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Hack Chris Crocker Sued for Fraud

10/5/2007 8:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Onch Movement Jewelry is suing Britney's #1 fan, Chris Crocker, for fraud and breach of contract! Leave Chrissy alone!
Chris Crocker
TMZ has obtained a lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court by Onch, which alleges that Crocker failed to meet his obligations with regard to promoting their jewelry line. In exchange for a round trip airline ticket to L.A., Onch claims Crocker agreed to exclusively wear their jewelry, do two days of press for their line -- including an in-studio photo shoot -- and attend the "Just Britney" art show.

Onch claims they suffered lost profits and their "business reputation in the media has been greatly damaged." Um, hiring Chris Crocker is not exactly the best way to make a good impression! Onch believes they are owed in excess of $1 million in damages. Good luck with that!

UPDATE: In a video post on YouTube, Chris Crocker made the following statement about the lawsuit: "Everyone wants to know, how does it feel to be sued for a million dollars? I want to ask the L.A. court system, how does it feel to be used for publicity by the guy that's trying to sue me. No further comment."


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Marcos Harvey Rojas    

All of us in the L.A Fashion industry love the Onch movement and hope they are fully gratified. Onch brought Crocker to LA and he got a deal on Onch’s time and money and they should be compensated rightfully.

2541 days ago

This jerks NO role model for anyone    

Why in the world would anyone hire this idiot? Then again if they'd hire that fuggly drag queen Alexis Arquette they'd probably hire anyone to promote their crappy jewelry. From looking at their site, its catered to the gay crowd and losers like Paris Hilton

Crockers name is as FAKE as he is as His real name is Chris Cunningham..
He lives in a little town named Blountville TN next door to Bristol TN.
Have fun trying to squeeze money out of this twink..he ain't got none.

2541 days ago


He is the purtyiest girl in the trailer park!

2541 days ago


Chris Crocker is a waste. He's a psychotic teenager who in his head thinks he's a celebrity.

2541 days ago


debbje said??

2541 days ago

um, yay!    

That is plain ridiculous. Who actually can tell apart the brand of a piece of jewelry from another unless it's a big piece of bling that spells out "Chanel" or something. And, who really pays attention to this? And loss of profit? Ridiculous. Unless other marketers are like, hey, a somewhat famous person is wearing a brand! We have to stock it and buy it! Maybe they have a point. But I can't see it being for 1 million. Ridiculous. They are using this as publicity in itself. Buttholes

2541 days ago


'LEAVE CHRIS CROCKER ALONE" LMAO... I actually like him...
I would watch his videos way before all the Britney Crap.... He is funny, but he is not everyone's taste...
With that said, I think this law suit is crazy.... Does Chris even have 1 mill to be sued for??
Come on, this sounds like a fraud. I bet the contract was unclear and set up that way on purpose. They were probably banking on the fact that Chris was going to make Millions right off the bat and then they could sue. Also, I heard (yes, heard) that he was receiving death threats and was unable to make certain appearances for his safety. But that is rumor like everything else.
And, I would like to add.... to the person that wants to hear about politics go to CNN or something that, that is their main focus... Why would you be reading TMZ website and expecting that. Is this your first time on here.....
One last thing, to all the people calling him an "it" and a "he/she"... what is wrong with you? he is obviously gay male... you are being so ignorant... really, you sound like a dumb redneck!
OK, I am done now... bring on the hate comments!!! lol ;-)

2541 days ago


This is so mediocre and pathetic. No wonder the entire world hates us. Is this what defines our culture right now?

2540 days ago

PEREZ HIVton    


2540 days ago


To Gingerly- If you want to focus on politics, what the hell are you doing on Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

2540 days ago

la dee dah    

the whole thing sounds silly to me. how the hell can they claim losses in excess of a million dollars? ridiculous!! chris will come out on top and it wil just add to his media craze.

2540 days ago


I saw this he/she whatever on some late night talk show some time back.., they must of really needed to fill airtime, all I saw was some dead-from-the neck up-freak. Get in bed with a fool, you get what you pay for.

2540 days ago


C'mon why the heck are you people checking TMZ for serious news?? Hello! These are the same people who report stuff about we really give two jives about her...SO GO TO CNN.COM

2540 days ago

Jessica Wiley    

Why are you guys encouraging this tool? He's "famous" ( I use the word loosely) for being a cry baby. He claims he doesn't do it for the attention, but he clearly does because his Myspace bulletin begging his hoard of morons to promote himself to you guys says otherwise.

2540 days ago

Chris C    

The truth will prevail ... give it time. LOL!!!

2539 days ago
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