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Lil Wayne

Arrested in Idaho

10/6/2007 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

: As of late Saturday, Lil Wayne is free on $10,000 bond.

TMZ has learned that rapper Lil Wayne was arrested early Saturday morning in Boise, Id.

Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., was booked into the Ada County Jail by the Boise City Police around 7:30 AM MT this morning. The Sheriff's Department website indicated he was booked on felony charges of being a fugitive.

Boise cops tell TMZ Wayne was arrested immediately following his concert Friday night at Boise's Qwest Arena. We're told he was picked up on a felony warrant out of Fulton County, Ga., for a felony possession of drugs charge. Authorities from Georgia contacted Idaho police and gave them the heads up about the warrant.

Cops tell us he was very cooperative and was arrested without incident. He is now in protective custody pending an arraignment and extradition hearing, which will take place Monday afternoon.

Wayne was previously nabbed in July on a gun charge in New York, and in 2006 he was busted in Atlanta for drug possession.

Calls to Lil Wayne's publicist were not immediately returned. No other information is yet available.

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If the poverty programs of the 1960's were allowed to succeed, We wouldn't have all of this

crime now. But, I guess you red knecks won't evil to prevail and not peace. You all won't

be happy until the Earth perish in a nuclear holocaust. Lil Wayne needs the love of our

American society for guidance to a rightous path.

2545 days ago


#15 your comment is as ignorant as you are! You know what is also hard to believe?
that the standard profile for serial killers is a white male! There are other names also, such as pedophile (child molester), rapist, bank robber, in bred, the list goes on and on.
So the next time you want to call a black mother a whore or her child a bastard... think about your mama! Now crawl back under the rock you came from and tell you mother to move over and share the covers!!!! How do you like that? Jerk!

2545 days ago


You people that sit here and talk about how the streets will be better...and who has tears on their face and all this blah blah blah...Lil wayne gets his money, he don't need anyone of you to support him cuz he has many people that support him and are not ignorant...a lot of you need to get a life, and LH said...the streets are better cuz child molesters are getting caught up...wake up and watch the news there are other things in the world going on, you people that are hatin' ....find something interesting to do...its the people that hate rappers that make them more famous, cuz some of you are wasting your time reading about him in the first place ha ha losers!!!

2545 days ago


Just put this trash in a cell...right where he belongs...He'll fit right in.

2544 days ago


you mean pretty blonde girl you spelled are wrong its OUR! Oh and another thing why do some white people thrive off of ignorance, I mean sure he's a loser thug with played out rhymes if you can call them rhymes but I'm going to have to agree with L.H and watch dateline ninety nine percent of the men who come to their little set up are white and I'm not saying blacks dont do it because some do but if you can hopefully see where I'm going with this is that it's not always black. the sooner you realize this the better for everyone.

2544 days ago


hecould of acted a fool in whichj he didnt! why evertime at rapper gos to jail ts on the news. whast about those dope headsyou don't hear about.

2544 days ago


TMZ should band some of U racist butts!!!! pretty sad that this type of stuff still goes on in this day and age. Is this what U teach ur kids :(

2544 days ago


I will be waiting for ya!

Posted at 6:28PM on Oct 6th 2007 by MR COXE WAITIN!

if you really live there you have got to be the dumbest white person i have ever came across in life.i was just kidding with you.i wanted to see how dumb you were and you proved it.lmao bigtime@ your dumb a$$.your willing to give your location to someone you dont even's amazing how many stupid people it is in this world.

Posted at 8:11PM on Oct 6th 2007 by babygirlwade

babygirlwade you are stupid! Like I would give out my address! To be honest, this is the location of an empty apartment. What a dumbass!

2544 days ago


doesn't matter you keep britney spears, lindsey lohan, paris hilton, courtney love, ozzy osbourne etc. i will take weezy any day

2544 days ago

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These storties are old.

Lil Wayne is out of that jail cell in Boise, Idaho I was able to get him released from jail around 7:30 PM Eastern time today (October 6th) by getting the presiding judge, Fulton Superior Court Judge Craig L. Schwall, to sign an order requiring additional bond of $10,000 and that he appear in Fulton County next week to answer to charges relating to his August 2006 arrest for possession of drugs.

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2544 days ago


You Americans are so juvenile, it's quite entertaining to the rest of the world! Much thanks for that...

2544 days ago


30. Is this any surprise from this cultural misanthrope? Nathen Bedford Forrest was right!

Posted at 4:06PM on Oct 6th 2007 by Rpierce

You have got to be kidding, right? YOU are the MISANTHROPE... you need to pick up a dictionary before you try using big words that you don't understand!

"Misanthrope" : a person who hates or distrusts humankind

..hmm seems to me, you are the one full of hate! You're all nothing but a bunch of self righteous, self-important, imbeciles with nothing intelligible to say.

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You guys throw names and stereotypes around at each other like a bunch of ignorant jackasses... didn't your mothers teach you any better in the sandbox...? Seriously, everyone of you posting idiotic comments, whether BLACK or WHITE, are equally depraved!

2544 days ago


You need to Let Lil Wayne go before I make it to Idaho and shut that whole city down until he gets out! ALL YOU PEOPLE ON HERE NEED TO STOP HATIN ON LILWAYNE CAUSE ALL YA'LL GOT TO DO IS HATE ON EVERYBODY CAUSE YOUR LOSERS WITH NO LIFES!!!!!! GO KILL YO SELF IDIOTS!!!

2544 days ago


Kudos 108.

2544 days ago
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