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DMX Animal Cruelty Report Results

10/6/2007 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Authorities investigating animal cruelty allegations on rapper DMX's Arizona property have issued their gruesome findings.

The investigation stems from an Aug. 24 raid of DMX's Phoenix home, where police were probing reports of animal neglect. Police seized 12 live pit bulls, numerous weapons and about a quarter-ounce of marijuana.

Now forensic reports from a veterinarian examiner from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office states that the condition of animal remains found on the property were "significantly decomposed, the head and rear quarters and legs had a white trash bag around them; the body was wrapped in a dirt-stained beige fitted sheet and inside a clear plastic bag; all placed inside a white body bag." The forensic report also stated that "severe decomposition prevented further examination." There was determinable evidence of injury to just one set of remains.

A detective's summary of the cruelty allegations lists seven different visits to DMX's home, from August 3-22, with several attempts made by the County Sheriff to resolve the issue of alleged neglect of dogs at the residence. The detective actually gave the dogs water. Finally, after no improvement of conditions, a raid took place August 24, seizing 12 pit bulls.

No charges have been filed against the 36-year-old rapper. The matter is still under investigation. Click here to view the documents.


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"I didn't do it." hasn't worked since Bart Simpson.


2518 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

#43 Trey:

Yah it would be but they are cowards.

2518 days ago


# 15 My words exactly! The ONLY reason these dogs are mean is because they were made that way. The majority are very friendly dogs. Don't blame the animal for being mean...Blame the idiot who made them that way! People who abuse animals deserve to be shot!

2518 days ago


Hang him along with Vick.....

2518 days ago


These people deserve what they give. I can see they hate animals so they should't be allow around them I am sure the dogs hate them too. They make me sick just the way that animal is dangeling that poor puppy in the air you can just see how he is. what is the puppy thinking I wonder. these animals breed these dogs just to abuse them. I hope he and Vick and all the others get exactly what they give and any thing less is not good enough. Then they will understand when they feel the pain. They have to answer to a higher authority later and what goes around comes around.

2518 days ago

Read Bush    

I wish Britney Spears was a Pit bull, and someone buried her in a back yard.
I wish Lindsay Lohan, Pamela Anderson, all these washed out peckerwoods, were pit bulls, buried in someone backyard...

All of you people on these message boards make me sick. Get a life ! Live your own lives, not someone elses. Stop judging people based on your experiences and ideas. You are all tired, wasted life. Just die and get it over with !

2518 days ago

Read Bush    


Rappers are more important than Illegal aliens...

2518 days ago

kevin Galbraith    

Here's my view on the whole thing. Let's say I had a dog that got hit by a car and died from it's injuries...what would I do with the body? Prob. bury it in my yard in a sheet/plastic bag. I'm just sayin...convict him IF he has done something wrong..I just don't see it here. BTW, don't dig up my past pets are resting there very peacefully...and I will be LIVID if you exhume my loved ones.

2518 days ago


L #15: I'm #11. How do I contradict myself? I don't. As far as your contention that the types of dogs I've mentioned are not naturally agressive, you're the talker - prove it to me, with any kind of study that you have available that shows these usually vicious animals are just docil, playful creatures, with people other than immediate family members, until trained to be aggressive. Because, I can cite instances from all over the country and I'm sure you know of some too that show these dogs are like the "pirannas" of the pet world. I'd actually like to see the results of more than one real, scientific study to prove that these dogs aren't naturally agressive, because so far I've only heard and read empty talk about it from many places and have seen no evidence to prove this valueless talk, like your, so-far, empty claim.

2518 days ago


There is something seriously wrong with people who do this kind of stuff.

2518 days ago


did anybody actually read the article or just the rapper/dogs headline and jump to their own conclusions? there was no proof of abuse. DMX does not live at that residence full time the investigation took place from august 3 to august 22 this is a sensationalist srticle that only tmz is covering. didn't tmz first report that ving rhames dogs murdered their caretaker? it seems like this site is taking this bad Black men with dogs thing and running with it

2518 days ago


This heinous abuse and cruelty towards innocent animals is systemic among the affluent black community in this country. Maybe it's time that African Americans are treated in the same manner [they] perpetrate on defenseless dogs. First it was this ignoant vile excuse for a human, Vick, now we have this vile black trash DMX to deal with.

2518 days ago

Tila Is A Slut    

L: I agree with you. My girlfriend owns two pitbulls. She invests LOTS of time in training them. As a result, these dogs are so lovable. These dogs can be offensively or defensively trained. A-holes like Vick and DMX train those dogs offensively. Comment #8: I agree with you - lets send DMX and Vick to Iraq. In no time we'll see they aren' t men at all. Not compared to the real men fighting this war. I'm so tired of reading about these individuals (Vick & DMX) who think they are these "Big/Important" people because of their actions they think is tough and cool. Usually people who have deep insecurities about themselves do stupid things such as these two individuals. Clearly Vick and DMX were breast fed too long.

2518 days ago


Why is it that every time a Black person does something on this site, which is very rare, its because they are black and wild etc but when white trainwrecks that make up over 90% of the crap on this site do something its just because their crazy no coincidence they are white. OJ, who i myself can't stand, gets arrested and their are over 20 articles phil spector is set free and its barely covered. some white people can be so hipocrytical remember when OJ was aquitted they showed white people crying in the streets and protesting, but Phil spector shoots a lady IN HIS HOUSE and nobody raises a fart and people still believe racism does not exist

2518 days ago


#55 said "As far as your contention that the types of dogs I've mentioned are not naturally agressive, you're the talker - prove it to me, with any kind of study that you have available that shows these usually vicious animals are just docil, playful creatures, with people other than immediate family members, until trained to be aggressive."

I'm not the poster you were responding to, but i highly recommend reading The Pitbull Placebo by Karen Delise. She presents the long history of "bad dogs" in the US - going back to the 19th century when bloodhounds were the "dangerous killer dogs." She also shows that the vast majority of human dog bites have more to do with the owners purpose in having a dog than the breed of dog. For example, a guard dog, whether it's a lab or a german shepherd has a greater chance of biting simply because that is what it is trained to do. Finally, she also explores the changes in media styles that have led to modern hysteria about "killer" pit bulls.

Educate yourself - it's worthwhile.

2518 days ago
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