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David Duchovny's Gay Gaffe

10/6/2007 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"X-Files" actor David Duchovny took part in L.A.'s Outfest Legacy Awards last night, and left the audience stunned after making an ad-libbed comment on stage. Witnesses reported that Duchovny attended the event with his eight-year-old daughter, Madeline. When he was asked to introduce a short series of clips of on-screen gay characters, Duchovny deadpanned, "Can someone please cover my daughter's eyes and ears?"

Rather than cracking up, the audience clammed up and wondered what exactly he meant. *crickets* The clips, said attendees, were no more offensive, off-color or risque than clips at any other awards show, reported

Calls to Duchovny's rep were not immediately returned.


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He sucks...what has he really done since Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead and X Files??? I think his wife is a man with that voice and all so his kid should have learned about gays 6 years ago!!

2574 days ago

tired of cry baby    

more gay crap thrown at us by tmz!!! gee tmz why are you turning into the logo channel ? also this is not news? he made a joke and no one laughed because the too busy being sensitive because word hurt so bad that they ruin lives, sorry i'll clm down now

2574 days ago


DD has the driest, most satirical sense of humor ever..Has it been THAT long since "X-FILES" ???? Duh. And,, so what.. I say 'way to go David.."

2574 days ago

tired of cry baby    

hey #10 your a dumb a** it's not natural and if it makes people uncomfortable then let it be. that was no place for a 8 year old. it's only o.k. if theres bobby trendy there and harvey on a date!

2574 days ago


Obviously it is because he wants his kid to grow up normal, ya know, straight. The last thing she needs is to see flamers.

2574 days ago


maybe just meant that some scenes that they were going to see might be too explicit-gay or straight -not meant for kids

or he was joking

can't see any other reason-he doesn't have a mean bone in his body
and the fact that he brought his daughter there shows his acceptance and wisdom in opening up the world to her also-just what her age is able to understand-nothing too explicit

2574 days ago


If the gay community is good enough to pay his bills - clearly so, if he's showing up at something like this to garner support - then they are good enough for his daughter. It's not like it was a gay porn theater. Give me a break!

Oh and, to #7: I had a crush on Zack Morris on Saved By The Bell when I was *6* years old, the same age that my sister had a crush on Leonardo Dicaprio. No choice was made. I didn't even have the slightest concept of sexuality, let alone homosexuality. Go ahead living in your little fantasy world where you are the supreme fountain of knowledge and know exactly what all people go through in their lives, and what choices they make.

I don't know what "made" me gay - Hormones during pregnancy; Events in my early Childhood; God (I'll go with this one!) - but the one think I DO know is that I have been gay longer than I've been able to put a word to it. Longer than I have been to even form proper sentences.

2574 days ago


Wow. People misinterpreting his deadpan sense of humor hasn't gotten old at all!

(In case any of the more humorless folk here missed out, that was ALSO a joke. My God.)

If David had an issue with the lifestyle, not only would he not have brought his daughter, HE wouldn't be participating, either. Learn to laugh, people.

2574 days ago


From everything I've read about DD this probably was a sad attempt at humor. Both he and his wife have a reputation of being rather crude.

2574 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

What can be expected from a bad, has-been actor?. DD has never had a succesful career. Once the X-Files was cancelled, he became a has-been. Soon he'll be a "Whatever happened to whats-his-name?" nobody. So he is forgivable for his bad taste.

2574 days ago


#22..I beg to differ..DD has been around a lot longer than you think.. He is extremely educated and probably made a ton of money off the "X-Fles".. In other words..he can probably afford to make CHOICES in what he does.. I don't blame him for laying low.. movies the past couple years have mostly been bombs..

2574 days ago


#23 - sadly DD is making another X files movie now so he must have ran out of all that money. The X files was so cool back in the 90s...but people have moved on. It doesn't have the staying power of Star Trek or other Sci Fi. The last X Files movie was not good. I have a feeling this next one will bomb too. Time will tell, but face it, if his career is going so great why has he not handed awards out at the Academy Awards or Emmys but instead is handing them out at some gay event. Let me guess, that Senator Craig was the keynote speaker.

2574 days ago


#22, where have you been? He's currently the star of a very successful new Showtime dramedy right now that's garnering a lot of critical acclaim (not to mention the fact that it's already been picked up for a second season).

2574 days ago


i can totally respect your views.. 'Ronald' ...However.. that said.. it is amazing how the dvd series fly off the shelves.. You are right: Star Trek is a classic.... However..X-Files most certainly still has its followers..:-)

2574 days ago

Say what??    

Unless it's rape, any sexual act is a decision, ergo, homosexuality is a decision. The impulse not be a conscious decision, but acting upon it most certainly is.

2574 days ago
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