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Britney Spears -- Hotel Mommy

10/6/2007 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple sources tell TMZ that Britney's first scheduled visit with her children since being stripped of custody was a disaster.

We're told Spears was to have a scheduled visit with her kids at 10:00 AM Thursday, surrendering the kids to K-Fed later that day. Sources say on Wednesday night, Britney decided she wouldn't see her children at either of her homes -- instead, she wanted to visit with her kids at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. We're told K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, went ballistic.

The way we understand it, a parenting coach was supposed to be present for the visit, and Kaplan felt it was appropriate for the coach to counsel Britney on how to take care of her kids at home -- not at a hotel.

We're told Spears, who checked into the Beverly Wilshire Hotel at 6:00 PM Wednesday and then checked out at 2:00 AM Thursday, went back to her Malibu home and decided not to fight for her desire for a hotel visit with her children.

At 10:00 AM Thursday, the scheduled time for visitation, a K-Fed bodyguard arrived at Brit's Malibu home and rang the buzzer. He waited forty minutes -- but no one came out. With the kids inside the car, we're told the plug was finally pulled and they all went back to K-Fed's.


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I am single and don't have any children. How about you sweetie? ha ha

2576 days ago


brit does NOT deserve to visit with her children. she does indeed need to be in a psychiatric facility for a long time in order to get mentally/emotionally healthy.

2576 days ago


all you people bashing k-fed are just upset b/c oops, he turned out to be WAY better than your pathetic "goddess" trainwreck brit. the truth hurts doesn't it. if it were a WOMAN doing everything positive for her kids you wouldn't mind, but b/c its a MAN, then OH NO that can't be possible. you're all sexist. a man is perfectly capable of taking his kids ON HIS OWN. MY FATHER did and he did a DAMN GOOD JOB. that whore is the one that should never be allowed to breed again. as far as not following court orders go, once again, she's proven to be a stupid selfish bra whose only concern is herself. it was a mistake for her to have to those kids, i feel sorry for them. good for you kevin for trying to give them a normal life!

2576 days ago


as crazy are things in the world...why put your kids behind the "eight-ball" ? with all of the resources this lady has behind her'd think she would give them a "jump-start "
in life...and a fair chance to be functional...agreed hotel is not home...ask my dog...
not offend anybody...these are observations from the out-side trying to look me it looks ike another media frenzy for the tabloids....

2576 days ago


hora- are u just completly attracted to losers or do u not know anything about laying w/dogs and waking up w/fleas. KEVIN is a druggie too- he's always been a loser & he has nothing but those kids to fund his dead beat lifestyle. HELLO- he dumped his wife & new born baby for $. He doesnt even compare to your dad in your own words.....o but that makes me sexist b/c you dont know what the hell you're talking about.

2576 days ago


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2576 days ago


Britney took everythings from Shar Jackson. and Shar did a black magic spell on Britney and its working. the selfish Bitchney is getting crazier and crazier.

2575 days ago


I find this is a better fit . . . and was already posted by Suze on page 20 or 21

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2575 days ago

Bella Donna    

It just proves that the Brit has not changed!!! She trys to manipulate everything to be in center stage!! She is #1 and no one means as much to the britbrat as herself the boys are the last on her list!!Sorry she is pathetic!!!

2575 days ago

Bella Donna    

#428..Dot.. Do not fear no one in their right mind listens or reads anything the BITCH Ann Coulter has to say, but she makes a lot of money and that s her purpose..She is not worth your anger!! Getting Britney and her sick family of friends is worth the cause..

2575 days ago

married with children    

There are a lot of people in this world of ours that are much crazier than Britney. We see them everyday in grocery stores, sometimes the cashiers, waiters/waitresses, people on the bus, convenience stores big time, etc.

2575 days ago

A mother of 1    

Its obious that Britney is having problems and she needs help...... but people getting on here and bashing her isnt helping!!! I dont thinks she needs her kids living with her...... but they dont need to be with Kevin either.... is he fit father?......or does he just want the money? I think the children need to go with family member whom is willing to raise them and care for them regardless of the money..... these babies need a loving home...... all the drama between Kevin and Britney isnt good for them.... not to mention the paparratzii...... everyone needs to back off though..... you're not helping anyone!!!!!

2575 days ago

19th Nervous Breakdown    

I think that Britney's problem is not uncommon. She has too many "Yes" people in her life. I honestly think that she wanted to have the kids, at first. But her marriage was a mistake and I think she found that out too late and then she was tied down with the kids. I have no opinion of K-Fed either way but the kids need consistancy. If he can be there for them while she is getting help that is great. He just needs to be there for them as a constant. If she would get rid of the "Yes" people and understand that there IS something wrong and professional help will make things better. There is a good mom in there somewhere I hope and I hope she gets the help and family support she needs.

2575 days ago


Latest reports tell that a Detroit radio station, WKQI-FM, was running a web site where you could bid on when Britney's is going to commit suicide. Although the phones were ringing hot they had to shut the site down and manager Dom Theodore apologized. This is all so disgusting !

Other sources say that Britney's Malibu home has a room that she filled with memorabilia of Princess Diana. She compares herself more and more with Lady Di and calls herself "Diana Prince". I fear that when not very soon somebody takes action and turns her in, we will all read some very bad and sad news. When she is that much delusional why can't somebody turn her in ? She is still roaming the roads - totally out of her mind. Isn't there anybody out there that loves her enough to do the hard thing that is he right thing ???

I feel so very sorry for her sweet little children. Please someone act !

2575 days ago


Isn't there anybody out there who loves Britney enough to make the tough, necessary and life saving decsion and get her into a psychiatric ward ?! Sources tell that she compares herself with Lady Diana, calls herself "Diana Prince", whispers delusional nonsense into photographers' ears, and has a room in her Malibu home stuffed with memorabilia of Lady Diana. She still roames the roads !

For the poor children' s sake - please someone act before we all hear bad news ! This whole circus becomes totally irresponsible !!! No matter who she was - she is now simply a very sick human being that needs help - that she refusese any help is just another sign of her being completely out of touch with reality. If not somebody act fast everybody activley involved in this bigot witch hunt is loading guilt on their conscience.

Not only Britney is spinning out of control : A Detroit radio station, WKQI-FM, had a web site published where people could bid on when Britney will commit suicide. Although they had to shut down this site, phones were ringing hot. Manager Dom Theodore aplogized. This is all so ugly - it makes me feel ashamed that I took a stance against her. I was so very angry about what she is doing to her children.

As far as I understand was her mother the person who "made" Britney Spears, a teenage girl, sexed up and sold. She should now step in and finally be a Mom - practice true parental love in favor of her daughter and turn her in !

2575 days ago
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