but honestly, she has her dogs with her more and apparently pays way more attention to them than she ever did her kids.

2473 days ago


To Ingrid @ PETA,

The animals the boys "love and adore"? The same boys that stomped on the puppy repeatedly which had Britney trying coax it out from under a table it was so scared?

Maybe you should read TMZ on they days when youre not trying to get your own publicity!

2473 days ago

Hop Off    

PETA should be impounding K-Fed.

2473 days ago
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