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O.J.'s Rolex: It's a Fake!

10/5/2007 7:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonGetting some measure of justice is proving difficult -- yet again -- for Fred Goldman.

The Goldman's lawyers seized a watch from O.J. (after seeing it on TMZ) to pay off the $33.5 million wrongful death judgment against him. But it isn't a Rolex like they hoped -- it's a knock-off from China, worth about $100.

If the watch were a genuine Rolex, it would have been worth as much as $22,000. But now they have to return the watch to Simpson, since it falls under an exemption in the judgment -- for jewelry worth less than $6,075.

Goldman recently won the rights to O.J.'s hypothetical confession book, "If I Did it," which has gone on to become a New York Times bestseller.


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How f*****g funny that Simpson can't afford a real Rolex!

Keep going after him Fred-take it all!!!

2572 days ago


Ella if you're an adult you have my deepest sympathy. My 6 year old LITERALLY has superior spelling/punctuation.

How do you get through the day being that damned stupid?

2572 days ago


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Mr. Goldman. Keep on chasing that money though, it will bring you justice. Nothing you can write in your book served to clean-up your intentions or the dishonor you have dripped all over your son by publishing death for profit. Shame on you.

2572 days ago

A girl    

To poster #14.....If you are still around, I couldn't have said it better myself....OJ killed your son, it sucks but stop trying to profit from it!!!!

2572 days ago


somewhere there is a lesson in this for him. Goldman needs to drop the issues and move on so he can start healing. He is asking for an early grave. I'm sick of him popping up in the news anyway. Because of all that, I'm glad its a fake.

2572 days ago


It amazes me that anyone could ridicule the family of a murder victim rather than the killer. Thank God you people are in the minority. Until you've had a child slashed to death you might want to withold judgment on Fred's actions. As the mother of a son if anyone hurt him the last thing they'd have to worry about is losing their material possessions.
I would have taken care of Simpson years ago. If Fred wants to make him pay what a court ordered who are you low-life's to whine about it? I think he's shown alot of restraint. And one more thing: you idiots who keep saying he didn't speak to his son-it was his mother who was estranged from Ron, but hey I'm sure your reading is limited to the Enquirer, so I guess you can be excused for being so damned stupid.

2572 days ago


Press is making a big deal about Golman making so much money on OJ's book.
After all his whining, the book is in second press - 200,000 copies sold.

So let's see Fred has made at 18 cents per book, he has made about $3,000.00.

If he had an honest job, Fred could make a better living than running after OJ

2572 days ago


Poor Mr. Goldman. No really, I guess you could try getting a real job and earn one for yourself, but hey, that would cut into your time doing...what is it you do?

Let's face it, the family has turned this long term issue into their business. It beats working.

2572 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

I think OJ pulled the ole 23 scadoo switcharoo on Goldman. I wear a TAG because they keep better time than a Rolex.

2572 days ago


Hey OJ.......keep your real Rolex watch in another country where you have your money stash away! Remember...If it's fake you must aquit.....YOU IDIOT! What goes around comes around....and your day will come. YOU MURDERER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2572 days ago


Told you so.

2572 days ago

who dat    

In my opinion O.J. murdered two people and beat the rap because Marcia Clark & Chris Dardon failed to do their job. Marcia made $4 Million on a book deal. Did you see her covering OJ's arraignment in Las Vegas? She looked like a hagged out streetwalker.

Face it, OJ has won. He beats the court system, the prosecutors, the Goldmans & Browns, the IRS. OJ is a douche bag loser, who belongs in prison. Unfortunately, he knows how to play the system. He has a million dolar home. He lives on $35K per month that no judgement can touch. Continually avoids taxes through cash transactions at signing shows. No doubt has secret offshore accounts.

The only time he has lost is the cable company theft suit. Looking at OJ should prove that the justice system is a F'n disgrace.

2572 days ago

carolann's the's not about THE MONEY!! The Goldman's want OJ to pay for the suffering he's caused....And he did cause it. The ONLY way to make OJ face the hurt he caused is to hurt him financially. Our justice system failed these people (and the Browns) so miserably. I want them to make his life difficult every time he turns around.

2572 days ago

tired of cry baby    

that is not a $22 grand watch, it a oyster series, around 7 grand. i have the same one. i bet he sent a fake watch to the and hide the real one, why would he wear a fake?

2572 days ago


Hey by Yippy on and the Butcher..shame on you..You have to be friends of O.J.'s..
I would not doubt for one minute that a phony Rolex was purchased by O.J. before the real Rolex could be picked up...too bad the law didn't allow for immediate possession had it been possible..or did someone drop the ball?? i.e. lawyer, maybe?

I hope some day the Goldman's nail that guy...and they are not in it for the money but for justice for their son and Nicolle as well and rightly so in wanting to get the money that was awarded them by the Civil Courts..which I might add are a joke to begin with...they can find someone guilty, and award the persons that filed the suit money BUT the buck stops there as far as the Civil Courts being of any help to collect, or enforcing their is up to those who won their case to persue collecting!! and the buck start with them..

When is O. J's luck going to run out???

2572 days ago
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