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Whoa! "Blossom" Star Saves Dog

10/5/2007 2:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney ChaseA former child star came to a dog's rescue when she and her sister noticed a neighbor trying to allegedly drown his Shih Tzu in a tub! For the love of Michael Vick!

19-year-old Courtney Chase, who played little Kennedy on the final season of "Blossom," and older sister Ashley were in their Sherman Oaks apartment on Monday when the incident occurred.

After they say they saw neighbor Casey Purser,19, trying to drown his 8-month-old pup, Toby -- for defecating on the carpet -- the sisters entered his apartment, grabbed the pooch and gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Courtney then hand-carried Toby to a nearby vet, where the pup is currently recuperating. Who needs PETA when you've got the Chase sisters on the case?!

The Los Angeles District Attorny filed a cruelty to an animal felony charge against Purser for "unlawfully, maliciously and intentionally" holding the dog under water. He faces up to three years in prison. While Purser has been released and returned to the building, TMZ has learned that Courtney and Ashley have wisely relocated.

Purser is due back in court on October 23.



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That is not Blossom... it's punky brewster. The girl that played blossom had a way bigger nose than that.

Here's a link to pictures of blossom:,GGIH:2006-49,GGIH:en&q=blossom+tv&um=1&sa=N&tab=wi

2572 days ago


So are this to Home Invaders going to be arrested?

Also how did they see into his apartment , peeping tom charges, aslo did'nt they steal him like O.J. did..

So let's see :

Home Invasion = Felony

Lewd Conduct with intent = Felony Sex offender registration

Theft of property from an occupied dwelling = Felony


Now thats HOT!
HHMM I smell a lawsuit from this guy.....

2572 days ago


Very cool!

2572 days ago

Julia Murphy    

If you can't properly housetrain a dog then don't get one. unfortunately morons get dogs and think all they have to do is yell at them when they relieve themselves in the house. Wrong - what the dog thinks is that he is not allowed to go to the bathroom - ever.

2572 days ago

death on a cracker    

20. That is not Blossom... it's punky brewster. The girl that played blossom had a way bigger nose than that.

Here's a link to pictures of blossom:

yes.. this is an example of one of the 65% of idiots that should disappear from the earth.

if you would have read the caption, this was the girl who played her little sister in the final season... PB is much older then this girl IDIOT!!! geezzzz i swear.

2572 days ago


You go girls!!! I heard this story on the news last night and I am ashamd that animal hurting bastard has the same first name as I do! Hey PETA- why dont you take the time and go after a real animal abuser and leave BRIT alone!
That man needs to be held underwater until his tongue is hanging out! Dont let me catch you walking the streets Casey Purser!

2572 days ago


wtfffffffffffffffffffffff!!!!! what is WRONG with these people, abusing animals like that??? a puppy has a poopie accident on the carpet so the owner tries to friggin drown it?????? i hope he gets 3 years for what he (almost) did. piece of snot. thank God for the girls who saved the doggie. i hate animal abusers. cripes, just take the animals to a shelter or something, don't torture them or abuse them because you're pissed off you simple minded losers.

2572 days ago


Good for her.....

I hope while in prison he learns from what he did and enjoys nightly rounds of prison sex.

2572 days ago


i agree with human 100%.............but it's more like 75%

2572 days ago

death on a cracker    

30. i agree with human 100%.............but it's more like 75%

Posted at 1:42PM on Oct 5th 2007 by mr. me

i was being generous... but you are correct!

2572 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

CHEERS to Ms. Chase!!!! Very nice to hear such a positive story about a celebrity that's not negative! In fact, the absolute, complete opposite of the usual stories- especially where animals end up suffering, but never get helped. People like Ms. Chase give me hope that maybe there is still some chance for this world not taking a big dump because of stupidity and apathy! And btw, sadistic cruelty to animals is almost a universal commonality among serial killers! ..........To end on a positive note, Ms. Chase is now forever to be remembered by history as a kind, decent person! May good Karma find her always!

2572 days ago


That is terrible. I agree the idiots on this site make me sick. That is horrible to think someone would hurt an innocent animal. Good call girls...glad to know there are nice people in the world.

2572 days ago


What iheartjack said.
& well done, Chase girls! Thank goodness they were there!

2572 days ago


Good for them.I can't stand losers that don't care enough to pick up the damn phone and call ASPCA. They will pick up the animal for FREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You losers won't have to spend a penny of your crack money!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's simple you morons!!!! Damn I hate people like this guy and I'm glad they gave out that garbage name of his. Casey Puser!!!! LOSER!!!!

2572 days ago


Chill out he will not do any jail time over this, unfortunate but true!

2572 days ago
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