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Taylor Hicks' New Gig -- at a Housing Development!

10/4/2007 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor HicksIt's been 16 months since Taylor Hicks won "American Idol" -- and he's really going places -- like the opening of an Alabama housing development!

On the weekend of Oct. 26, people who have purchased land in the The Oaks development in Lake Guntersville will enjoy "an intimate dinner with Taylor Hicks and several other celebrities TBA." Plots of lakefront property start at the whopping price of $49,900! On top of seeing the graying, soon-to-be 31-year-old (who himself owns land in the area), guests will enjoy, "complementary [sic] food, boat rides, bass fishing and more." Soul Patrol!

Poor Season 5 runner-up Kat McPhee will just have to be content making movies!


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Mr. Hater    

>>>Mr. Hater,

>>>If you don't like living in America, go back to you damn country!

Ahh, the typical reply from someone who would rather live in ignorance than improve his or her own country. You have no idea how often us 'foreigners' hear idiots like you say this when we criticize your country's flaws. Is that the only defense you have? Can't you just say, "Yeah, the political system here is really corrupt" or something adult-like? No wonder very little has changed.

If you'd read my message, you'd have learned a couple of things. An important fact that you apparently missed or couldn't deduce is that I don't live in America.

I don't hate America. I don't even hate southerners. But I -do- hate anybody that lives in la-la land and can't acknowledge criticism of other people or doesn't want to hear it. Turn on the TV and watch Sesame Street if you can't or won't hear it.

2555 days ago

Always Curious    

$49,000.00 ??? That made me laugh out loud!! That isn't even the interest on the downpayment for anything in Calif.

2555 days ago

Mr. Hater    

>>>My yearly property taxes are approximately a WHOPPING $300 annually. Oh, and my farm is only about three miles from the lake, where I can launch my boat anytime I want to. Don't pity Taylor Hicks or any of the rest of the folks that live in Alabama. Unlike California, we have it made here.

>>>That's the reason we southerners don't mind being steretyped by TMZ and the media YA'LL, it makes us seem less appealing and keeps the undesirables from moving here.

Yet you're advertising how wonderful it is to live there.

Sounds like a great place to live, guess I'll move there! Ohhhh, you'll LOVE me as your neighbor.

2555 days ago


#68 you're right about the deposit being low, but check out san diego going under right now due to an avalanche. HOW much money did people pay for that?????????????????

2555 days ago

Nada Bing    

Did everyone hear the big news??

Chris Daughtry was caught cheating on his wife. Apparently its been going on for some time now.


2555 days ago


First off I do apologise to all you southerners for making such broad statements. I mean that sincerely. I do realize that racism is everywhere. I went off because of my first hand experience! I felt very uncomfortable and very scared by the things that were said to me. And don't forget I'm half white to top it all off. Throwing insults back and forth does nothing to help the situation. Peace!

2555 days ago

Never heard of him

2555 days ago

Rocco and David    

Hey, Just saying (#68)

Wanna know something - I think you (and the rest of the population in good ole' California) are getting screwed, BIG TIME. ROTF, and LMAO

2555 days ago

joyce carter    

TMZ really comes from the pits of HELL. Why don"t you discuss his very successful tour and his Kids One charity., his two independent albums which have sold very well and his hard work since he won American Idol. He has an interest in this lakefront property which he purchased three waterfront lots for $199,000 each and he wants to make sure that lowlifes like TMZ employees and owner do not invade this private setting. The state of Alabama does not want people without morals or conscious traveling through their state much less buying property here. TMZ is the Anna Nicole Smith of journalism.

2555 days ago


I knew this guy would not go anywhere !

2555 days ago


I'm so happy to hear that most of you will NOT be coming to Alabama
because we don't need the likes of you around here.
Stay away, yankee, and quit judging or your karma wheel will always
be broken.
Taylor is an All American boy with great talent and we are proud to
claim him as our own. He supports local charities and does good things
for good people. His tour was amazing. Looking forward to seeing him
LIVE again. Don't try it though, you just might like it !!!
When did TMZ get so prejudiced?

2555 days ago


"[sic] — to indicate that an incorrect or unusual spelling, phrase, punctuation, and/or other preceding quoted material has been reproduced verbatim from the quoted original and is not a transcription error."
hmmm..."complementary [sic] food"
Nope, don't see the problem- spelled correctly, correct usage,...I don't get it.
Please enlighten us.

2555 days ago


Mr. Hater, TAKE A PILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2555 days ago


I live in Birmingham and visit North Alabama every time I get the chance. It is absolutely gorgeous up there and people live GOOD!!!! Weiss Lake is also another beautiful place to live in Bama. The Mt. Cheaha area is another. Smith Lake area is another. All types of Wildlife including the Bald Eagle and alligators roam in those wide open areas. Ancient caves with crystal stalactites and 'mites'. A truly lovely sight to behold.

I ignore everyone on this sight that spew hate and ignorance because I know I live in one of the most Beautiful states in the Union. Hence the sign when you enter the state ---


2555 days ago

HI to all the nice people    


2555 days ago
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