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Britney the Hotel Hopper, Part 3

10/5/2007 9:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's hotel tour isn't showing any signs of stopping -- as the media mess checked into a different hotel for the third night in a row.

TMZ cameras caught the Britster at a gas station on Pacific Coast Highway last night, proudly showing off her terrier while someone pumped gas for her. From there, Spears hightailed it to the Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica, bringing her brand of crazazy for yet another panicked hospitality staff to enjoy.

Sources tell TMZ that Brit left the hotel with an unknown man in a white Lamborghini just before 2:00 AM, though it's not clear if she returned. We hear she pulled the same express check-in-check-out at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills the other night. The exact purpose of Britney's hotel exploits, other than resting up between photo ops, is unknown.


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If she is so distraught over losing her boys, why didn't she follow the judge's order in the first place? There are reports coming out that the drug and alcohol screening organzation made several calls to her, and were told she was "Sleeping" or "couldn't come to the phone." If her kids mattered to her at all she would have been on top of that.

And how about turning the kids over two days early to K-Fed? She had until Wednesday to spend time with them, and actually gave them to K-Fed as SOON as the order came down. Then, after handing off the kids, she is out smiling, tanning, partying and checking into hotels. Yeah, she is really broken up about it, huh? If she was so worried about losing them, why did she do THAT?

And finally: If she truly wants the paparazzi and media to leave her alone, why does she keep driving around all the paparazzi hot spots in LA? She actually hitched a ride with some of them yesterday. Last week, she invited one into the bathroom with her! If she really wanted to be left alone she would not do those things.

What do the Brit supporters have to say about that?

2577 days ago

a Mom    

She's doing drugs!

2577 days ago

Susie Parsons    

RasputinsLiver: I TOTALLY agree with your posts....I love you!

2577 days ago


Hey #47 I wonder how long before one of the people who clean up after her in one of her rooms tell the tale? You know after checking in and out of so many differant hotels someone is bound to talk about it.

2577 days ago

Dexter Bernard Dirt    

Britney a Dirt that made it too the top. You can take the Dirts-n-Chucks out of the park, but you can't take the Dirt-n-Chuck out of the person. Never lose your Dirt ways Britney.

DB Dirt
were lookin for a dirts-n-chucks, every last person has it in them- join us

2577 days ago


She has a serious mental problem and needs help.

2577 days ago

death on a cracker    

someone PLLLLLEEEEASE get the dog away from her!!!! this is going to be another michael vick situation!!!!! K-FED HEEEEEEELLLPPPPP, take the dog too!!!

2577 days ago


Ha! Well, thanks, Badger, #49. Just doing what I can to help others see behind the facade.

Hey, nonnie, #53. You said it straight:
53. No one is jealous of her--please. She is hotel hoping for one reason--money and
pre-planned photo ops. She seems to be relieved by not having the toddler boys around
and takes more responsibility with her dog or dogs than she does her boys.

Posted at 11:09AM on Oct 5th 2007 by nonnie

No one, NO ONE, is "jealous" of her. We're disgusted by her and how she's misued her good fortune and how she thinks she's so special and above the laws that all the rest of us are subject to.

As to her kids, yep, she certainly appears relieved of having to tote those crying, complaining complicated critters around. A little doggie doesn't cry, whine, complain or have to have it's diapers changed. All Twitney has to do is hand it off to someone else to take it for walkies, throw a few nibblies at it, then cuddlle it close for the paparazzi to photograph and make it appear as though she were a cute little teenage girl who so loves animals.

Typical to her selfishness she uses that dog to make herself feel loved and wanted. It's obvious the kids just didn't meet the necessary requirements in "loving" Brit-Brit the way the dog does.

The dog is just way easier to "love" for Twitney. And, it just goes along for the ride, whereas her "mistakes", as she's been quoted in telling her kids they are, are too complicated and require serious, mature attention, things she cannot and does not want to give except to herself.

2577 days ago


She's just Ho'in around. Nuthin' wrong wit that!

2577 days ago


She is just trying to get as much attention as she can get. Otherwise she could hold herself up in her house and have assistants get her food, beer etc. She is not grieving for her kids...she could care less. If she did she would of done anything to comply with the court orders. Instead she choose to party.

All you Britney fans are flat our retarded. Wake up and realize you are backing a dead horse.

2577 days ago


The reason being, she is lonely as hell inside.(emotionaly).She can't live in her own skin right now. What I mean is she can't be alone with herself. Think about it. She has never been alone her whole life.

2577 days ago


Wont this look bad to the good judge? K-Fed does not need to hire a PI the paps do it for him. Judge ordered tape from TMZ. He has shown that he will use it as evidence. Why would the judge think she is a fit mother based on her recent behavior? I wouldnt. By the way... not that I am a big K-Fed fan but... wow he looked handsome in that blue suit and sun glasses. He looked very healthy and normal. Britney just has this glassey eyed confused look. Did anyone see those pics of her from last night on celebrity gossip site where she staggered out to her car at the restaurant sobbing hysterically? That poor dog looked like he wanted to jump out the window.

2577 days ago

yo momma    

maybe she freaks out and cant be in the house without the kids there. i feel weird, like something's missing, being at home if my dog is gone for the night. imagine your kids not being there and not knowing when they'll be back.

2577 days ago

over it    

Am I the only one who finds the guy who yelled "it's britney bitch!" in the background amusing?

2577 days ago


Tick tock, tick tock,

DUI time!

2577 days ago
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