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Hottest Videos -- Week of 9/30

10/6/2007 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This week's battle royale pitted Jonny Fairplay against Danny Bonaduce. It's not hard to guess who won.

A crazazy spectator went off on Sarah Silverman for not signing autographs outside Letterman ... as Silverman was signing autographs outside Letterman.

You saw the Fairplay tossing, now see Jonny being taken away in an ambulance. Nurse!

After recovering at the hospital and enduring some serious dental work, Jonny Fairplay told TMZ his side of the Bonaduce beatdown.

Britney Spears did what any distraught, about-to-lose-custody -of-her-kids mother would do -- she got herself a fancy hotel suite!

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Go Johnny!
Danny is yesterdays no talent news with a bad tude. seems he only gets in the news when he messes up. I'd guess he was a chair filler to begin with at this event and he was the uninvited person on stage. Johnny had NO malice or anger on his face BUT lets look at Danny's face, Gee he looked angry from the get go.Sour grapes will do that to you.
Johnny U rock. Loved u on celb bull riding, good luck to you and best wishes

2571 days ago


danny bonaduce is sooo ugly and creepy. he has nepolian syndrome. his voice is disgusting, he looked drunk and he needs to get his ass kicked. he is a dried up old fart. i hope he self destructs soon.

2571 days ago

Was he supposed to be a Bodyguard

2571 days ago


I can't believe "Fairplay" is whining about what Danny did to him. If someone jumped on me & was dry humpin me, I would do worse than that. Grow up Johnny & take it like a man. Oops..I'm sorry, you can't.

2571 days ago


I despice JF, and think what he did to DB was tacky, but Danny throwing JF over his head onto a hard surface causing serious injury is WRONG. it is rough play..I don't think either is criminal but JOhnny may have a personal injury case aginst DB.

2571 days ago

aa girl    

Looks like Danny was defending himself from the other guy, that's all.

2571 days ago

aa girl    

Jonny jumped on Danny first. He even knocked him back a bit.

2571 days ago


Bonaduce is a jerk. While Johnny was wrong, Bonaduce's got a bent ego and was just trying to appease the audience which was responding negatively to Johnny. It is an example of mob violence (and I don't mean the Soprano kind).

2571 days ago


I think Danny is one of the biggest losers in Hollywood, I mean just a walking loser. If this video is for real, that is messed up he did that. Johnny brought action on, but that was over the top.

2571 days ago


Confucius say:

When man wrap arms and legs around another man without invitation and proceeds to thrust his penis into that man's chest; aggressive man will need major dental work in near future.

2571 days ago


i wish i saw why they were booing him so much but, what an idiot... humping someone isnt a nice thing. i would have thrown him off me too.

What was he thinking? its DANNY BONADUCE. ofcourse he was gonna get pissed.

2571 days ago


I once had to pop Danny little butt when on the studio lot. He had a big mouth then and

nothing has change. He should have been run over by the Partridge family bus when the

show was canceled. Danny will eventually start a fight with someone who will used a gun

to make his entire body as red as his hair. I only hope that Danny will stay in theraphy for

the rest of his life. The man is not at peace. He could have told JF to just get off now.

2571 days ago


Somebody please tell me, who the hell is Jonny Fairplay???

2571 days ago

Sir my ass    


I think that's what Bonaduce's point was.

If you are serious - he was on Survivor, known for playing the "dead Grandma card" to try to win...his Gradma was NOT dead. What a creep.

He's been on a few other "reality" shows...all of them tweaked shows. He's known for being a squirrel, annoying, whining always.....not sure why he's "famous" other than we all like a town idiot to laugh at.

2571 days ago


I think that he is really happy he had to go to the hospital so he can get some GOOD a root canal is not cause by missing teeth ..he had that problem prior to this stint. next think you know all his teeth will capped

Danny did no wrong.

2570 days ago
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