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PETA Hounds K-Fed to Get Brit's Pups

10/4/2007 6:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsPETA wants Kevin Federline to take custody of Britney's dogs too. Say it with us, everyone, "Leave Britney alone!"

In a letter from PETA Prez Ingrid E. Newkirk, she writes to Fed-Ex: "For the sake of your children and the animals who are at risk while in Ms. Spears' custody, we hope that you will do the right and best thing for all involved and pursue a custody order for the animals so that your sons can continue to have the company of the animals they've grown to adore."

It is unclear whether Newkirk was referring only to canine species or other people surrounding Britney.


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Oh my lord will everyone just leave the poor gilr alone!??? I just had a baby boy a year ago and basically raised him alone. I am soooo stressed out all the time and even the thought of shaving my head crossed my mind a few times. I Hope britney relizes that not everyone is against her. I still stand by her as a fan. I in the past did not like her but now i do. I hope people get a life and leave her alone for a bit.

2575 days ago


There are media wh*res and then there are media wh*res. INGRID NEWKIRK AND PETA are bigger wh*res than all of them put together. Whenever something happens that attracts media attention they jump right in to the front lines and bear there P*ssy for the world to see.
There are many millions of people in the world who love and take care of animals. Then there are the Peta people. They are complete and utter urban terrorists.
Take a look into there methods and practices and you will find they euthanize thousands of animals for "humane" reasons. Every year.

If you love animals support other charities, this one is the biggest joke of all time.

2575 days ago


Are you kidding me she takes better care of the dogs then she did the kids.
# 1 Ava thats funny

2575 days ago


Unless she's doing what Michael Vick did then there's no need to take the dog away.

Why do I get the feeling that soon we'll be hearing that she's dead?

2575 days ago


...wasnt it K-Fed that demanded Britney get rid of her other dogs when they were married? Yeah, grrrreat idea handing them over to him!

2575 days ago


#55 Miss Vee - is 100% correct. Study up on Ingrid and PETA, you will be shocked!

2575 days ago


Okay, I posted before I read the actual letter. Now I can safely say that not only does PETA make me want to run out and slay critters, it also makes me want to shoot the dumb bitch that wrote that letter.

2575 days ago


I am ripping up my check to freaking morons. Is there anyone out there not trying to cash in on Britney's publicity driven downward spiral. That was a pathetic move PETA but maybe you could get Pamela Anderson to tape her honeymoon and you could have PETA products in the room as product placement.....

2575 days ago


Does the words "publicity hounds" ring any bells. PETA is to be scorned for such self-important promotion of its hair-brained causes. They are publicity whores not animal rights protectors. Jerks.

2575 days ago

Get a Clue    

You know what would be funny?

If the judge ordered Britney's dogs to court to see how they were treated, and then her dogs took a crap on the judge's robe.

Then when the judge had to change in another robe, Brit wipes her greasy hands on the old robe and walks out the door with it.

It could happen.

2575 days ago


When Britney got the Puppy Ingrid & Peta released scathing comments about Britney supporting Puppy mills. That these animals should never be bought from Pet stores. Now Instead of her old stance of wanting the puppies that are bought from Pet stores Euthanized, she wants K-Fed to adopt the same dog? So Britney buying the dog from the Pet Store was a moral sin, but Kevin Stepping in to take the dog is a Humane solution?

PETA you are all a bunch of self promoting, hypocrites. Isn't your charity and purpose strong and important enough not to attach yourself to everything Britney, Paris and Lindsey do? Go back to having Ugg boot wearing, Hep b carrying Pamela Anderson front you. By the way, have you informed Pam yet that ugg boots are made out of sheep?

2575 days ago


Are you KIDDIN me?!?! Leave her alone and focus on important ISSUES like our SOLDIERS!!!!!

2575 days ago


2575 days ago


PETA must think Federslime needs to be around his own kind (dogs) lol

2575 days ago


PETA this is the lowest..................

2575 days ago
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