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David Duchovny's Gay Gaffe

10/6/2007 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"X-Files" actor David Duchovny took part in L.A.'s Outfest Legacy Awards last night, and left the audience stunned after making an ad-libbed comment on stage. Witnesses reported that Duchovny attended the event with his eight-year-old daughter, Madeline. When he was asked to introduce a short series of clips of on-screen gay characters, Duchovny deadpanned, "Can someone please cover my daughter's eyes and ears?"

Rather than cracking up, the audience clammed up and wondered what exactly he meant. *crickets* The clips, said attendees, were no more offensive, off-color or risque than clips at any other awards show, reported

Calls to Duchovny's rep were not immediately returned.


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Wow... I cannot believe some of the comments here.

He just made a joke about something that is a bit of a hot topic at this time. It could have been in the delivery or the timing, but whatever it was as long as he didn't really mean it I don't care about it.

But seriously I don't think kids need to be sheltered from two guys kissing any more than a guy and a girl kissing. To be honest most kids can take homosexuality better than adults, at least they understand it is about love and that is all you need to say on it for the time.

2580 days ago

Marlb Man    

He has a point--would you want your kids to see a straight couple crawling all over each other? Get a grip, kids shouldnt have to see that. He shouldnt have brought them. And I am a gay man.

2580 days ago

David Dodson    

Homosexuality isn't confusing to kids... they don't see anything sexual about it at all. What they see is close friends and their parents freaking out. What confuses them is why mommy and daddy are so upset over something that doesn't register to them as anything improper.

It was an awards program not a porn house for the love of Pete.

David Dodson
Pahoa, Hi

2580 days ago

Tyler Roberts    

Children need to be protected from I Am Hot.

2580 days ago


Greg Herenandez wrote this in his Out In Hollywood column for the LA Daily News.

He was at the event. Janet Charlton inflated a non-incident.

In defense of David Duchovny...

This kinda thing makes me nuts.
There's an item posted Saturday on called "David Duchovny's gay gaffe" linked from gossip columnist Janet Charlton. It states that the audience at the Outfest Legacy Awards "clammed up" when Duchovny, introducing some Showtime clips with Marlee Matlin, joked that someone needed to cover his 8-year-old daughter's eyes.

I remember the line, I remember some mild laughter. I don't remember clamming up. Trust me, if anything happened that night that was offensive, I woulda posted it immediately.

It was nice to see Duchovny there, joking and beong teased by Showtime boss Robert Greenblatt and watching, along with the audience, a clip of his classic appearance on "The Larry Sanders Show" when he gives off the gay vibes to new best pal Larry. He showed up Thursday, posed for pictures, worked the press line without attitude, presented an award and in my mind, didn't offend anyone.

Leave him alone.

Posted by Greg Hernandez on October 7, 2007 12:00 AM

2580 days ago


This is nuts. David Duchovney is not the least bit homophobic, or he wouldn't have had his daughter there in the first place. It was a JOKE!!!!! Relax . He's a funny guy with a sarcastic sense of humor. Lighten up everyone and spend some time being concerned about the "wing nuts who " spend more time worrying about someones elses sex life.

2580 days ago


I don't care what he said I do him anytime and he's
hung to the max..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2580 days ago

Matt Sanchez    

Duchovny realizes that anyone who identifies himself through sexual acts is pornographic.

2574 days ago

Matt Sanchez    

Kids should be protected from the gay lifestyle, the same way they should be protected from drugs, smoking and other unhealthy lifestyles.

2574 days ago


He was KIDDING, PEOPLE. That is David's sense of humor. Kee-rist!!!

2558 days ago


David Duchovny had an affair with my friend's BOYFRIEND when they were in College, so he is no stranger to homosexuality and was obviously making a joke.

He has a deadpan sense of delivery, that obviously didn't work in this case.

2553 days ago

Fredo Troy    

"Kids need to be protected from that lifestyle..."

Srsly? Because seeing gay people will automatically turn you gay + totally corrupt you for life, right? I swear, some of the people who spew this nonsense about gays should have their ability to procreate revoked.

2547 days ago

Fredo Troy    

And, for the last time, "Gay" is not a lifestyle. It's merely a sexual orientation. Stop toting that outdated line of garbage.

What really irks me is the number of people who are so "repulsed" by all things gay never ceasing to make their way into gay-themed blog posts or articles to rattle on about why gayness is wrong. Get a life, please.

2547 days ago
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