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Britney Comments on Her Kids

10/6/2007 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

During Britney's wild Friday of roaming the streets of SoCal, the misguided mother gave inquiring photogs at Rite-AId an odd statement about getting her children back -- "I have them back already, baby." Huh?

After losing physical custody of her kids, and TMZ's revelation on Britney missing her first visitation -- her comments make about as much sense as the rest of her bizarre behavior.

Brit Brit could turn to Kabbalah for guidance, as the popwreck was holding the Zohar during her stop-and-shop.


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Man, she is out of it!!!!!!!!

2572 days ago


More proof she needs help....real help.

2572 days ago


"I HAVE THEN BACK ALREADY BABY" SHe is majorly screwed in the head. Please shoot yourself now Britney before your teenage sons do it for you one day.

2572 days ago


wow, she probably thinks they're back at her place and nothing in the past few weeks really happened. Drugs can do that to ya

2572 days ago

Marlb Man    

Oh Jesus, why does'nt she just overdose allready? Maybe her and skank-fed can sell the little bastard's on e-bay. They may bring in enough money for a couple of month's worth of drug's and moonshine.

2572 days ago


Can her family force her to get help? How does that work with adults? Someone had better do something....

2572 days ago


Are you kidding me? This psycho needs some SERIOUS help. I hope she gains a mentally ill stalker that takes her out, on one of her continuous and habitual Starbucks escapades! No joke.

2572 days ago


The girl has lost her mind. So much for the rehab that was supposed to
happen today.

2572 days ago

sooooo sad and heartbreaking:(    

she's so out of it! i hope she's gets the help she needs!

2572 days ago

nikki 34    

I think this bitch needs to walk out of house and not have one person taking a dam picture then she will be depressed take away her kids and she pretends they are there at house because she is an attention whore and being a mom is getting in the way of the gas stations and stores just to get attention. Go to the park with your kids bring them to their activities instead of just pretending your kids at home waiting to see her.

2572 days ago


If the date right and time is PST at the Post Headline and the kids are with her mom It is possibly true but we don't even have any conformation that here mom is even out here

2572 days ago

Allred Tree    

She just thinks this is a big joke IMO. Her remark shows nothing but defiance and she could care less about the events that have transpired.

Ms. Spears seems waaaaay to sure of herself. Maybe she thinks that by her mother showing up, the court is just going to hand them right back over to her.

Just last night, she was shown on TV asking one of the paparrazis what the date was. She mumbled "October what" after they answered her the first time and then a couple more times before she seemed to get it.

2572 days ago


Her brain is fried

2572 days ago


Let's remember the history here. She didn't get the license in time to show it to the judge. She failed to test for alcohol and drugs as directed by the Court. She failed to attend individual counseling as ordered by the Judge. She failed to attend co-parenting sessions as directed by the Court. She decided not to show up for the Court hearing and NOW she misses the first visit with her children because "the intercom was broken" and mean old Kevin wouldn't let the driver bring the kids back. Give me a break! This woman has no intention of letting anything interfere with her self-indulgent party, not children, not courts, not public disgust, nothing is going to interfere with Britney's having her own way.
Britney Spears has more than $750,000.00 per month in income. That's more than 3/4 of a million dollars every month. That much money will keep her stoned enough that the kids are already a distant memory. They mean no more to her than the little dogs she totes around or her designer handbags or the McDonalds grease that fills her with such delight.
The only thing that will get through to her is if the public loses interest to the degree that the photographers are no longer following her and the media are no longer writing about her. Then she might make some effort. But once back in the limelight she would revert to type-selfish, spoiled, self-absorbed excuse for a human being. It is too late and it was already too late long ago.

2572 days ago


I don't envy her - look at the pandemonium that surrounds her. How can she ever live anywhere near a normal life. I could not imagine being followed and critiqued with every step I took. I really hope that when she steps away from the limelight, that the people will respect that and give her the space and time to get her life back in order.

Good luck, Brittany. I am not a "fan", but as a mother of a daughter your age, I wish you well and recovery (mental, physical, emotional, financial...)

2572 days ago
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