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Foxy's Got the Write Stuff

10/6/2007 12:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Need a new pen pal? Wanna brush up on your writing skills? Then why not pen a letter to Foxy Brown while she's serving time at the Rose M. Singer Women's Facility in upstate NY? offers fans the opportunity to correspond directly with prisoner #3470701776 while she's serving time for probation violation.

Foxy's doing a year in the slammer for violating probation and failing to attend anger management classes, after assaulting two nail technicians over a lousy $20 manicure. Ooh, the claws come out!

But don't think that because Foxy's behind bars she's got tons of time for you. The site says, "She'll try and answer back just as soon as she can." Those prison basket-weaving classes are addictive!


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Only swim in the Ocean    

She should get her high school diploma while she is in the slammer and then get into a trade. Maybe carpentry or auto mechanics so she will be able to be a productive member of society when she is on the outside.

2544 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

let these prisoners get email already damb!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

2544 days ago

She looks like hell    

Maybe I'll write her and tell her what a selfish bitch she is for complaining like a spoiled little rich ho. Perhaps while she's in there, she'll learn a talent, since she doesn't have one now.

2544 days ago


Hell NO I wouldn't waste the ink in my pen to write to that POS. Let her rot. I hope she's diggin' the mystery meat.

2544 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Foxy will be too busy eating some Humble Pie, a dish she ought to have had more of prior.
Bon appetit, Foxy.

2544 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

Yeah beating up someone who does your nails is a REAL good reason to go to jail. NOT This chick has issues

2544 days ago


Who should want to write this non-rapping pimp smacking not even hot looking sociopath.
This so-called women should have been in jail 15 years ago! First, she never had in talent outside of a mini-shirt and platform shoes. Secondly, she always appeared to be a cross dresser. Finally, who goes to a hair salon an assault people working in the beauty industry, only self hating ugly monster like foxless brown. I feel sorry for the people lockup with this women. She had the breaks that they never had and she wasted them all.

P.S. This was not written by another playa hatin rapper.

2544 days ago

Texas Girl    

Now she has to watch her mouth in jail and watch her back. I bet she keeps her mouth shut when 6 foot "Linda" hovers over her and says MOVE.

She should not be allowed to receive letters. She should sit in jail and think about that the world DOES NOT revolve around her. She's not all that and she think she is. I'm glad she is taken down a peg or 2. She walked around like a little kid throwing a temper tantrum cuz she didn't get her way.

2544 days ago



Would NOT waste my time. Sad, they are ordinary people just like you and I. Just goes to there heads that they are superior just because of a simple career choice -NOT

Needs a big dose of respect for others

2544 days ago

Foxy will be too busy eating some Humble Pie

2544 days ago


isn't that the same prison Martha went to? anybody?

2544 days ago


Please keep your messages brief and cheerful.. such as ' NAH-NAH = ) '

2544 days ago


"Answer back?" Maybe she and her illiterate site owner can attend English classes together.

2544 days ago


This whore is famous for what exactly? Being an unattractive, slutty, out-of-control bitch?

2544 days ago

Imagine if she actually paid the $20. That would of been a lot easier and chances are she had $20 on her at the time they asked for it.

2544 days ago
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