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Hottest Videos -- Week of 9/30

10/6/2007 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This week's battle royale pitted Jonny Fairplay against Danny Bonaduce. It's not hard to guess who won.

A crazazy spectator went off on Sarah Silverman for not signing autographs outside Letterman ... as Silverman was signing autographs outside Letterman.

You saw the Fairplay tossing, now see Jonny being taken away in an ambulance. Nurse!

After recovering at the hospital and enduring some serious dental work, Jonny Fairplay told TMZ his side of the Bonaduce beatdown.

Britney Spears did what any distraught, about-to-lose-custody -of-her-kids mother would do -- she got herself a fancy hotel suite!

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Who cares about Brittney Spears

2573 days ago


Johnny is such a douchbag! Way to go Danny! I hope you are doing well these days!!

2573 days ago


Here is the deal -
Johnny Fairplay = Annoying, idiotic, dirtbag who is a nauseating reality of society.

Danny Bonaduce = DANGEROUS, annoying, idiotic, dirtbad who is a nauseating reality of society.
That man is out of control. His children will grow to hate him quite shortly. That man should be in jail just on principal. Ugh, he makes me ill.

2573 days ago


HaHa! That is CLASSIC! Danny B just gained a couple points in my book! I am STILL laughing so hard I'm crying over the "behind the shoulder" toss. Hey - I thought fairplay was associated with wrestling? Guess he didn't know that move. LOL! I never saw a stupid smile get wiped off somebody's face so quick! Nice move Danny! You'll probably go to jail over this one but it is WELL worth it!

2573 days ago


As Danny said afterwards, that was a bad move on johnny's part. what man , straight man that is, wouldn't have reacted the same as Danny did?

2573 days ago


I think danny did the right thing what is wrong with johnny ? you are asking for trouble if you jump on another man and start humping, by the way he probably lost his teeth because he looks like bucky beaver and his teeth hit the floor first, what a loser!!!!!

2573 days ago


What was Danny doing on stage?? The attention wasn't on him and he had to go get himself in the middle and say something negative. Danny is a trouble maker and thinks he's better than he is. I've seen him box before and his pathetic boxing demo on his myspace page. I'm a fighter also, I placed second in the National Toughman Tournament last year and have won many tournaments over the past 10 years and I'd beat Danny down and that is a challenge, come to Dallas and let's have a celeb fight a local boy. I'm tired of his Bad Boy image, he doesn't impress me and he shouldn't have gone up on stage and I assure you, he wasn't being attacked.

2573 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Danny went onstage looking for trouble.
Looks like he found it.

2573 days ago


Johnny, Mr. Victim Mentality. Grow up! Why would anyone build a career on people hating you. Oh, I know, cause he's got victim mentality syndrome!! I feel sorry for Johnny's mom.

2573 days ago


danny bonaduce should go straight to jail. he is a sick man. fairplay was goofing around and danny could have pushed him off but to do what he did is battery. no one likes fairplay but to injure someone like that and that strut and gloat. danny was needing attention. he should be locked up. I hope karma gets him

2573 days ago


OMG! That fairplay video was HILARIOUS!!! Ive never been a huge bonaduce fan, but if someone jumped on my like that i woulda done the same things... that was awesome! he deserved to be thrown off like that, its his fault that he got hurt... what a dumbass

2573 days ago

Texas Girl    

I mean come on! What did Johnny expect. You don't jump on a guy like Bonaduce or for that matter most guys and then start humping him like a girl. He's lucky that's all he got.

2573 days ago

No more punks....    

What happens when guys get drunk...? Here is just an example.
Next time this two clowns get together in a show, please stand up and go.

2573 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

They have reported that Danny is NOT going to be facing any charges from this incident.

How many people want to bet that Johnny sues for medical bills, pain & suffering, etc?

2573 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Danny ;

you're just a little , big, man, i predict this will not be the last time we hear about you being a bully to some poor little kid who was only playing to the crowd; and you went nuts on him; Danny shame , shame , shame on YOU !!! YOU ARE A JERK < SIR !

2573 days ago
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