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DMX Animal Cruelty Report Results

10/6/2007 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Authorities investigating animal cruelty allegations on rapper DMX's Arizona property have issued their gruesome findings.

The investigation stems from an Aug. 24 raid of DMX's Phoenix home, where police were probing reports of animal neglect. Police seized 12 live pit bulls, numerous weapons and about a quarter-ounce of marijuana.

Now forensic reports from a veterinarian examiner from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office states that the condition of animal remains found on the property were "significantly decomposed, the head and rear quarters and legs had a white trash bag around them; the body was wrapped in a dirt-stained beige fitted sheet and inside a clear plastic bag; all placed inside a white body bag." The forensic report also stated that "severe decomposition prevented further examination." There was determinable evidence of injury to just one set of remains.

A detective's summary of the cruelty allegations lists seven different visits to DMX's home, from August 3-22, with several attempts made by the County Sheriff to resolve the issue of alleged neglect of dogs at the residence. The detective actually gave the dogs water. Finally, after no improvement of conditions, a raid took place August 24, seizing 12 pit bulls.

No charges have been filed against the 36-year-old rapper. The matter is still under investigation. Click here to view the documents.


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Dr. Blackgirl    

grammar classes.
(Notice the plural) Take it slow... Before you try and belittle every
black person's intellect, I signed up more minority (mostly black)
medical residents this year than whites. Everyone was shocked, but
people like you need to , as I said before, refocus you energy
because you're starting to fall behind. Too many people are worried
about the wrong things. That comment about "blacks being abused in
the U.S." was merely to piss you and others off. Vick and DMX are
multi-millionaires. How many can say that on this board? America has
always been about money, hence the initial voyages to America,
slavery, this stupid war we're in, etc. Don't inflame your brain to
the point where you develop this narcicism towards blacks before you
get your as* whooped like that boy in Jena. LOL!! See how easy that
was. We usually laugh it off or mimick people like you because WE'RE
soooooooo used to it. Notice how we dont respond back, "...'dem
trailer trash, meatloaf eating, pasty-skinned, pigs." We just listen
laugh and continue making what matters--money! Of course, there are a
few of us who haven't gotten it. But in every race, there's always
stragglers. Be easy! Rock will make a comeback--someday!

2571 days ago

Dr. Blackgirl    

Oh yeah! Remember ~90% of serial killers abused and tortured animals before torturing and chopping up actual human beings, REAL PEOPLE. Oh, and last time I checked most of them were WHITE !! Hmmm. Interesting... Well ,so I don't straddle on one side too much...maybe they were rappers. Ha!

2571 days ago


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2570 days ago


If everyone was honest they'd admit what a vile despicable human being this piece of garbage is. But some have to put up a FRONT of support, because that's what you all usually do, support the black man no mattter who he's strangled, electrocuted, drowned, body slammed, etc. It could have been children he'd killed & some of you would have found excuses to put on here, I bet your life on it! This is the second time that POS DMX has been caught abusing animals isn't it? And what was done to him so far, oh that's right, nothing! I'll do what I can as an animal advocate to follow through until something is done!

2569 days ago


You all saying X should rot in jail are just Hating...i think he needs counseling and the matter should be dealt with in a more persuasive manner than go to jail and the blah blah , for christ sake we all know what our great grands did when they went to africa...tell me which is worse ? nothing is fair nothing is just but if its wrong we know it is and stop all the talk about him being rapper and not worthy of living and all that , thats racist ....i bet you all hate all rapper init . we are all humans , animals or whatever before being a rapper or pet. so dont go off the cliff with your comments just be plain pls.

1615 days ago


A black friend tried to explain this a cultural and likened it to shark fins and orientals. I said in this country its illegal and like so many other cultures invading our culture...You can always go back. we wont force you to stay here. in fact if you're here illegal we'll ship you back for free at no charge.

1002 days ago


oh please. DMX is not an animal abuser. the people behind it try to frame him and destroy his image. i held a pit bull puppy like tht and i know it didnt hurt it. and people all the time hold their cats like that. Like Michael jackson said before ( r.i.p) is to wake up!. ( for you who know what i mean)

795 days ago


please he is not an animal abuser the people behind it try to frame him and to destroy his image. Like Michael Jackson said (r.i.p) to wake up!

795 days ago
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