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Kat Von Dummy

10/5/2007 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kat Von D and her boyfriend got matching tattoos with each other's names on them -- but they've only been dating a month!

While most would wait more than 6 weeks to brand their lover's name onto their skin for life, the "L.A. Ink" hottie and her long haired, Shaggy-like boyfriend showed off their new unicorn tats at a Rolling Stone Hot Party last night.

Perhaps a tattoo removal show is in the works.

UPDATE: Thanks to astute TMZ reader Pam, we've been able to i.d. Kat's new man. He's Alexander Orbie Lee Kelton Orbison (yes, that Orbison) and he's the drummer for Cisco Adler's band Whitestarr. Who knew? Oh yeah ... Pam.

UPDATE #2: Kat was on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" last week and told Ellen she'd never tattoo a boyfriend's name on any of her clients if it were a new relationship. Someone doesn't follow their own advice!


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If she says "rad" one more time in a sentence, I'm gonna hurl. Please try some different adjectives.

2549 days ago

KAT VON D ***FAN****    

why are u all bein so HARSH to Kat
so what she has a new boyfriend
obviousli her marriage didnt work out
why cant u just be happy 4 her that shes found love?
and shes not contradicting herself she hasnt had her boyfriends NAME tattood on her neck

she didnt get kicked out get ure facts right


2548 days ago


Do they even have each others names, or do they just have nicknames for the unicorns? I thought I heard her say two names but they definately did not sound like Kat or Orbi.

2548 days ago

Kat Fan    

Listen, Her show L.A. Ink Is 10 times better than Miami Ink. Kat is a very educated woman. She picked the best of the best artist for her shop High Voltage. She can have what ever or who ever tattoo her because that is her career, and she is one of the best!!!! She can seem to be a little inmature at times and that is because she is 25 years old. She will learn from her mistakes, like everyone else does. I met Kat in person, She is not fake and not stuck up. She is awesome,kind and sincere. So everyone has there own opinion, Speak your mind. But, until you actually see who Kat is be careful judging her.

2547 days ago


Someone asked what happened to her husband. He owns his own tattoo shop here in Dallas where she used to work sometimes she had a small station at the front of the shop. It is a really nice shop. As far as Kat goes she is who she is. She is talented and on her show she has two women working with her that are equally as talented. I cant really say anything too horrible about Kat because who in life doesn't have issues she is very young and still trying to find herself in a way after all she is only human something we tend to forget about celebrities.

2544 days ago


Haters!! Don't hate on someone who looks different than you. If you took a minute to WATCH the show or even old episodes of Miami Ink you would see Kat IS a "serious" tattoo artist and she is AWESOME at her craft. Ami is a punk and is just jealous that Kat is a better artist than him and he couldn't handle a STRONG WOMAN that stands up for herself. Girl power Kat! You keep it up, and keep makin' these haters HATE ON YOU! You rock girl!!

2543 days ago
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