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Rihanna is Hella, Ella, Ella Rude!

10/5/2007 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna, the new Jr. diva on the block, was seen leaving "The Late Show with David Letterman" yesterday, and she was giving off major divatude! The songstress was all things diva; dog in hand, mass security, and an awaiting SUV. Someone's been taking notes!

Fans called to the uninterested singer to sign autographs -- or even just throw a wave their way -- they got neither. One new ex-fan yelled, "Don't do that Rihanna! We won't buy your CDs!"

A girl gets a hit or two and starts getting all snootified! Hope her umbrella can cover that big head!


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Delshon Antonio Creacy    

Exuse me Rihanna should have no reason 4 all you haters and the only way she reacts this way is because for a long time she has been controlled and so finally she has her chance to shine and for the bitch who said the album went gold bitch do ya homework go to and there you have iit get off her jock

2527 days ago


leave her alone dont people have bad days ....maybe she was tired .

2504 days ago


This chick has 0 talent. I don't even know why or how she got a recording contract except that she is pretty. Her voice sounds like a pig being dragged across a cheese grater. She always came off as a stuck up snob.

2573 days ago


WHO does she think she is!!!!!! If it wasn't for all these fans....SHE would not be who she is TODAY!!! REALITY CHECK you better check your self RIHANNA....

2573 days ago


i dont like her at all...they tend to forget the fans make them.

2573 days ago

Stephanie P.    

what a biotch!

2573 days ago


who cares about her?

does anyone like her?

TMZ , you guys are driving yourselves into the ground, do you really think people care about this bitch?

2573 days ago

Busted Celebrity    

Agreed.. we don't care about her one bit, unless of course she makes a sex tape LOL!

Busted Celebrity

2573 days ago


Poor girl is probably just tired of being followed everywhere. That picture of her and the dog is everywhere now. one site "" says she has Ciara's dog and that they are more than friends (if you know what i mean). Stars have it hard. They don't get any privacy and there are always being talked about in a negative way. No wonder the girl's got a chip on her shoulder, I would too. I'm with Solange, I would never want to be as sucessful as Beyonce' b/c I'm a girl that likes her privacy.

2573 days ago


She does show a a lack of class and good taste on a lot of things lately. I thought her reaction to Brit performance at the VMA's was in poor taste and some interviews she has done didn't come off well either. I think her head is getting ahead of her success. Yes she has great songs and brings a fresh look to music today but she needs to remember what goes up must come down (i.e, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, J-Lo, Mariah Carey, etc). Sorry the music buisiness is not stable for anyone unless your name is Madonna or you are a male performer.

2573 days ago


That song SUCKS ass!! Umbrella-ella-ella!! VOMIT.

Who wants an autograph from that tool?? NEXT!!!

2573 days ago

Dark Knight    

People already don't buy her CD's. Her album didn't even go gold. That's pretty pathetic considering people will buy just about anything these days.

2573 days ago


Still a melon-headed nobody who gets an offer to guest a so-called, "respectable," late night TV talk show. When are people going to learn? They're still only a "flashes-in-the-pan" until they've been near the top for a long while - and I'm not talking about months.

2573 days ago


what a diva bitch! her music isnt even that god, its just bc she dresses so damn slutty that people are even interested in her, we wanna see a nip slip then you will finally be the whore u truly are!!@ get some class sweety, ur not a cute as u think u are. u'll never be mariah!!

2573 days ago


what is so great about rihanna anyway, yes she can sorta sing, and sorta dance, but nothing really, shouldn't she be grateful for her success?

2573 days ago
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