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Faith's Littlest -- and Oldest -- Fan

10/5/2007 11:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is one of those moments that must make Faith Hill love herself.

The country songstress proved that her fans run the gamut of age, size and race. Faith signed autographs at "The Late Show" yesterday, with burly, fridge-sized guys of varied ethnicity vying for Sharpie attention -- along with a frail-looking, Nicole-Richie-in-60-years-sized granny.

Noticeably absent from this trove of signature seekers were young white women. Perhaps Faith's still got some residual bitterness over that whole McGraw-grabbing thing.


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Who the hell is Faith Hill?

2576 days ago


I always thought Faith was kind of sweet but she now seems like a b!tch. Ding dang she ain't agin' well either. Plus she's super jealous of Carrie Underwood which I don't understand cause Carrie's kind of busted too. Oh well...

2576 days ago


Leave it to Faith Hill to run a tired ol' publicity stunt right in the ground. Stick a fork in it, Faith.

2576 days ago


Faith rocks! always has..always will!

2576 days ago


Faith Hill ruint herself the night of the Awards when she showed her true colors when Carrie Underwood won the award.. Nobody cares anymore about her except idiots. Poor poor old Faith, her time in the limelight is over. Move over Faith, it's Carrie Underwood now. Bye bye now!

2576 days ago


Why is this a news story? I think someone's publicist planted this non-story. At least Britney is interesting. Yawn.

2576 days ago


When the HECK will Faith Hill get rid of her First Husbands Name of Hill ?? She dumped him (Dan Hill) years ago, isnt it time she called herself Faith McGraw, after 12 years of marriage and 3 kids? Why is she hanging on to Dan Hill's name???? She is so phony!!!! She went BALL istic when Carrie Underwood beat her out of Best Female Vocalist at the County Music Awards, well Faith McGraw hasnt sang country in years, she is strictly POP and trying to be a rocker. She allowed a Fake photo of her where she and her wrinkles were cut in half on the cover of Redbook. Then she subjected concert goers who paid a fortune $$ for ticket$$ to her really BALL istic language when an unruly grabbed husband NO. 2 in his privates. Well he couldnt get his britches any tighter! Her record sales are way down, she is now Tim McGraws opening act, and at 40 she cant stand the younger girls who are great artists and write their own songs, she sure acts like Faith Over the Hill.

2576 days ago

my own damn opinion    


Rita Cosby's book party was a huge smash ! I'm sure everyone has seen some of the pictures on every website and the videos from all the TV crews, but I have a few things to say. First of all Rita being served with the Howard K. Stern lawsuit papers. Everyone knew Rita was going to be ambushed outside the party. It was no surprise. She expected it. The thing that pissed me off was Entertainment Tonight. They were standing outside and we asked them where they were from. They said CBS news. We asked them if they wanted to come in and they said no. We told them we would get a great spot for them to catch all the action. They still refused and said they wanted to stay outside. We once again asked them where they were from and they once again told us CBS News. Then I noticed the back of their camera said Entertainment Tonight. Right then and there I knew something was up. Sure enough Entertainment Tonight was with the process server. Entertainment Tonight was in on serving Rita Cosby with the legal papers. How low can a media outlet go ? They lie and say they are from CBS News and they helped ambush Cosby with the process server. Entertainment Tonight and their sister show The Insider have turned into sleaze TV. It is the job of the media to report the story, and not become involved in the actual story for ratings. They have slanted the news to gain access to Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern. They have crossed the line. When Cosby starts depositions in this case, they better run for cover. It is believed that there is so much more that Cosby and others know and when everything is said and done, the world will see the truth.
Now back to the party. The event was a huge success. Every media outlet in the world was there. Virgie Arthur was there with Mark Speer and John O'Quinn. Former FBI agent Don Clark who was Virgie's Private Eye was there. Tom Pirtle attorney for Virgie Arthur also was in attendance. The event was a celebration of many people wanting to know the truth on how Anna Nicole Smith and Daniel Smith died. Everyone wants answers. All we see is several people making huge amounts of money off horrible deaths. We see entertainment outlets cutting deals for exclusives and yet we still have no solid answers. The party was 700 people that wanted answers ! Cosby is going to get the answers. Cosby's book has brought the attention to force the truth out. Virgie cried on stage. She lost her grandson, her daughter and Larry Birkhead wont let her see her grandchild. She cried as she talked about her loss and the only thing left of her Daughter was Dannielynn. Birkhead is a cold hearted piece of crap. The world is seeing the truth now. To Deny Virgie the comfort of her granddaughter is a horror. Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern should rot in hell.
Justice is coming !

2576 days ago


No one (except maybe pre-teen girls) is interested.
Faith Hill is all washed up.
She should stay home and make sure on one even LOOKS at her hubby.

2576 days ago


She is very upset that someone touched her husband's tiny nuts. The secret is out!! LOL

2576 days ago


This proves you dont get smarter with age

2576 days ago

she smiled    

just reading that story makes me feel ike grabbing her husband's junk!!! Let me at it.

2576 days ago

Rocco and David    


Come on, would everyone like her if she went in public without under garments and flashed her crotch ? Or perhaps, if she was cited for DUI? What is wrong with this world? If you don't have implants, partake of illegal drugs, star in a sex tape, do time, break laws (driving and drug) and screw every man you meet, that makes you a nobody???? Well, I say I am a nobody and damn proud. Faith, you are a great role model. To damn bad the Britney's, Paris', Lindsey's, Megan's (Good, in case you haven't heard of this know it all), Nicole's, and on and on and on..... blah blah blah.... won't at least try to be one millionith of the woman/person Faith is..... So what, she's not 20 years old anymore .. and you know what.. you won't be for long either. EVERYONE GROWS OLD (or DIES).

Most of you TMZ posters make my ass wanna suck a lemon. Why not try posting something worth reading instead of bashing someone for growing old, or picking their teeth... etc..


And please, don't comment on this - I won't reply back - matter of fact, I won't even read the comments from you loosers!!!!

2576 days ago

my own damn opinion    

YO, kitty with a whip.................................


this is a free america....I will say what I want where I want anytime I want.......


2576 days ago

Left Coaster    

I hate to tell you #16 but Faith isn't the role model you think she is. Read Denise Jackson's book and then read between the lines.

2576 days ago
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